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LinkedIn inked out: Twitter cuts off jabberhose to suits

Bob Bobson

"Consistent with ... evolving platform efforts, ... way to broadcast professional content...connections. ...Moving forward"

LinkedIn really is beyond parody.

Windows 8 hardware rules 'derail user-friendly Linux'

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No doubt the linux kiddies will hold this tiny concern responsible for the fact that their hobby operating system continues to maintain a 1% market share, despite decades of promotion by thousands of shrill advocates.

Online Christmas orders from retailers go titsup

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Yet again

Not the first time this has happened, they completely screwed up christmas 2005 as well, that time due to insufficent despatch and warehouse staff. I was working there at the time, on the phones in customer service, and took calls all through the 23rd and 24th from irate and in some cases crying customers who'd had christmas presents and food fail to turn up. I see they still haven't learnt.

HP douses firebomb printer hack threat

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lp0 on fire

Wales relaunches bilingual online traffic info service

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I can't have been the only person to think "that seems like an odd area for Jimbo Wales to move into"

Dragonriders of Pern author Anne McCaffrey dies

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"Negativity, particularly the 'parting shot' in pretty bad taste for an Obit IMO."

It's an obituary, not a hagiography.

Swiss boffins produce working cloth made of GOLD

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Perfectly suited...

for premiership footballers to wear to their court appearances for dogging

'iPhone 4 to be free' when new iPhones ship

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Still crap value

You've been able to get the far higher spec HTC Sensation for £21.50 per month, zero upfront, for at least two months now.

SeaMicro pushes 'Atom smasher' to 768 cores in 10U box

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The unanswered question is...

What sort of workload would a box like this be handling?

George Lucas names Star Wars Blu-ray release date

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Meanwhile us freetards already have 1080p .mkv copies, without the latest heretical revisions

BT quotes pensioner £150,000 to get broadband

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Who cares?

Do doubt the pensioner in this article thinks she is owed broadband by BT / the taxpayer.

If she doesn't like the price, she can live with dial up, buy a sat phone or move. It's no-one else's responsibility.

Ten Essential... Gaming Mice

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How can you miss out the classic intellimouse explorer?

Only £20, and you still see more of them at LANs than any of these other hussied up abominations.

What's on the mind of the Freetard eBookworm?

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Well after you've gone to the effort of warezing CS4 with the intention of putting a hilarious logo on a picture of your pet, you've got to learn how to use the damn thing (red 24 point impact, 4 point stroke)

Disabling Windows Autorun - there's a right way and a wrong way

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Re: Surely....

Encouraging users to run .reg files is a security liability itself.

Women turn on to a throbbing Maserati

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It must take a special kind of bastard...

to think of doing animal experiments in the name of insurance, of all things. Top marks.

Microsoft may lift VM licensing restrictions next week

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It's rather academic at this stage

It's not as if anyone's actually been paying any attention to this rule anyway.

Vista security credentials tarnished in malware survey

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Gates Halo

Who cares about 2k?

2K's market share is tiny now, and much of it's alleged security will be down to demographics, as hinted at by other correspondents, and the fact that there's no money to be made in attacking such a minor OS.

Also, IT pros run server 2k8 as a desktop OS.

Cops demand more time in marathon OiNK investigation

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IIRC something like 8% of users had donated, so about 13,000. Most of these were probably for the minimum amount; since people were donating for extra features, not out of altruism; giving a total of perhaps £25k after currency conversions. That dosen't go far when you're running TB source, and are getting on the order of 10m scrapes per hour

Apple's Time Machine now works as advertised

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It's called VSS

Good to see that Apple have caught up with Vista and Server 2003.

Sadville insecurity invites pickpockets

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Jobs Horns

How can this be?

"There were close to three-dozen such bugs [in quicktime] last year"

How is this possible? All the mac fanboys have been assuring me that Apple are incapable of writing exploitable code!

Mandriva bigwig (nearly) accuses Ballmer of b-word

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Call the waaaambulance

As soon as Microsoft come along with a proper grown up product, and displace Loonix from one of its tiny sucesses, the Linux faithful's only response is "they must have bribed the government". Obviously nothing to do with Windows being better, or a desire to have interoperability with 95% of the world. Oh no.

Data recovery firm sounds Mac hard drive damage alert

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Another quality Apple product

It's good to see that you get high quality in return for your $500 markup. No wonder the most popular feature in System 10.5 is Volume Shadow Copy, err, I mean Time Machine.

Kill the CIO!

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Was this whole article for a bet

"I bet you can't fit 200 buzz words into one article"

Free-market think tank urges EU to unbundle Windows

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If there was a market...

If there was a market for PCs running Linux, and costing £480 rather than £520, PC World would sell them. There isn't. So they don't.

Gateway ships quad-core desktop into US stores

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... Mr Garland's comment simply isn't true. A Mac Pro configured as he suggests would be $2,927. Add a X1950 and it's $3,176. There's no option to add two X1950s, to actually take it up to the same spec, as apple don't support crossfire or SLI.

You can check all of this at store.apple.com if you doubt me.