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Raspberry Pi supply chain loosens just in time for the holiday season

Kenny Millar

A drop in the ocean

100,000 Units won't make the slightest differnce to availability.

It's just more lies and spin from a company that has recognise that there is more money to be made from the commercial sector than individuals.

Raspberry Pi hires former spy gadget-maker who baked devices into surveillance ops

Kenny Millar

Whats the point

Whats the point. R-PI are vapour-ware anyway.

Logitech Bolt devices support secure Bluetooth Low Energy – but forget the 'Unifying Receiver'

Kenny Millar

Can't really agree with your comments about the trackball being less easy to use, or less accurate.

Like anything, it just takes a bit of getting used to. Once you've done that it's every bit as accurate as a mouse. I've used them since v1.

Try using a finger-tip trackball with RSI of the wrist, or arthritis - then you'll appeciate the thumb operated one!

Cyberlaw experts: Take back control. No, we're not talking about Brexit. It's Automated Lane Keeping Systems

Kenny Millar

It's the driver. get your hands off!

The biggest stumbling block to adopting self-drivng cars is the necessity for a driver in the seat.

Get rid of the driver, and the controls, use ML and you have the world's most experienced driver taking you everywhere.

No, shut up! There are no 'edge cases' - do you thinkg the world's most experienced driver doesn't know what to do?

Kent bloke incurs the anchor of local council after fly-tipping boat

Kenny Millar

No picture? Didn't happen.

Ouch, Apple! Plenty of iPhones stuck in tech channel. How many? That's a 'wild card'

Kenny Millar

OS Slow downs on the way then

So in order to drive sales, Apple's iOS updates will inevitably include:

if(getIphoneAge() > MONTHS_12)











Apple in another dust-up with its fans: iMacs, MacBooks lack filters, choke on grime – lawsuit

Kenny Millar

Don't forget you get 6 YEARS legal warranty, not 1 or 2. (5 Years in Scotland)*

See Apple's own pages here: https://www.apple.com/uk/legal/statutory-warranty/ where the 6 Years is clearly stated.

* in Scotland only 5 Years because we wouldn't keep any Apple crap longer than that anyway.

Spammer scum hack 100,000 home routers via UPnP vulns to craft email-flinging botnet

Kenny Millar

Don't disable UPnP, at least not on the private side of the router - you need it for streaming audio etc, wireless speakers and so on.

Tech Shutdown Blows: IT chaos cost Brit bank TSB almost £200m

Kenny Millar

STILL not fixed

Their website is STILL not operating properly.

It regularly has bad formatting, missing graphics, and is inconsistent in how id shows decimals.

The statement-search functions do not work either.

Bzzzt! If you're in one of these four British cities, that was a drone

Kenny Millar

Those aren't British cities, they are English cities.

156K spam text-sending firm to ICO: It wasn't us, Commissioner

Kenny Millar

£45K - just build the fine into the business plan. I'm pretty sure that's what they do anyway.

£45K is neither punitive nor will it discourage others from doing the same. The ICO needs to get real about the size of it's fines and should pursue criminal trials against the directors of the companies too.

Spotty battery life costs Apple's MacBook Pro its gold-star rating

Kenny Millar

Thats the search indexer for you

The battery life depends on the time of day, and time since last boot, not forgetting the reason for the last shutdown all impact on future battery life.

For example if the laptop shutdown with a fault (like battery low) it may well do a full re-index of the hard drive on the next boot, which will have a significant impact on battery life.

Apple seeks patent for paper bag - you read that right, a paper bag

Kenny Millar

Grammar police alert

"Apple's reportedly used the bag in its stores for a few months now."


Holy kittens! YouTube screens go blank

Kenny Millar

Whats youtube?

NOTHING trumps extra pizza on IT projects. Not even more people

Kenny Millar

"high communication between developers and operations" - well there's your problem!

Developers need time and space (and pizza) to develop good systems, not meetings, time-sheets, progress documentation and bureaucracy!

UK energy minister rejects 'waste of money' smart meters claim

Kenny Millar

Re: I think it *will* be a ghastly mess

No wifi required. It works along the power lines.

Kenny Millar

Software update required

You can just imagine it... every household in the entire UK goes dark at exactly 2AM on the last saturday in October because a software glitch couldn't handle the shift from BST to GMT....

A software patch takes 5 days to complete... but requires a site engineer to visit every house in the UK because the meters have locked up and won't respond to the request for a firmware update...

Round Two in Sky vs Skype trademark scrap goes to Murdoch's men

Kenny Millar

What about Skype+ ?

I've got Skype at home. Do you think it's worth the extra money to upgrade to Skype+? I hear it does recording too. <VBG>

Vodafone didn't have a £6bn tax bill. Sort yourselves out, Lefties

Kenny Millar

Tim, get real.

You make big deal pointing out that these companies actually followed the law.

Yes, we are not idiots, we understand that. The point is that they set up foreign companies deliberately to take advantage of weak tax laws, and by doing so, to avoid paying tax.

Tax avoidance is perfectly legal, but it is morally reprehensible on the scale that these companies are doing it. THAT is why people are up in arms.

You too are morally reprehensible for supporting them. You should be using your voice to ensure that UK Companies pay UK tax. period.

HELP! Windows Phone update 8.1 broke my Lumia

Kenny Millar

Re: Just for the record: My iPhone 6+ still working fine

... for tat?

Anyway, what is a Windows Phone - never heard of it.

BT Infinity ‘working to fix problem’ after three days of outages

Kenny Millar

Re: Change DNS

Don't do it on the router, ignore the router and set all your devices to over-ride the dns and use someone else's like google: or

Kenny Millar

Why anyone is still using the default BT DNS settings is beyond me.

Get stuck into your network preferences and change your DNS servers to and - yes they belong to google, but they work far better than anything BT has to offer.

The Nokia ENIGMA THING and its SECRET, TERRIBLE purpose

Kenny Millar

Re: I no what it is

I thought the "no" was a reference to Nokia, actually.

Inventors: Feast your eyes on fuel cell tech that'll power up Internet of Thingies

Kenny Millar

Looks like a flux-capacitor to me.

iOS 8 screencaps leak: Text editor, dictaphone and 'tips' on the way

Kenny Millar

It came from 9to5mac, which is about as reliable as the Sun for truths and rumour.

What next, "iOS to include remote fart machine app made by Apple"?

CCTV warning notices NOT compliant with data protection laws – ICO

Kenny Millar

Can we have a competition - best new 'Road Safety Camera' sign?

Obviously it'll have to include the county name, logo, sponsors, and lots of small print, along with contact details of the county's data protection office, and details of how to access the information?

KCOM-owned Eclipse FAILS to cover up the password 'password'

Kenny Millar

Re: There are some reasons to displaying the password...

No, the point is that it means they have stored the passwords in either plain text, or with a reversible hash. It's not ok. Not only should they not show the password, they should not be ABLE to show the password. It should never be stored anywhere - just the (non reversible) hash of it should be stored.

The bank that likes to say... crash: TSB's online banking goes titsup on launch day

Kenny Millar

.com versus .co.uk

I see what TSB are trying to do here… trying to get 'local' by using the .co.uk domain.

And I do think that British companies should use '.co.uk' but not even trying to take over tsb.com sounds like folly to me. At the very least it hurts their image - since the cyber squatter there at the moment has a poorer website than TSB, and at worst it could be a security vulnerability - and there is clear liability on TSB's part if some web scum does happen to hack it into a look alike site.

So, even if TSB does manage to gain wisdom and takes over the .com site - who is going to trust it now?

Google's Moto move spells iPhone doom

Kenny Millar

Missing the point somewhat

It's not about shipments!

If you ship 1000x more phones than apple, but your purchasers don't use them for anything more than SMS and MSN then apple still wins. People buy android phones because they are cheap, yes, but they are much less usable. Google needs to get the whole owner experience up to the same level of satisfaction as apple. They can't do that while the platform is fragmented.

iPad 2 sales kick off in dead of night

Kenny Millar
Thumb Up

You guys have it wrong.

The article has a clear IT angle, all the IT press will be covering the iPad 2 launch.

The article is factual, well researched and well written. It's a proper piece of journalism.

You guys are too used to being spoon fed re-hashed press releases from sponsors that you don't recognize a proper journalistic item.

Diary of a Not-spot: One man's heroic struggle for broadband

Kenny Millar


This is Scotland, and rural Scotland at that. If he can't get ADSL he sure as whatsit isn't going to get a 3G mobile signal.

Nice thought though.

iPhone glitch gets US fanbois up on wrong side of bed

Kenny Millar

Big Fail

Currently in the UK (On GMT) there is no way to create a recurrent alarm which sounds at the displayed time.

If you set the alarm for, say, 14:45 it will show as '14:45' but it will sound when the clock shows '15:45'

The work around in the tech note does not work.

Caravan-swiping suspect spotted on Street View

Kenny Millar

@It wasnt me

Lets see,

Poor grammar, terrible spelling, and a total lack of control of the caps lock - are you sure it wasn't you? After all your computer skills are definitely a crime! ;-)

BT network goes titsup up north

Kenny Millar

BT Broadband to be renamed.

It seems that recent problems were related to a re-branding exercise which is currently underway at BT.

Routers are being re-booted across the country as BT prepares to rename BT Broadband to BT-WhoresPants, which should more accurately reflect the up and down nature of the service.

HP whips out iPad challenger Windows 7 fondle-slab

Kenny Millar


Windows 7 is not and never will be a slate OS.

People like HP and MS really just don't get it. Cascaing menus and a start button are never going to work on slate!

Even Windows Mobile 7 is a non starter - it is so obvioulsy, and intrusively, designed to promote MS and their products first, and work as an OS second. Until people at the top of MS and HP realise that if they give the user what they want, and do it in an unobtrusive way their products will always be a big fail.

iMovie for iPhone 4

Kenny Millar
Dead Vulture

Judas? Jesus?

Judas Phone == Bartimaeus Journalist.

El Reg marks Steve Jobs for termination

Kenny Millar


Does anyone have a photo of John, St Louis?

I'm sure the art dept. would have some fun with that.

Microsoft seeks patent on ebook page flip

Kenny Millar

Flash flame

Does anyone have an email address for the idiots at MS who decided to apply for this? We could all flash flame them.

Lad from Lagos in unencrypted CD teaser

Kenny Millar
Jobs Horns


You could take the money and then split it 50/50 with Apple, and they could hire some new Antenna engineers!

Brass band to trumpet last shuttle external tank rollout

Kenny Millar


Lets hope it wasn't an ex-Apple engineer who designed the antennae.

iPhone 4 no longer available to UK buyers?

Kenny Millar
Dead Vulture

Works for me.

Available for shipping 24th June.

Apple to sell unlocked iPhone 4

Kenny Millar


Because it's not?

New iPhone to land in US on 7 June

Kenny Millar

16Gb of memory?

What use is a phone with only 1.6GB of memory?

Adobe man to Apple: 'Go screw yourself'

Kenny Millar

Go screw yourself Adobe

Adobe are way off the mark.

It because of flash and game-kits that the web enabled world is fully of skanky crap like the millions of crap-apps that flood all new mobile platforms and services such as facebook.

What apple are trying to do is preserve a quality of experience unlike any other on any other platform - and I think that is laudable.

BT fibre upgrades hit full speed

Kenny Millar

Helllooooo? Remeber us?


Someone please remind BT that the world doesn't end at Watford! What a total piece of pish.

More doubt tossed onto iPad numbers

Kenny Millar
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How convenient.

How convenient that the iPad will be in short supply.

That's a lesson they've learned from game console manufacturers.

Can the iSlate kill off Web 2.0?

Kenny Millar

Have you not noticed....

...that apple have been shrinking the size of physical keyboards too?

They are on the way out mate!

Peppa Pig told to belt up

Kenny Millar


There are too many 'families' in this country where the child is in charge and the parents do whatever the kids want.

My daughter is nearly 5. A while back she refused to allow me to (appropriately)strap her into the (appropriate) seat. So I simply lifted her out the car, locked the car and went back indoors. She cried about not going out and was told simply, either get strapped in, or don't go in the car - you choose. Needless to say we now have no issue about wearing seatbelts.

China's doomed attempt to hold the world to ransom

Kenny Millar
Jobs Halo

Rare earths

Great article Tim, what a refreshing change to normal sarcasm and Fanbouy bating we see so often on El reg.

Sony Ericsson Android phone caught on camera

Kenny Millar

You too can have...

.... stuttering, under powered graphics.