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Ditch satnavs, urges ambulance chief


Garbage in garbage out....It's the map, stupid !

@Elsie, you obviously think the road starts at your door and finishes at the supermarket. Some people have broader horizons.

Satnav or no satnav, if the map you are using is wrong, then you are not going to find the place you are trying to reach. According to their own figures, the ambulances were mostly getting lost for reasons other than satnavs. An outdated A2Z is going to get you lost all the same. Just that it takes more of your attention off the road.

I am a regular user of satnav (very basic model) and it's a great security add-on, such an improvement from the times of having to stop to read a map, or worse trying to read it whilst driving. Sometimes the route is not the best, but the destination has always been correct.

Anyway, emergency services should maybe think of not relying on run of the mill town maps used by the general public. Several brands allow errors to be corrected by users feedback.

Linux netbook share to fall to 10% in 2009

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No wonder

Linux could be wonderful on netbooks but based on my fathers experience with sled 10 and the ones I've seen in shops, with firefox 2. something, they've really been badly put together. No wonder their must have been a lot of returns on these.

iPhone 3.0 gossip lassos MMS, tethering, cut-and-paste...


Soooo coool

For once my contract is up for renewal in interesting times ! The iPhone is great and the fact that Nokias and others could do more years before is just a statement of how little concern the big players (the networks and the phone makers) had for the end user's experience : except for tech enthusiast like me, noone ever knew they could send emails, browse the web and do instant messaging with their phones. Oh, and the iphone's display is beautiful, and there is nothing wrong in liking beautiful things.

The thing I would miss on the iphone is a decent video camera. I've taken too many great little sequences with my phones over the years to go without it, but the rest is great. If Apple can fix that, then I might have the pleasure to own one.