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Firefox slow to load YouTube? Just another front in Google's war on ad blockers


Librewolf user here; happily not affected by this as of yet.

Also to those affected, there are some good YT videos on how to get around this, hilariously.

Apple might have to pay that €13B EU tax bill after all


Re: Simple

Hong Kong's tax code is amazingly simple, isn't it? Also, Hong Kong government is very rich. Sceptics might think our tax code is labyrinthine for a reason.

Sorry Pat, but it's looking like Arm PCs are inevitable


I know several companies where all employees use Apple hardware. UX companies.


You can now install Linux on even M1 Apples. You can install Linux and Windows on older x86-chip ones, too.

TaxWatch finds astute scheme minimizes Big Tech's UK tax bill by over $2B


Re: Amazon misleading!

VERY misleading. Zero corporation tax in the UK 2 years running....on a turn-over of billions.

Social media is too much for most of us to handle


Re: Taken in bits it need not be too soul destroying


Meta's Oversight Board wants a prime minister banned from Facebook and Instagram


Re: "quit Facebook and said he may block the service in Cambodia"

Hun Sen is Cambodia's Putin.

Megaupload programmers cop a plea in New Zealand to avoid extradition


Also Putin-bot.

M2 Ultra chip lands in 'cheese grater' Mac Pro to displace Apple's last Intel holdout


Re: Falling


Ads for lucrative jobs in Asia fail to mention chance of slavery as crypto-scammer


The Cambodian government are possibly worse than the gangs. They basically kidnap foreigners and then extort release money from them, as well.

Future of warfare is AI, retired US Army general warns


Re: it's control is going to be entirely beyond the ability of a human to manage in the first place

Trouble is, your signal can be jammed.

Twitter blocks Pakistan government account, boosts state-run media from Russia and China


Re: The only policy that means a crap in twitter these days...

Also pro-Ukrainian posts are being de-prioritised.

Today's old folks set to smash through longevity records


Re: Sshhhhh!!!!!

Diet and lifestyle.

Scientists speak their brains: Please don’t call us boffins


Wonder if "snow-flake" is a gendered term?


Re: I, for one, would be honored!

Seriously different generation now than the E.W Brown era.....

Google: Turn off Wi-Fi calling, VoLTE to protect your Android from Samsung hijack bugs


Re: Wifi calling on? Really?

Or perhaps you live somewhere with no/poor signal, like 5% of the UK.

Perhaps - like me - your house was build in the 16th century and has 3-foot thick walls which block mobile signal.

Pentagon whistleblower Ellsberg given months to live


Good piece, well done.

Ukraine invasion blew up Russian cybercrime alliances


Re: Nazi invasion...

Your figures are of course wrong.


"About 14,200–14,400 people were killed in the war, the vast majority of them in the first year: 6,500 pro-Russian separatist forces, 4,400 Ukrainian forces, and 3,404 civilians on both sides of the frontline"

Your narrative is also - of course - wrong as well.


"The next day, 22 February, the Ukrainian parliament voted to remove Yanukovych from office by 328 to 0 (about 73% of the parliament's 450 members).....Russia condemned the events as a "coup". Pro-Russian, counter-revolutionary protests erupted in southern and eastern Ukraine"

So there were no "Neo-nazis", no "attack on Russian speakers" and far fewer civilian casualties. Russia also had no responsibility over Ukrainian territory, either.

Seems you're the ignorant one.

Wow, so they actually let AI fly an F-16 fighter jet


Sadly not.


For password protection, dump LastPass for open source Bitwarden


Re: What's wrong with the old encrypted Excel file stored locally?

Syncing across 3 devices all with 3 different OSes is quite tricky with this solution.

I've dumped Data Guardian AES256-bit encrypted files + DropBox for BitWarden because this was just too damn hard to keep working/using.

Labyrinth of 371 legacy systems hindered hospital's IT meltdown recovery


Re: Incompetent IT leaders in GSTT

Bet they're far from alone, especially in the NHS world.

Surely you can't be serious: Airbus close to landing fully automated passenger jets


Re: Can be done - small boys doing it already

Totally different requirements for that type of aircraft.


Re: An step in the path to reduce the number of pilots needed to fly commercial.

Because "SAFETY is our first priority" (TM)?


Re: An step in the path to reduce the number of pilots needed to fly commercial.

A stall is a stall. Those AF guys messed up hugely, sad to say.


Re: reducing the crew cost of operating the plane

GPS-only autoland is now possible. Regulators still being cagey about it, though.

Five British companies fined for making half a million nuisance calls


Those fines are at least 2 orders of magnitude too low.

Aviation regulators push for more automation so flights can be run by a single pilot


Pilots are THE LAST LINE OF DEFENCE for when systems break down.

Accidents very rarely just happen because the pilots mess up; there will be systemic (poor maintenance, Boeing MCAS...) and circumstantial factors such as weather, fatigue, etc as well.

So while it may appear that pilot errors cause a lot of incidents, pilots head off HUGE numbers of potential incidents every day.

This single-pilot thing is purely economically driven and as a very experienced military and civil aviator, I can tell you it's total bullshit safety-wise.

Twitter engineer calls out Elon Musk for technical BS in unusual career move


Re: The Hospital versions..

Correcting a factual error is not insubordination.

Hong Kong hopes to trawl the world for tech talent to build IT city


Re: Good luck with that

Or even have criticised the regime in the past!

Moon has been drifting away from Earth for 2.4 billion years, rocks reveal


Re: those further away than geostationary orbit tend to depart (eventually).

However, without the Moon, the Earth's axis becomes totally unstable, which would cause huge problems, such as permanent Winter for some areas, permanent day/night for others, or just huge variability worldwide.

The Metaverse is the internet no one wants


Let's not forget Zuckerberg created those special shares in order to screw over his co-founder.

DoJ ‘very disappointed’ with probation sentence for Capital One hacker Paige Thompson


It's the fault of the hacker, no question.

Serious surfer? How to browse like a pro on Firefox


Re: And this is so relevant to browser development.

Are we up to LGBTQAA+ now?

Binary is SO 20th century.


Re: Call me Danny Glover

Camino - what a great little browser that was.



See title.

Been trying to get away from Chrome/Brave/Safari and find something friendlier/more secure for some time. This helped a lot.

SiFive RISC-V CPU cores to power NASA's next spaceflight computer


Re: The wait is over.

It's got nothing to do with racism, you prat.

Security needs to learn from the aviation biz to avoid crashing


Re: "The same needs to happen in security"

Professional pilots will ALWAYS report problems with aircraft.

Alibaba spins out a biz to productize home-grown data tools



Obviously this is not a native English-speaker writing this (probably American), but what's wrong with the correct form: "produced"?

Cars in driver-assist mode hit a third of cyclists, all oncoming cars in tests


Re: So technology works as intended...

Air France 447 was not a prime example. The (idiot) pilots put the plane outside the operating envelope and into a deep stall all by themselves. They were not 'relentlessly trained' either; Air France afterwards re-instated basic-flying and gliding lessons to their students after this crash.

Putin threatens supply chains with counter-sanction order


Re: You want to play hardball?

Maersheimer also said that Putin would NEVER invade Ukraine......

Will Chinese giants defy US sanctions on Russia? We asked a ZTE whistleblower


Re: ElReg doing politics ?

He was General counsel at Chinese telco kit-maker ZTE's US operations, i.e. in the US

China thrilled it captured already-leaked NSA cyber-weapon


Re: Great

Russia cannot have it both ways. The Geneva Convention would only apply if they declared war, surely.

It takes more clicks to reject their cookies than accept them, so France fines Facebook and Google over €200m


CookieAutoDelete is my friend.

Apple's Pegasus lawsuit a 'declaration of war' against offensive software developers, says Kaspersky director


2 wrongs don't make a right.

In the '80s, spaceflight sim Elite was nothing short of magic. The annotated source code shows how it was done


Re: Definitely never ever sat up...

Using EOR with a small loading routine was brilliant; you could not modify the only readable bit of code otherwise it all turned to gobbledigook. Remember these guys were undergraduates when they wrote this!

Brilliant programming and more of the same was in Johnathan Griffith's book "http://www.computinghistory.org.uk/det/22619/Creative%20Assembler%20-%20How%20To%20Write%20Arcade%20Games%20for%20the%20BBC%20Microcomputer%20/"

Apple arms high-end MacBook Pro notebooks with M1 Pro, M1 Max processors


ACORN also built the first RISC-chip home computer, which Apple also claimed they did first (and lost the subsequent court case).

Report details how Airbus pilots saved the day when all three flight computers failed on landing


Re: Computer Control ?

No, ironically it's a safety interlock that is designed to prevent thrust-reverse deploying in flight.


Re: Automation Issue

You almost never hear of the millions of times pilots save the day.


Re: Automation Issue

The "meat-bags" who "cause" avoidable accidents are usually blamed because blaming all the other organisational (bosses who bully crews into working to the max for the least pay/rest) or systemic (broken equipment, faulty 737-MAXs...) is much, much harder to do, especially as the airlines and regulators are utterly married to their bottom lines over everything else.

Pilots are the LAST LINE OF DEFENCE in a an extremely complex and hazardous transportation system that only pays for advancements in safety when a huge pile of bodies forces them to.


Re: "Seems the pilots did a good job,"

AC clearly a failed pilot applicant.....