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Range Rover Evoque Si4


Seriously UGLY

This thing looks a throwback to the worst of American SUV's,

Seriously lacking in any kind of side or rear visibility right off the bat and from there it quickly goes down hill.

This is styling that went out over five years ago with the Chrysler Magnum and the like (super high doors and tiny squnched up windows), looks like a drug lab on wheels!

Shale gas frees Europe from addiction to Putin's Pipe


Don't copy how the US does it

The US has been using their "Fracking" method to extract gas but in the process the method itself is destroying underground fresh water supplies both with gas and Fracking Liquid used to extract gas.

A common problem withing miles of Fracking is people turning their water on which is now highly flamable and the ingestion of the water makes you sick.

Also, the US drilling companies will not tell even the US DOE what chemicals they are using in the Fracking siting "Trade Secret".

What ever you do, DON'T Follow the US as their methods are creating more problems than they will ever be able to resolve.

Mozilla plans four Firefoxes in 2011


Prefer Quality over quantity

I would take one good release over 4 crappy releases and I especially like the way Chrome and Cromium can still use all extensions even in non final modes unlike Firefox that occasionally includes an Ad Blocker.

Monster Afghan spy airship to feature quad drinking straws

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A gunners dream

Perfect for target practice, a big fat slow moving target!

Couple charged over hybrid car industrial espionage plot


The Chinese needed a good laugh

When the Chinese reviewed the GM documents they probably couldn't stop laughing.

Palin puts paid to Boob-gate


If boobs were brains

Well, unfortunately Palin seems to be the best the US has to offer (in her own mind) which in itself is a very scarey thought....when Palin speaks be afraid, be very afraid because there are some people that take her seriously!!

Apple adds 'make the web go away' button to Safari 5


Nice it it quit crashing

Would be a decent browser if it would quit crashing.

Intel Labs unveils PC power plans

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Sounds good but. . . . . . .

Every time I do something to save energy the power company raises their rates negating my savings, last year alone they raised their rates FOUR times...the best I could do is hold my own but even now that is a loosing proposition.

I was going to get a laptop to reduce power consumption from 28,000 KWH per year to 9000 KWH per year, but figuring in rate increases it would take me 26 years to beak even on the purchase price of $434.00 for the Laptop.

What the world need is more of what Intel have planned and stiffer control of Power Utility Companies.

Opera 10.50 goes from pre-alpha to final in 10 weeks

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J U N K !

What I said....J U N K.

Microsoft's IE 8 misses Windows 7 updraft


Chromes extensions really helped

The latest Chrome that uses their one button extensions is a big plus.

Unlike IE where Scripting and Flash controls are buried Chrome is right on the toolbar where you can just hit it when you need it, no rummaging through configuration files.

True Opera and FF have similar features but Chrome is much faster than them so it gets used while IE and Opera and now FF are relegated to the dumpster.

Obama to boost US nuclear power industry

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No Worry's

If it makes sense and comes from Obama, he will change his mind in a month or two then decide to study it then drop the whole idea and stay with his friends in the coal industry...the guy is pathetic, it's just a distraction.

Steve Jobs re-invents the portable telly

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Too big and too small

So, how are you supposed to keep it with you and how do you keep from scratching the screen up?

I also wonder how hot it will get and when it will burst into flames, other than that it just makes no sense.

Top Gear's Stig prowls Loch Ness

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Not Nessy

He is actually BIGFOOT!

Google Chrome 4 lands (Windows) extensions on world+dog

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Now I can use this without all the advertising crap!!

Well, It is much faster than FF 3.6 and the extensions like Flash Block are much better done than in FF as is the Ad Blocker and the Click and Clean, just what I use currently and it has really made Chrome something I will be using as my default browser from now on with FF as backup.

Safari and Opera have been relegated to Interesting but not worth wasting time on.

Billionaire-funded e-car gets showroom date


If it comes from China...NO WAY!

Old man Buffet invested 250 million to make a profit and nothing more and if this Chinese product is like any of the other land fill the Chinese supply, I'd drive a Ford Pinto with a leaking gas tank before I'd trust a Chinese car!

GM plumps for long-distance hybrid Cadillac


It is and it is't the American car buyer...

The American car companies say they know what the American buyer wants, that's why Imports are so popular in the US and many people like myself are fed up with the 70's supposed American mentality Bigger is Better, the Government sure seems to believe this but the majority of the people don't and are very frustrated as to why do they have the answers we as Americans want and need but overseas yet the Government and car companies (foreign included) refuse to bring it to our shores.

And when CHINA gets it from an American car company years before it is even spoken of in the US, well that just plain SUCKS and we first and foremost WANT DIESELS!

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Missing the point

This car only in Buick guise has been available only in China for two years now and now the "Hybrid" mode is becoming a performance mode that adds horsepower and performance while adding almost nothing to mileage and efficiency.

I see Honda is following this same Performance Hybrid path as are many others as the world car makers would have us revert back to gas guzzlers.

Honda beats rivals to hybrid coupé launch


Strange look

So many of these "Bob-tail" cars look like the designers started work at the front and lost interest by the time they got to the rear of the car.

Honda could definitely do better on the m.p.g. area as well.

Firefox 3.7 to feel need for speed with multicore boost

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3 days using and all is well

Compared to Opera, Safari and IE8 (Ugh), this supposed Alpha is quicker, more stable, smoother and more trouble running media and everything else asked of it with low memory usage (not to exceed 129 megs on Hulu (watching online video) and average 56 megs just going site to site.

Airbus: We'll cancel crap A400M unless we get more £££


The American is already a proven product

This is a no brainer, both the C130 and the C-117 are well proven products and the A400M is nothing more than a massive cockup, cut your losses, the solution is simple...LEASE the American planes!

Opera hopes to push fast engine envelope with 10.5 preview

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Well, as I did earlier, I assumed this would just be more Opera crap....my bad...this thing has got more goodies, snooping around it (aside from it working quite well) like finding nuggets of gold hidden at every turn.

Good stuff this RRRR.

Firefox update plugs three critical flaws


Firefox, the gift that keeps on giving...

Yep, about as secure as IE but they do update FF more often to keep plugging gaping security holes they seem to keep missing.

I'll stick with Safari.

Plug-in Prius production plan posted


15 miles...let me see

15 miles won't even make a one way trip to anywhere, plus all it does is add yet more weight and cost and for what.

Toyota must be having brain throttle problems again, they are thinking like a US company....old, outdated and broken.

Mozilla man sends Firefoxers to Microsoft Bing


Yep Bing

I already had long ago changed the IE default search to Google.

I just keep Firefox as a backup but use Safari as my default browser.


Bing eh?

This article is strange since I downloaded FF last night and the Default search engine when I started it up was BING.

Microsoft and EU close on browser settlement?


Opera wants a free ride

They figure the exposure from Microsoft will get people to use their browser, but after five minutes using Opera and repeated sites not opening and or functioning, they will quickly opt for anything but Opera, Opera simply is its own undoing.

VW unveils slippery four-seat hybrid

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That's more like it!

Good looking, got some useable space, neat and tidy and since VW does already import their diesels into the US you can only hope that they will add this one to the US shores as well.

Microsoft acted on Opera's modified browser proposal?


Oh Opera, go to your room

I'd listen to Operas gripes IF they made a browser that worked, they don't so go to you room and shut the h--- up.

Mozilla dishes up fourth Firefox 3.6 beta alongside deep-fried turkey

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Needs some speed

This thing is downright slow when compared to Safari.

Opera update plugs heap big buffer overflow bug

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Opera's Status Quo...."It's Standards Compliant"

They still haven't made a decent browser since version 7.23 that can do media or just get you from site A to site B without messing up and they still offer the same lame excuses for why their doesn't work and everyone elses does...their's are not standards compliant like Opera.

Year after year they keep bringing out new groundbreaking features and year after year they still can't make their browser do what everyone elses has been doing for years....browse.

Chrysler dumps e-car plans


Swirling down the flusher

Its almost gratifying to see the car companies that were bailed out continue swirling down the crapper while those that did not get bailed out are turning profits. Now about Government accountability?

US monster-truck roboguns to blast enemies autonomously



Remember, the only difference between men and boys is the size and price of their toys!

An easy way to defeat this thing would be to plaster it with paint, can't shoot if your blind.

Microsoft admits Mac was Windows 7 muse


But seriously folks....

All this time I thought it looked like OS2 Warp!

Iraq launches tourism drive


Take a deep breath

Step off the airplane in Iraq and take a Deep Breath of their US...DU (Depleted Uranium) saturated air.

One thing for sure, if they don't kill you during your visit, the DU will get you years after as a reminderand should you decide to have children after being there, don't be shocked when they have three eyes and feet growing out of the head.

Firefox flaws make up 44% of all browser bugs?



Heres' why you use your browser.

Opera: because you love a browser that almost works

Firefox: works on the things Opera doesn't

Chrome: because it is faster than both the above without the hangups of Opera

Safari: because you love blaa looking things

IE: this is for the people who don't close the door behind them, who never put the toilet seat down and love a browser that has a giant WELCOME sign for every bit and piece of Malware and Virus.

Legendary McLaren F1 designer talks up e-car plan


A better idea

The better idea is called a GO KART!

Firefox 3.6 beta promises speed injection

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Still a dog

Compared to Chrome, Firefox is still a dog where speed is concerned but with this latest addition, at least they a looking more like Chrome.

Leaked Lotus doc hints at e-Evora


Maybe the Tesla S will be replacing the Roadster?

What they hey, the more electrics the better....looks like Tesla may be planning to phase out the Roadster once the S hits the showrooms....makes sense since the sales of the S should be much higher than the Roadster due to price points and they may well be getting a kickback from Lotus to boot.

E-Wolf unveils extreme sports e-car


Another Pipe Dream

This car will never see the light of day....lets see something real rather than these drawings and 3D computer generated art for a change.

Nissan demos leaning e-car

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The Barf Car!

Not only would it make you seasick to drive on windy roads, imagine cutting a line on a sharp curve and nailing a pedestrian walking on a sidewalk as you lean into the poor unsuspecting person.

An on ice this car would be a real kick.

Nissan and the rest of them need to focus on making a car we can afford to drive not this latest batch of TECHNO buble crap that will never see the light of day.

US spontaneous human combustion raygun video released


Video Farce

The video is a farce.

First, the flame is blowing as is the smoke but looking at the surrounding plants and vegetation there was no wind blowing at the time.

The flame is burning up through the hood and not down which means the heat source us under the hood not above it.

And on and on.

Ford creates battery-powered Focus


Self defeating purpose

Giving a Low carbon vehicle to a windbag government official seems self defeating since it is those very officials that are at the heart of the global problem.

Peugeot looks to 1940s for quirky e-car design


Is there a front?

I guess this is what you get when a company has money to burn, in fact the thing looks like a rolling trash bin.

I love the windshied, apply brakes and exit here....

This is a company that really needs to do more in depth drug testing on their designers.

Safari 4: Apple's crash-happy shipper



Looks like Bill got tired of semi retirement and went to work for Apple.

Tesla cashes multi-million dollar govt cheque

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Tesla didn't want enough to start with.

Tesla last year applied for a loan which the government said wasn't enough, so they doubled the number, re-applied and now the government says OK.

Tesla now working with Daimlier Mercedes has a good future and some real car people running it.

The money will be primarily used to get the S into production likely in Southern California.

The $49,000.00 dollar price tag looks to be very average when you start looking at true electrics.

Nissan will supposedly have their electric available in 2010 which for the first two years the car will come from Japan then after that will be built in the US.

Ford has at least been trying on their own and making good progress in doing things right which will pay off big time as they have a building support with the American Public as the one American auto maker that stood on its own two feet without its hand out.

I guess in the big scheme, the money being "loaned" is chicken feed and will get the US headed in the right direction.


And the delivery dates keep slipping!

They now have the money and immediately announce the delivery dates from 2010 to 2011 now late 2011 or 2012 earliest.

And the US government loans Nissan 1.6 billion to retool for US built Nissan electrics?

Must be amazing to be able to write a check to someone and not have to be accountable..

Israeli robo-kamikaze selling like hot exploding cakes

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A one way turd

This is one of the dumbest ideas yet to come out of the IAF, your going to fly it in (hope no body sees you), drop it off (hope nobody sees you), then loiter (hope nobody sees you) and hope they turn something on so you can go boom, otherwise you go boom and (nobody sees you) and you flush millions down the drain....just plain stupid Military thinking....again.

Koenigsegg e-sportster moves closer to reality

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Just do it

Only one way to see if he has the balls, just dive in and do it...I suspect he'll do just fine when compared to the American Idiot car companies (now government owned).