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Microsoft plans big licencing price hikes, shifting to per-Device model

Chris Dupont

The Price of FOSS...

... is having to retrain your staff to use different software. Only a fool would suggest a company has 'little to lose' when retooling.

Has Steve Jobs killed the consumer hard disk industry?

Chris Dupont

Casts 'Disbelieve'

The death of the PC has been predicted for the last decade, often by those who stand most to gain by depicting it as a lumber luxury. It's a shame that the interesting idea of the cloud as a central synchronisation point is buried inside such obvious brand-based propaganda.

Judge to music industry: 'Worth trillions? Forget it'

Chris Dupont

Nice to see at least one judge saying,


US woman @theashes gives in to Twitter, flies to Sydney

Chris Dupont

If the power of her cricket disinterest can get the young lady to Australia...

... then *my* disinterest should be powerful enough to make me the first human to leave the galaxy.

Anonymous attacks Tunisia: Zine El Abidine Ben Ali offline

Chris Dupont

"Those concerned about press freedoms..."

"... and censorship in Tunisia or the wider region would do a lot better to lend their support to Reporters Without Borders or the Open Net Initiative rather than download packet-flooding tools."

Downloading a packet-flooding tool requires much less effort than donating time to an org - it's a nice way for middle-class script kiddies to feel better about themselves whilst seeking 'the lulz'.

Just like armchair politicing on the intertubes is much easier than actually joining a political party and helping bring about real change.

Queen set to outlaw ID cards today

Chris Dupont


Without TV license there would only be privately owned news interests. Insert obligatory Murdock reference here. Without recording car details how do you know who to charge for road tax? Should pedestrians pay for the roads car owns use? Without income tax there would be even less fairness in taxation of rich and poor.

Better use of resources and data (acquisition, usage and retention) are superior solutions. Less wastage, better value.

Man cracks open floppy disk, inserts USB Flash drive

Chris Dupont
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Good work that man.

Fitting the activity-LED into the write protect tab - smooth. That put a smile on my face today.

Wikileaks founder blasts reopening of rape probe

Chris Dupont

Now back to me.

The charges are now diamonds! Anything is possible with black-ops.

I'm on a high-horse.


Women: keep computer games short and sweet

Chris Dupont
Paris Hilton

"Also they like bright primary colours."

And also ponies? And making pies in the kitchen? Is the reason that women gamers are not into socialisation that they are essentially no different to radiators?

Wannabe Jedi drool over potent laser 'lightsabre'

Chris Dupont

I'm completely in favour of this device with one proviso

Ownership comes with a waver that any member of public can gouge out one of the owner's eyes with a rusty spoon at any time.

SA news outlet deploys sh*t London Olympics logo

Chris Dupont

Now be fair

It's not like that isn't the case anyway, yes?

MS probes bug that turns PCs into 'public file servers'

Chris Dupont

That's good to know.


Spider-Man 4 washed down plughole

Chris Dupont

Ultimate Spiderman Movie?

Could be an opportunity to bring in more of the elements from the excellent Ultimate Spider-man line. Could be a nice way to slide it into the Iron Man/Thor/Avengers series of films at the same time.

Swedish cyborg gets haptic hand

Chris Dupont
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That's highly impressive

In particular I like the note about the improved training time - even if the prosthetic cannot detect temperature and texture simply being able to detect pressure is a significant step forward.

Twitter briefly knocked offline by hackers (again)

Chris Dupont

Too true

Who has time to Twitter when there are El Reg comments to be written and read?

Google aims at mobile operators' money supply

Chris Dupont

@lukewarmdog: But it does

Not on you, obviously, as an enlightened and self-aware individual whom is fully in tune with their environment and needs. No sir - you shall not be taken in, but the rest of the people can be fooled most of the time.

California skateboard dude swipes Reg logo

Chris Dupont

The Reg is Trolling... itself?

Bring on the commentards.

Mozilla's servers wobble as Firefox 3.5 hits interwebs

Chris Dupont
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No problem here

Backing up your bookmarks is wise before an upgrade though.

Masked passwords must go

Chris Dupont

Master Troll!

10/10 Nielson and Brucey! Bonus points to all the apologists condemning the 'knee-jerk' responses. Consider this - if someone has worked in IT with security or support for even a few years then do they not get to make a swift call on whether or not an idea that fundamentally alters security is good or bad?

If the Lesser Spotted NielBruce suggested, "Tell yer best mate yer passwords for usability so you don't have to get double-penetration-degredation for forgetting it," I would hope an equal amount of experienced IT staff would respond with a similar cramming.

Hitler kicked off iPhone

Chris Dupont



Fugitive spammer in murder-suicide

Chris Dupont
Dead Vulture

Maybe he was in deep with organised crime?

"Hey pal, you'll never guess what we're going to do to you and your family..."

Of course he may have just snapped, but it's hard to know until the motivation is uncovered.

Digg buried by users in piracy face-down

Chris Dupont

Cowardly and thuglike behaviour

... on behalf of the Digg user population. It is not heroic to perform DOS attacks on a site in protest. How many people who spammed digg have written to their congressman, gone on a march, boycotted CDs/DVDs, etc?

Mass petty vandalism is what it was.


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