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Cheerleaders in danger from cheerleading


Lies, damned lies

"90 per cent of the most serious fall-related injuries were sustained while the cheerleaders were performing on artificial turf, grass, traditional foam floors or wood floors"

Just to play it safe, they should perform all of their stunts on concrete from now on.

Cambridge Uni cheerleaders in naming FAIL


@Baying Lynch Mob

"Round these parts, women are permitted to play sports".... explaining the stunning international success of England's womens' football (soccer) teams, track teams, basketball teams.... um, any team?

Android version 2 gets an SDK


Take a deep breath...

How did "upgrades for existing users less certain" -- a statement of the reporter's ignorance (not his fault, it's just that no one had made definitive announcements yet) get turned into "BAD move", and existing handsets being "cast adrift"? You're not going ALL CAPS on us, are you?

Think you're tech savvy? You won't be when you're old


It cuts both ways...

My twenty-something nephew had to borrow a stranger's cell phone once because he was embarrassed to admit he could not work the dial on a pay phone.

Nokia sues Apple over iPhone


@Ed Blackshaw

Your well-reasoned, non-sensationalized comments make me sick! They have no place on any internet discussion board. You are banished.

Windows 95 to Windows 7: How Microsoft lost its vision


Definite improvement over Vista

I've had the same computer since Vista came out. I ran Vista for a few months, down (up?)-graded to XP, and later installed the Win 7 release candidate (which I am still running). My sense is that Win 7 is basically "Vista done right". My experience running 7 has been quite good (whereas Vista was a dog on the same hardware). I would not hesitate to recommend 7 to friends/small business clients who are getting new computers. At the same time, XP is perfectly serviceable and Win 7 is nothing to go blow extra cash on.

Toshiba launches first domestic fuel-cell charger


This is great!

Now I can remove all of those stupid electrical outlets in my house!

Google maximizes minimalist homepage madness



OK, maybe it's a little excessive. But I like the fact that the home page is compact. YSlow shows that Bing is almost 3 times heavier than Google, and Yahoo's home page is well over 10 times heavier. Google's sparse home page is very practical, both for them and for me. Me likey.

Mozilla unveils cure for Web 2.0 world run amok



Good idea! Let's deny good developers a useful, sane, whitelist-based security framework because some developers will be too lazy to use it!

Google shuts down bank snafu Gmail account


The 28th Amendment?

Wow, I thought that only participants at health care town halls and "tea parties" were allowed to make bombastic assertions about the constitution. The temporary suspension of a user who couldn't be bothered to reply to the bank's original entreaties is hardly a crisis of civil liberties.

Firms still struggling with data security standard


PCI web site is gibberish

For most small businesses they could just say "don't store the card number" and it would eliminate the vast majority of the risk. Instead of simple, solid advise, the PCI web site is clotted with vague jargon like "follow security best practices". PCI are their own worst enemy.

Microsoft $358m patent violation damages tossed



Displaying a calendar as a grid! What will they think of next?

Adobe patches 'critical' flaws in ColdFusion, JRun


Finally a fix for ColdFusion

"Adobe today addressed a longstanding flaw in the ColdFusion web application development product, announcing that ColdFusion applications are no longer required to be written using ColdFusion."

NZ council to scrub Muff Road

Thumb Up

I'd like one of those signs

It would go well with my Beaver College t-shirt: http://www.arcadia.edu/about/default.aspx?id=19912

AT&T playing iPhone streaming favorites


Baseball doesn't require much bandwidth

...because nothing actually happens in baseball. They actually just send a single JPEG at the beginning and middle of each inning.

Baby Shakergate: Apple officially sorry



Reg writes whiny article about Apple controlling content on web site that it owns. Upon submission of this comment, I will receive a message that my comment will appear after being approved by self-same Reg.

Apple rides fanbois to popularity crown (again)


An even bigger margin!

Apple scores even better in the customer self-satisfaction survey!

Google clones search ad machine on photo sharer


Picasa joins money grab

Says the irony-challenged web site liberally festooned in advertisements....

Google's cloud bursts yet again

Paris Hilton

Can the Reg post a story every time anyone's email goes down?

As riveting as these "Google is the new face of evil because some people can't get to email right now" stories are, I have experienced similar outages from every email provider I have every used, from ISPs to technology employers who supposedly know better (see "Summary of posts" #3 with a splash of #4). The main difference is that GMail outages occur where people can easily see and bitch about them. But I'm glad that the Reg has a convenient story that they can cut and paste rather than doing actual work.

Paris, 'cause she knows a thing or two about.... oh, never mind....