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PC makers! You, between Microsoft and the tablet market! Get DOWN!


I purchased a Surface RT a while ago and am very impressed with it. I no longer use the iPad it is far less functional.

I would say that Microsoft's biggest problem is marketing, they simply do not know how to market their products, something that Apple excel at.

Is the government's NBN policy changing your vote? Greens Senator Scott Ludlam thinks so


You get what you vote for

Labor - Superfast internet but the country is bankrupt and nobody can afford it

Liberals - Meh internet, but hey who cares 'cos we all can actually afford a life

Greens - Superfast internet, Beautiful country but nobody can afford to appreciate it.

The NBN was never about providing the Australian people with a service, it has always been a political tool. Only fools believe in it.

Microsoft slices Azure prices just days after Amazon's cloud shave


"this stuff as the cost to an end-user tends to be far more expensive than on-premises kit maintained by a knowledgeable sysadmin."

Ahh the comment of an ignorant salesman.

Is cloud data secure?


Two things

Using the wikileaks example : Your data could just go missing if some one somewhere decides it is inappropriate.

In our case, the terms of our funders state that our data has to physically reside on the premises. Never-the-less I still would be hesitant to put it all on the cloud. Just too much risk.

Oz government in filter paranoia meltdown



"350 websites" every one knows how easy it is to change IP addresses as well as url.

2 words describe Conjob F#@$!$g c##$.


Nah you are wrong

If you only think that. You should know it

Microsoft's Bing feeds you, tries to keep you captive


Bing gets it wrong

I tried it out and found that if I opened Bing in IE I got Bing Australia. If I opened Bing in Firefox I get Bing U.K. Twould seem sthat the only people who use Firefox, According to Microsoft, are U.K.ians.

That being said I still rather prefer Google, at least they know where I live.......mmmmmmm maybe not so good

Kaminsky: MS security assessment tool is a 'game changer'


Given their track record ...

Given MS's track record wouuld you really trust an application from them that checks for vulnerabilities ???

Cold-water treatment for Ballmer on Windows Mobile

Paris Hilton

Windows Mobile Sux

While Steve Ballmer is bragging about how Windows mobile outsells iPhone he is forgetting to mention that WM is licenced to multiple vendors while MacOS is only on the iPhone. Has Microsoft produced a Cell Phone ? They have produced an inferior OS that has been adapted, poorly, for mobile devices.


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