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BBC asks nicely to run second hacking demo


Security Industry

Too right we are annoyed at the BBC for doing the original ridiculous and illegal stunt. We are well aware that if any of us in the security field did such a thing for entertain .. public interest reasons we'd be hauled away, quick as a flash... and now it seems that the security guy they asked also said it would be illegal too.

The second demonstration - with consent - was much better handled.

Virgin Media pilots 200Mbit service


Bandwidth Management

You'll get (up to) 200MBit/s for 3.65 seconds, followed by (up to) 512 KBit/fortnight

Acer Ubuntu nettop to get quiet storage switch

Thumb Up

Mythbuntu? Try Minimyth

This little box is going to replace my old diskless Mini ITX box.

Minimyth is built solely around the Myth frontend, boots across the network and uses no local storage on the client machine.

What I would love would be if it would be possible to pair this with a RF/Bluetooth remote and trigger a power on via the remote button (something I've thus far failed with the Mini ITX).

Facebook wins Zimbabwe election on T&Cs


Why Democracy in a private business?

Facebook is a privately owned business. It receives no public money. AFAIK, no contracts are made with the users so the owners make the rules they want and the users either accept or stop using the service.

Just like complaints about 'freedom of speech' when a forum moderator has to slap down or ban an abusive troll or troublemaker there is no legal requirement for democratic process in this case. I'd be surprised if they don't hit copyright issues with their new Ts & Cs unless they force users to opt-in to the new rules (but there again IANAL).

While there is no requirement for democracy, management should be aware that if they upset too many users, those users could just go elsewhere which is bad for business. The only real 'vote' a user has in this case is the one with their feet.

YouTube blocks music videos in UK


Hypocrisy much?

At a risk of stating the obvious ...

When Youtube don't pay the 'fair' rate for the vids and show them, they are evil criminal terrorist supporting pirates stealing the food from the artists.

When Youtube device they can't afford the 'fair' rates and stop showing the vids, they are being unreasonable.

.. and the music industry wonder why people think that they are just money-grabbing pond-scum.