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No more UFO reports please, says MoD

Ilya Stavinsky

All UFO organizations are covering up the real facts about UFOs

Not only the goverment cover up the existence of UFO but unfortunatly all UFO organizations including London UFO Studies group, MUFON etc, are covering up the real facts about UFOs that they live in our Earth's atmosphere.

When I showed AFOs (Aliens Flying Object) in the night sky to 5 PA MUFON UFO field investigators, chief investigator Butch Witkowski, John Ventre (director of PA MUFON), well-known Ufologists, R. Dolan, P.Robbins, S. Friedman etc - at UFO conference (Montgomery county community College on 10/09/2009), - they were shocked to see them with naked eyes but since then none of them went public with my discovery. Why ? If they officially recognize my discovery then all UFO organizations will cease to exist, because now everybody can see AFOs motherships anytime, everywhere in the world.

ISS space bio-experiment freezer to return on Discovery

Ilya Stavinsky

UFOs in our Space

"Aliens live in our Earth's atmosphere"

For the first time in human history, I present here incontrovertible evidence of existence of tens of thousands of UFO in the Earth's atmosphere, which can be seen by any person in any part of the world at any time...


Discovery ISS gig go for Wednesday

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To see UFO in the night sky

This Friday, 03/13/2009, I will be in Manhattan (71 str & Broadway) from 4 p.m. until 8 p.m. to show people AFOs (Aliens Flying Object). People, who live not far away are wellcome to witness the existence of AFO in our Earth' atmosphere. http://sites.google.com/site/s...capital1/Home/aliens