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Notorious rootkit gets self-propagation powers


Solution: Windows 98

I just set my DNS to That way it doesn't matter if there's a rogue DHCP server talking to my machines.

And oh, did I mention I'm probably not vulnerable to these exploits, worms or this rootkit anyways? Why? Because I'm running Windows 98 (second edition), fortified with KernelEx win-NT API enhancements.

Connecting any NT-based OS to the internet = fail. Lookup Internet Survival Time.

Whitehat cracks notorious rootkit wide open


Windows 98 laughs at this malware

I'm staying with Windows 98 with KernelEx API enhancement. This ZeroAccess rootkit (and probably all root kits and most malware in general) probably can't run under Win-98.

Canadian teen charged with school board hack


Daily Rotation identifiying this story as "UK Teen charged..."

Daily Rotation is headlining this story as "UK Teen Charged with school board hack" and pointing to this Register page (which correctly identifies the teen as Canadian).

The teen in question comes from a broken family (single mom living with boyfriend) and has little structure in his life. He has several times tried to explain and show school board IT people how insecure their servers are, and his public exposure of 27k student ID/Passwords was the final attempt to wake them up. I heard all this on the local radio news broadcast this morning - this story happened in my city - London ONTARIO, a much better version of London England, complete with the Thames river.

(I don't know why the school board needs to operate a central IT infrastructure for students in this day an age when they can get gmail and facebook for free from the private sector - another waste of school-board tax dollars as the electronic hand-holding and page turning in schools continues to get out of control - but at least we don't have electronic face recognition here like you do in schools in the UK).

Sun and IBM - What price Bigger Indigo?


Why doesn't google buy sun?

Why doesn't google buy sun?

A grim day for browser security at hacker contest


I'll just keep using windows 98 then

Security through obscurity. All these new hacks just bounce off win-98.

The long road to Reader and Flash security Nirvana


Acrobat 6.x running on Windows 98 is not vulnerable

I ran the POC code at milw0rm on win-98 running acrobat 6.0.2 and it seems not to be vulnerable to this Jbig exploit. Win-98 wins again over NT-based OS's.


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