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Transparent OLEDs demoed


I have no reason for one...

but I soooo want one.

iPhone 3.0 gossip lassos MMS, tethering, cut-and-paste...


iPhone - not great but ok

The iPhone is not the super device it's made out to be. There are obvious failings, MMS and cut'n'paste are the two obvious missing features, but more importantly I'd like to be sure that people calling me will definately get through to my phone. Or when I need to make a call I can without having to reboot the phone first.

However even with these failings I don't think I could go back to a windows mobile device or a regular phone. The UI is just so slick and works so well.

As for background apps for me what I need is an IM client (for MSN, that will leave me signed in) or even better Skype.