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Big Ben squeezes into your iPhone

Paris Hilton

You are all wrong

Big Ben is the bell inside the clock.

And the second hand was originally included on the clock tower, but was broken off by Jackie Chan during one of his time-travelling adventures.

Paris, because I want to stick my big ben inside her.

iPhone 3.0 to nix app redownloading?


How is this any worse than MS?

"Yes, you have paid for our software, but you have changed your hard drive/motherboard too many times, so we won't let you use it anymore"

Welsh mum amazed by Marmite Messiah

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marmite is ok

But it's nowhere near the levels of awesomeness of Vegemite.

/yes, I'm an Aussie, how can you tell?

Wikipedia bans Church of Scientology

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Censorship = bad

As much as I dislike religious cultists, I think they should have a chance to show the world just how much of a complete and utter nutjob the bunch of them are.

In this case, maybe set up 2 pages, 1 for CoS, 1 against, and let them debate each others points in an open fashion. And of course, once you post in one side of the argument, you will be barred from adding to the other side.

THe only way to defeat organisations like these is to expose them for what they are, not to stifle debate and sweep the mess under the carpet.

SATA Revision 3.0 released


It's still better than USB naming...

full speed

high speed

super speed

(warp speed)*

(ludicrous speed)*

* names reserved for future revisions

Weary locals scratch Butt Hole Road

IT Angle

We have a couple of good ones here in Perth, Australia

Upper Swan


3 has no place Like Home


Does 3 in the UK roam onto another network?

Here in Aussieland once you are out of the capital cities, 3 will roam onto another providers network, which obviously 3 will have to pay for.

So I think this is the cause of the lack of network selection. 3 want to control how you roam, trying to keep you within their network, and the money in their own pocket.

Excess of cola floors Oz ostrich farmer


Ostrich on the coat of arms?

nah mate, it's a bloody emu.

Ostriches are native to Africa.

Either way, they're both pretty tasty

Ford crushes half-price hybrid hoax


@ Oscar

the answer is density of Americans, both literally and intellectually.

DARPA to try out goose v-formation trick with jets



The main danger is the let wash, you might get a flame out and go into a flat spin while heading out to sea.

Acer readies HD netbook

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Strange storage format...

Seems next to useless, redundant, expensive and proprietary to me. Why not include an LS-120 drive or something else equally antediluvian.

Name one single advantage this thing has over the ubiquitious SD card?

Acer Timeline 4810T

Dead Vulture

Main complaint...

...is that is it doesn't embiggen your mental capacity to remember where buttons and ports are? How perfectly cromulent.

Aussie censors implement six degrees of separation policy


Easy solution

The AMCA pages must contain copies of takedown notices, which must contain details of the infringing links (or links to links etc).

This means the AMCA is guilty of the same behaviour! So they should issue a takedown notice to themselves, which will contain an infringing link, which will necessitate a takedown notice....

New Kindle: Wider, but still no broadsheet


No need for a Good Jeff icon

I'm all bad, all the time.

AC @ 23:37 - so how do you enjoy working for Amazon? You should at least tell us if you are a paid stooge undertaking some astroturfing.

Google Chocolate Factory patents Data Center Navy

Paris Hilton

Low Cost?

Anyone who has ever owned a boat will be able to tell you just how much of a money pit they really are.

This might be a good relocatable resource, but it won't come cheap.

Paris, because she knows all about coming cheaply

No-go woe for doughnut co after Vo-Vo blow


KK Australia, not USA

Krispy Kreme Australia run the dough-vo show.

Arnotts see it as a low blow

So they take them to court

To see they get nought

For inferior coconutted dough

Thank you, I'm here all week, try the veal

Apple rides fanbois to popularity crown (again)


No surprises

So a company that has a small range of premium products scores higher than companies that sell cut down budget models as well.

If we converted to a satisfaction index per dollar model, I wager the results would be hugely different.

What's the word for "I paid lots of money for this, of course I have to love it" self-justification. I bet there's a word in German for it.

Teens reject Microsoft's Zune


I'm firmly in the 'other' category

I'm one of the few who value things like:

- simple drag and drop file transfer

- no intrusive DRM

- not having to use itunes, which on the PC is a festering turd (albeit not as bad as it once was)

- support for FLAC, OGG and other esoteric formats, without having to hack firmware

- inbuilt FM radio

- ability to record radio

The only thing that truly surprises me is how few of us there seems to be. I simply don't get why people put up with the oodles of limitations of the ipod.

I'm a deliriously happy Cowon D2 owner, who finds it difficult to not sneer at ipod users

GooTube unfurls Universal video player, website


I have never chosen music based on publisher

And I'm not about to start now.

Avoiding music based on publisher on the other hand....

Isolated Aussies left really isolated


It's only the NT

Home to very few, and very few of those are productive members of society. The full day's outage has harmed the GDP of the country by about $1.65

British steam car completes final testing


Parachutes and things

I've got a couple of friends who are into land speed records, motorcycle style. One has a 400hp turbo bike that he wants to hit 400km/h (250mph).

The parachutes are required by the organisers for a few reasons: as a failsafe, so wheels don't lock up on the salt and tear up the surface under breaking, and as a means for correcting a vehicle if it starts to get out of control.

Detroit does mass-market e-car deal with Proton

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Still useless

I live in Perth, Australia, one of the most isolated cities in the world. The closest city of any appreciable size is Adelaide, some 2700km away (1700 miles). You can do this in 2 days if you are keen.

But not in an electric car. I would need to stap and recharge at least 8 times (assuming maximum range). How much time would that add to the journey, assuming the facilities are ever present in the middle of the nullabour?

So then we have the situation where I would need to own and run 2 cars, which is very environmantally friendly, innit?

What is the upside of electric cars again? They seem to be for automatons who never drive anywhere except the commute between home and work.

What's wrong with a Twitter degree?

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Technology moves too fast

I can get this degree, and put it alongside my other useless qualifications

MY short CV:

- Graduated Alta Vista high school

- Undergraduate degree in Ask Jeeves

- Masters degree in Myspace

- PhD in cloud facebook twitterology 2.0 (this will be relevant for at least another week)

US judge bars teen 'sexting' charges


Of course children are Paedophiles

Hormone ravaged teens being attracted to other hormone ravaged teens? That's purely natural, and the way things have worked since before even computers were invented.

Remember it was only a couple of hundred years ago that the norm was for a 13 year old to be married with her first kid on the way, while hubby was out working.

That is until the puritanical Victorians invented the teenager, neither child nor adult, but a powerless time of fear and loathing.

Apple sizes iPhone for dog's nose

Jobs Horns

Killing the second hand market?

They have started on this path by marketing it as a fashion accessory. Nobody wants the old model, it shows you just aren't cool.

Now they want to tie the unit to one single person.

What's the word I'm looking for? Evil genius comes close, but more evil, less genius...

Software generated attendance letter about dead pupil


Lazy Cow

She'll never get anywhere in this world with an attitude like that!

Budvar beats Anheuser-Busch in latest Budweiser battle


@ Charles

From wikipedia: "The original Budweiser Bier or Budweiser Bürgerbräu, had been founded in 1785 in Budweis, Bohemia, Holy Roman Empire and had started exports to the US in 1871 resp. 1875. In the U.S., Anheuser-Busch started using the Budweiser brand in 1876 and registered it two years later."

I'm from Australia, whose traditional beers are only margainally better than yours. But the microbrew movement is slowly but surely taking hold here too.

Your argument about thirst quenching doesn't hold much water either. Bud is no more thirst quenching than soda water. In the hot climate here I prefer bitterness to aid thirst quenching, an IPA is brilliant for this (yes, originated in dreary old England). Also consider a gin&tonic, the bitterness of the tonic water is what makes it so refreshing.

Feel free to defend your local beers, but a few facts here or there don't go astray either.

Aussie classification site hacked in censorship protest



It's the name given to the region encompassing Oceania (Aus, NZ, pacific islands), and those parts of south east Asia who haven't told us to get stuffed (Papua New Guinea and parts of Indonesia (when they're not trying to blow us up)).

See here for the wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Australiasia

Windows 7 RC download page reveals May ship date


@ J

Spot on. Then there will be a few delays, because this is such a fundamental shakeup of computing not seen since blah blah blah.

The the actual groundbreaking features will be removed, and a buggy piece of crap will actually ship, one which is incrementally better than the last buggy piece of crap. And the world will ignore it until at least SP1.

Mine's the one with the lawsuit to be issued for not allowing free downgrades to winME.

Penguin-free Linux 2.6.29 kernel released


Tassie Devils != Cute

Have you ever tried to bathe a grumpy cat? Well that's about the same as a Tassie devil at it's most placid. They're vicious little beasties. It's a real shame about the face eating disease they all seem to be getitng :(

These animals are what I love the most about being Australian. Even the small cuddly looking ones will try to rip your face off.

iPhone 3.0 beta reveals mixed blessing

Jobs Halo

Smug still comes for free

I'm so glad I don't have to go shopping with the proles to add an app that gives me that warm, comforting feeling that I am truly the pinnacle of humanity, all due to my taste in communications devices!

I shall now pray to our iFather, iSon and the Holy Jobs.


iPhone chip designer trumpets multi-core GPUs



Is this the same PowerVR responsible for the Kyro & KyroII graphics cards, circa 2000-2002? They used some clever processing to compensate for a lack of processing power. From what I recall, instead of processing all polygons and textures in a scene then layering them on top of each other (obviously obscuring the ones underneath), the card first figured out what would be on top (ie. in view), and only processed that.

Ultimately a lack of hardware T&L let them down, leaving things to NVidia for a few years until ATi got its act together.

Hollywood retrofits MacGyver into feature flick

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It all hinges on the main actor

McGyver was never a swarthy action hero, just a bit of a nerd with a talent for getting out of tight spots.

Of course Hollywood will completlely ignore this, cast Vin Diesel and have him create machine guns from the bones of his vanquished enemies.

'Talking' iPod Shuffle spills guts

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@ EFF is full of it

You can argue symantics all you like, but it is still an attempt by Apple to lock people into using their hardware only (or approved hardware). Sure there's a bit of media spin, saying that it will protect the consumer from shonky quality gear, bears and paedophiles, but at what price? The standard gear is rubbish, the aftermarket is better, but will cost even more once licencing fees are paid to apple.

Out of the box you get a music player that is tied to 1 PC, using 1 software package, and can only be listened to using 1 set of headphones. What if I simply want to plug it into an amp/speakers/car head unit?

So much for the old Apple catch cry of "It just works"

ISS crew flees flying space junk


Re: A laser

Surprisingly, cooling things in space is much more difficult that it first appears. Having no air means there is bugger all contact or convection cooling, so any excess heat has to be lost as radiant heat. And for that you need big heatsinks with lots of surface area.

Chinese crackers create counterfeit iTunes racket


Get out of my head, it's cold and empty here

This always gets rid of what song is bugging me, I've had to use it about 17 times in this thread

In the town where I was born

Lived a man who sailed to sea

And he told us of his life

In the land of Submarine

All together now...

We all live in a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine

Social networking and blogs more popular than email


Could be worse...

At least it's not qɐɔʞʍɐɹps too

Vista to XP 'downgrade' lawsuit revised


While we are speaking of cars...

The way I see it... say you wish to buy a car with a 4 cylinder engine. But in order to do so, the carmaker forces you to purchase the V6 model, and then buy the 4 cylinder engine, and pay to have it swapped over.

So you end up paying for 2 engines, but can only use one of them. People would be outraged if this happened, but somehow the software companies ensure that normal rules of ownership do not apply to them.