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BBC nicely summarises Gordon Brown's legacy


Typical Brown bashing from the REG

Leave the politics to the politicians

The Great Spotify Mystery



Dont tell them they won't make any money they will take away my free jukebox!

Chinese crackers create counterfeit iTunes racket


@ yawn

"Yawn... Buying music is crap.

I've taken to humming infectious tunes in ear shot of colleagues who instinctly pick the tune and hum it too . Therefore i can listen for free"

Careful or the PRS will come and extract royalties from you for making a public broadcast!

YouTube blocks music videos in UK


@ Simon Brown

Interesting viewpoint from an artist but you are just plain wrong about listening to music on the radio. The BBC / commercial radio station is already paying the PRS dues (which is only right and fair) but why should a mechanic have to pay to listen to a radio in his workplace?!

If he listens to your music, likes it and buys a CD you've made money. If he is forced to pay PRS dues he will turn off his radio, not hear your song and you can kiss your CD income good bye!

A public broadcast is where someone makes money playing your song. Ie a DJ at a club, wedding etc. Not someone listening to a radio at work!

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Music videos are adverts for bands

At least I always thought so! A well made video will genereate interest, will spread round like a viral and generate CD/download sales....no video, no advert, no sales. are PRS totally stupid? Why should youtube/google pay silly money for me to watch an advert? The PRS should be paying youtube!