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BBC Click paid cybercrooks to buy botnet

Toni Koivunen

Load of crap

If PrevX has loose moral and deliberatly choose to aid in unlawful access let it be so but they should atleast have the balls to take the heat instead of trying desperately to point fingers to others.

Unlawful access sure as hell doesn't come "with the turf", no real researcher does that. There are ways to do things legally and what BBC and PrevX did was not legal. I hope the DA's in Britain have the sense to drag their asses into court.

You don't go around killing and torturing people "to show the general public how it's done". Big load of crap and I hope they'll pay for that. I would not work with anyone, or give any sensitive data to anyone with the morals that BBC and PrevX have displayed, ever.


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