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ZX Spectrum reboot promising – steady now – 28MHz of sizzling Speccy speed now boasts improved Wi-Fi


Re: Get an emulator

I love being told what to do with my money.

Facebook boffins bake robo-code converter to take the pain out of shifting between C++, Java, Python


I can just imagine the joys...

of maintaining a set of source which has been generated from a totally different language. Glad it's not going to be me,

Realme's X50m is a decently specced 5G phone – for the price of a 1995 Nissan Micra


The thing about a 1995 Nissan Micra is...

it's still usable after 25 years and is easily reparable.

Oh Hell. Remember the glory days of Demon Internet? Well, now would be a good time to pick a new email address


Still use a .demon.co.uk address...

Well stuff gets sent to it and then it's forwarded out of Namesco host to my own host. But sad to see it go because I've had it a very long time, I'll send myself a message on the last day.

Pan-European group plans cross-border contact-tracing app – and promises GDPR compliance


Every bubble's passed its FIZZical...

I miss Corona Cream Soda.

Hello, support? What do I click if I want some cash?


Re: And us Welsh don't have "special relaionships" with sheep, either!


Yo, Imma let you finish, but for the 6,000 people still using that app on a daily basis ... we have a question: why?


Re: Wassup!

Hello my good man.

This AI is full of holes: Brit council fixes thousands of road cracks spotted by algorithm using sat snaps


Stag DOS?

Is that the one which is not as good as marketed, falls over at the end of the night and leads to a life time servicing contract?

Tabletop battle-toys purveyor Games Workshop again warns of risks in Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP project


Re: They're doomed. Death by clueless Project Manager.

Blessed is the mind too small for doubt.


Re: Great news Warhammer.

Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment.

We're almost into the third decade of the 21st century and we're still grading security bugs out of 10 like kids. Why?


Marc Rogers is right.

The scale should go up to 11.

Remember, remember, it's now called November: Windows 10 19H2 update has a name


Re: "normal servicing cadence"

The correct sound made during fellatio?

GNU means GNU's Not U: Stallman insists he's still Chief GNUisance while 18 maintainers want him out as leader


Theres alot of grumpy people on this thread.

I blame Richard Stallman,

Backup biz Acronis ascends to unicorndom after $147m splurge led by Goldman Sachs


Re: "You can't have two, or more, headquarters"

One might be a replicated backup image of the other with quantum asynchronous paradigm cloud based command and supervisory narrative functionality,

Q. If machine learning is so smart, how come AI models are such racist, sexist homophobes? A. Humans really suck


Re: So AI in this instance got it right

or maybe it's just the interpretation of the results by the humans doing the research which is the problem? Some people see racism, sexism and homophobia in everything, Especially those types who specifically go looking for it.

Waiting for Amos: SpaceX delays satellite launch as it tries hard not to blow this one up


I miss the days when The Register had a space program.

Happy times.

It's so hot, UK needs to start naming heatwaves like we do when it's a bit windy – climate boffins


She's a bit of a scorcher.,,,

(no Sid James icon so just have to live with this)

Literally rings our bell: Scottish eggheads snap quantum entanglement for the first time


Re: Can it play Crysis?

Yes and No.

Firefox 68 arrives with darker dark mode, redesigned extensions dashboard


Re: just don't use light grey text on a white background.

Cyan on Yellow it is then

Finally in the UK: Apollo 11 lands... in a cinema near you


So???? not dwelling on the societal ills of the time, is a niggle?

There are probably a zillion late sixties docu/films which have all the "societal ills" stuff in them and I suspect 99.9% of them don't have any technical moon landing stuff in them for "balance". I for one like a film which actually keeps to the point.

Oh snap! The road's closed. Never mind, Google Maps has a plan...


Re: Really?

They are just public information news features. Like "Women ate reheated chicken and suffers rampant jelly bottom" or "Man decapitates himself shaving with chain saw". They are intended as a warning rather than actual news. (In this case I assume look where you are actually driving rather than listen to the little box on the dashboard - even if it is a magic box).

Open-heart nerdery: Boffins suggest identifying and logging in people using ECGs


Hold my beer.

Identifying and logging in via the power of dance.

We knew it was coming: Bureaucratic cockup triggers '6-month' delay of age verification block on porno in the UK


Re: Impractical Shirley

One of those "specialist" porn actresses?

Facebook acknowledges asking you to invite your dead pals to parties is 'painful', plans to fix it


Re: 4 months clean ....

I feel there should be a TV movie adaptation of your heart warming story filmed on VHS tape in 4:3 ratio. (It should also look slightly orange).

Remember the OpenAI text spewer that was too dangerous to release? Fear not, boffins have built a BS detector for it

Paris Hilton

Re: been taught English properly

agreed, but not how to use it properly. Now if you'll excuse me I'm off to moisten some lettuce.

You've been dying to know. Here's the answer: The Milky Way tips the cosmic scales at '1.5tr' times mass of the Sun


Re: Does this Oort Cloud look big on me?

So just a quick google

Sun apparently 1.989 × 10^30 Kg

London Bus 12650kg

So? 1.989 × 1030kg / 12650kg = 1.572332e+26 London buses per solar mass, therefore galaxy should be circa 2.358498 x 10^38 London buses.

Before coffee and will bow to more demonstrably accurate numbers.

ReactOS 0.4.11 makes great strides towards running Windows apps without the Windows



adjective: sneering

1. contemptuous or mocking.

noun: sneering

1. the action of smiling, speaking or writing in a contemptuous or mocking manner.

How's this for sci-fi: A cosmic river of 4,000 stars dazzles lifeforms as it flows through a galaxy. And that galaxy is the Milky Way


Re: Fascinating!

Bet it's full of ASDA shopping.trolleys.

Holy macaroni! After months of number-crunching, behold the strongest material in the universe: Nuclear pasta


Re: radius will be in the order of 10km.

or 9.65606Km because it's more accurate. (just look at all the digits after the dot).


squeezed into a tiny radius on the order of 10 kilometres (6.2 miles),

Why not 9.65606Km? Then it would be a nice round 6 miles. A much more believable finger in the air number.

Born-again open-source enthusiast Microsoft rucks up at OpenChain


Re: but which one is it

Cribbage - so they can shout out "and one for his nob!" during meetings with whatever committee or group they are infiltrating.

Mumsnet data leak: Moaning parents could see other users' privates after cloud migration


Re: You're slipping, El Reg

You are right. I was totally milffed.

Want to spin up Ubuntu VMs from Windows 10's command line, eh? We'll need to see a Multipass


Re: Try that in PowerShell.

The term '/mnt/c/Windows/System32/systeminfo.exe' is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet, function, script file, oroperable program. Check the spelling of the name, or if a path was included, verify that the path is correct and try again.

At line:1 char:39+ /mnt/c/Windows/System32/systeminfo.exe <<<< | grep -i "System boot" | awk '{print $4}' | sed 's/,//' + CategoryInfo : ObjectNotFound: (/mnt/c/Windows/System32/systeminfo.exe:String) [], CommandNotFoundException + FullyQualifiedErrorId : CommandNotFoundException

All looiks good to me :-)

Royal Bank of Scotland, Natwest fling new bank cards at folks after Ticketmaster hack


This comment is...


Microsoft wins today's buzzword bingo with empowering set of updates to Teams


Re: "countless studies...showing that employees would prefer praise to a raise "

I think it's the difference between

"Please Sir, can I have more?" & "Consider yourself at home, consider yourself one of the family"

The former are more than likely to get a firm no, or kicked out, while the latter with their cheery little tune and smiles to the front will be happily robbing them blind around the back.

My 2019 resolution? Not to buy any of THIS rubbish


Re: While I agree with all Dabbsy's points

Nah, He's just wanting to invent some nostalgia so he can flog that big hole filled with ET cartridges he's got in his back garden. (ET cartridges get everywhere).

The Great British Curry: Put down the takeaway, you're cooking tonight


Re: "The only ingredient you may struggle to find here is garlic and ginger paste."

Lidl sell Garlic and Ginger paste in one jar.

Supernovae may explain mass extinctions of marine animals 2.6 million years ago


Mass extinctions is what you get

when you have sharks with pointy teeth and friggin laser beams attached to their heads. Don't let it happen.

Don't make us pay compensation for employee data breach, Morrisons begs UK court


Re: English Idio.....

However I'm of similar 50 year standing to the above but only ever heard it as 'Comp'. The additional 'o' probably allows the speaker to emphasize their supposed barrow boy roots to their target audience.

California cracks down on Internet of Crap passwords with new law to stop the botnets


Re: Where's the master list of passwords kept ?

Flimsy Backdoor Industries will keep the list. You know they can be trusted.


Re: "and they vendor no longer supports this model."

Car manufacturers manage to support giving out radio codes for years. (I mean years. I have done it for a 20 year old Volvo in the past). I assume there must me some legal reason, (other than goodness of their hearts), which could be used as a template law for said IoT devices.

Deliveroo to bike food to hungry fanbois queuing to buy iPhones


Re: Well....

Umm, smashed avacado sandwiches seems to be a step backwards in the general state of the sandwich. I remember, in the late eighties, the "too your desk" sandwich lady used to deliver Avocado, Bacon, Brie and Red Current Jelly sandwiches. Maybe the late eighties was peak sandwich and everything that followed is just a bland pale interpretation of those times. Maybe there is a phone manufacturer which exemplifies that blandness?

UK networks have 'no plans' to bring roaming fees back after Brexit



I imagine the chocolaty bit at the bottom of the cone in a Cornetto will also be smaller after Brexit. Wall's, to my knowledge, have made no comment - which speaks volumes. Will the horror never end!!!???!!!!

OpenAI bots smashed in their first clash against human Dota 2 pros


Re: we see that programming strategy into a statistical analysis machine is not an easy thing to do.

Then the AI got bored and went off to make a cuppa tea and invent a cure for cancer - but didn't tell anybody because...

Wasted worker wasps wanna know – oi! – who are you looking at?


Re: Because... they can fly?

But unicorns can, (erm could), fly.

Australia on the cusp of showing the world how to break encryption


Re:Alvin Toffler seems more and more prescient with his concept of 'Future Shock'

and Gillan.

(Just remember that there is no laughing in heaven).

Devon County Council techies: WE KNOW IT WASN'T YOU!


Re: Spelt?

spelt - past and past participle of spell

Click this link and you can get The Register banned in China


Re:- Not even Bing Crosby?

Especially Bing Crosby.

Microsoft's TextWorld gives AI a Zork-like challenge



playing text adventures so you don't have too. (Just remember that they will remember that you made them do it).

Dudes. Blockchain. In a phone. It's gonna smash the 'commoditization of humanity' or something


Re: Blockchain. AI. Cloud. Cures Cancer!

You missed Devops



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