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Top EMC exec jumps ship for HP


re:anonymous why??

So you can't string a coherent argument together you have to stoop to the lowest denominator,

I'd hardly call one reference to you having an imbecilic attitude being an obsession

Now let me explain the rhetoric, the use of the word "kids" was purely used as a metaphor for your apparent inability to sustain and deliver a well reasoned argument, much like the mind of a child.

PS if you look at the financials from both HP and IBM you'll see that IBM was $103.6 Billion compared with HP's $118.4 Billion. So i think I have my homework pretty well covered thanks!

Still growing = more revenue, an extra $14.1 Billion actually which is 13% growth.

And answer me this in the current economic climate would you rather a) have no job, or b) take a 5% paycut. I know which i'd choose albeit I wouldn't be happy about it.

Seriously if you were twice as funny you'd be a wit

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I thought half term had finished and the kids are back at school now - what a muppet!

Would that be the largest IT company in the world and still growing sewage barge

What a loser...............

Big Blue shipped Power6+ last fall


HP needs to be careful

I think HP needs to plan the Tukwila launch carefully bearing in mind when their year end is (October I think) this could have a big impact on their BCS/Itanium numbers if they don't get it right.

IBM-free Sun unwraps Nehalem EP servers


re:David Halko - Me2!

Come on David admit it these aren't exactly unique in the market

If I look at HP for reference as I know their offering best in the blade space:

HP - 1024 cores/256 sockets - SUN = 1152 Cores/?sockets - so 1 to SUN there I guess

80Gbps Infiniband - yep dual 40Gbps Infiniband too

Flash - well hp have flash hdd's rather than memory

HDD'S does any vendor not do this?

no HDD option - ditto above

Multi cpu - well admittedly hp don't have a Sparc offering but why would they, but they do have a 3 CPU strategy in x64 Intel, AMD and IA-64 Itanium - so equivalence

Multi OS - Windows, Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, OpenVMS (1 to HP there)

No interconnect option - yep via passthru

Multi -OS provisioning, only with HP Datacenter Automation software (Opsware), the free tools are sat in the the Windows/Linux and then the HP-UX space, not sure on the Solaris side, so if SUN can do all from the same interface as standard then fair play

Cooling & Power - HP have some neat stuff here such as thermal logic, power capping that can reduce power consumption. 70% is nice but whats the comparisson between, is it a competitive offering or a load of rack servers?

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Great name...............................................

any comment on the actual point I was making?

And my name is Adam Wilson thanks very much - a bit new on here hence my frustration with all the SUN sales 101 - it seems to infest every arcticle at the moment.

So not wanting to sound like the incredibly smug Matt Bryant lets look at the issues

I've been a pre-sales consultant for about 10 years in the Enterprise space working for a partner organisation (I confess i've only ever competed with SUN but don't have a chip on my shoulder about them any more than any other vendors than the ones I work with) and the whole way the people on here talks about SUN reminds me what my job was like 10 years ago, all we talked about was cool features and how wonderful they were.

What we didn't tell people was what the benefit of the that feature, so as the game changed we changed. We started talking about benefits that the customer would get - albeit the operational ones. And now the game has changed again sign off is rarely given by the technical teams anymore its done by a C-Level exec or Business manager/Bean counter, and they don't care about how wonderful ZFS might be or what DTrace does (trust me they don't). They care about 3 things; reducing risk, reducing cost and making more money. Its that simple.

So now we approach the sale differently, theres a process, identify the business need, then link it to the solution explaining the business benefits it has, then link it to the technology (to keep the technical advisors happy), oh and we have to have strong ROI to back it up. The current financial climate is demanding this more and more often.

So please stop banging the drum about how great the products are, tell people what they actually give to a business/organisation (not just the IT teams) and how they can make them more competitive, reduce risk etc etc.

This applies to every vendor not just SUN


RE: If only SUN would advertise....

Isn't that what you guys are doing here, why is every post someone trying to advertise SUN products, be it ZFS, Dtrace, OpenSolaris (C)ROCK etc etc. You obviously all work for SUN or are heavily reliant on them for your business hence the AC.

The problem SUN has with their blades is they don't offer anything new they are just a "me too", nothing innovative.

Both IBM and HP offer multiple processor types in the same chassis (IBM with Intel, AMD and Power, HP with Intel, AMD and Itanium), and HP also have the virtual connect technology and very strong systems management tools that are well integrated. They might make them well but so do IBM and HP.........

Thats why here in the UK SUN accounts for less than 5% of the blade market, and HP and IBM dominate it,

Just a me too, two years too late.

Blade server standards coming this year


@Geoff Mitchell

The way I see it its a win-win, the vendor gets a degree of lock in to the user, the user gets more efficiency (and thus saves cost out of their business), doesn't mean its a bad thing. A good purchasing team would keep the vendor honest anyway!

PS check out the market share figures and you'll soon see IBM isn't the standard, perhaps 3 years ago but HP has really gone to town on them with the C-Class products.

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Blades not that expensive

Blades don't really come at a premium either, typically we see the price point where it becomes more economical to deploy blades (just on upfront costs) is at about 6-8 servers, and thats not counting the additional benefits you get such as more efficient power and cable management.

So its not just for the corperate space either. A standard in this area would also diffuse innovation and each vendors ability to compete and differentiate themselves in the market. What next all Apps have to be deployed on Windows?

Sun's Schwartz worries over 'economy, not future'

Dead Vulture

One Trick Ponies?

Could it be that a lot of these "Church of Sun" types are abit scared about their jobs, being Solaris one trick ponies and not realising that the game has moved on.

Are they all holed up in a big datacenter full of purple racks somewhere in the mountains of Virginia, ready to shoot it out with the FBI when SUN finally pulls out of the hardware business?

The gravestone cos thats SUN's hardware business!