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Want to keep working in shorts and flipflops way after this is all over? It could be time to rethink your career moves

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I do not miss my commute at all

5 to 6 hours per week more time.

No as soon at home time come scarper before the traffic goes bad.

No sat at the same junction every day for 5 minutes to go to work.

No weekly fill ups.

No sat in most depressing town in the county.

No driving past empty warehouse after empty warehouse because the local council will NOT allow office building.*

But I have had, me only person in office, very depressing late in afternoon.

But I slightly miss the abilty to commute past 3 specialists for my car make.

I miss the odd greenlaning session on way home.

I miss flying past a slow driving Porsche who then suddenly wakes up.

* Half the staff live in same town as me. And we could not find a local office so had to chose another town 30 minutes away.

Amazon exec's husband jailed for two years for insider trading. Yes, with Amazon stock

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Re: Only doing it once

I think this could be very common. I think the caught people are just getting too greedy.

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Re: Got too greedy yet.....

I was refering to the fact that insider trading is illegal, but it is not illegal to short a company to bankruptcy.

Insider trading gets caught simply due to greed.

Oh and I am still a little puzzled as to why using information about a company is illegal.

can someone explain it please?

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Got too greedy yet.....

It is still OK to tank a companies shares to make money.

Well done to the Gamestop investors.

Baby Space Shuttle biz chases dreams at Spaceport Cornwall

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Re: It's a bit big to ship back to the USA

Moonraker film was called Moonraker

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Bezo v Branson


Please ride one of your capsules to orbit to shut those two up!

'Ring of fire' headed to northern UK – a partial solar eclipse, not the sensation you get after a potent vindaloo

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I videoed the last one

Back in 1999 I think, but cannot find the video tape.

As camera was on last legs it was worth a gamble, viewfinder showed in in B&W, not sure what colour it recorded in as I used a welding mask to shoot through.

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All I can see are clouds

FBI paid renegade developer $180k for backdoored AN0M chat app that brought down drug underworld

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Criminal Intelligence

If you look at the earnings of most criminals they would have more money doing honest work. And if they were pretty clever they could probably make a lot more without breaking laws.

Oracle hits UK reseller with lawsuit for allegedly reselling grey market Sun hardware

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Re: Restrictions of forward sale

I know someone living there and he is furious over this as he liked Dairy Milk, cannot get UK made and a well know company with a factory in Bourneville was prosecuted by the sick manufacturers for selling Dairy Milk in US.

If I was in charge of the proper side I would have removed sicks licence immediately.

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Re: Levis and computers

I have two pairs of decent jeans, both are Tesco

Just when everyone thought things might be looking up, Dido Harding admits interest in top job at NHS England

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Just no.

Not THAT incompetent.

How many remote controls do you really need? Answer: about a bowl-ful

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Re: At one stage I was up to 8

Oh dear does this mean we are now down to no decent PVRs?

Mine is a quite old HDR Freesat PVR

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At one stage I was up to 8

TV DVD PS3 AMP MD a few PVRs, a Scart switcher

Now down to 2


Amp - started setting amp off, batteries out

MD - on top of MD player

DVD - batteries flat put it somewhere

PVRs - 1 killed by shit firmware, 1 free PVR killed by server shutting

Scart Switcher - when you realise that remaining Scart devices are < number of Scarts on TV, courtesy of crap PVRs

Rule of PVRs


Report commissioned by Google says Google isn't to blame for the death of print news

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I used to have a Sunday paper

But then the quality went down the toilet, became a piece of sensational bullshit.

Change of owners.

Not bought a paper in over a decade.

Why did automakers stall while the PC supply chain coped with a surge? Because Big Tech got priority access

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Re: Shakes fist at cloud

Pre coil pack systems, electronic ignition was very simple a pick up in the distributor instead of points, and an amplifier.

What drive the distributor?

The camshaft.

I needed to replace my cam with a lumpier one, so of course I lifted the distributor out and refitted afterwards.

Timed with my gun against the pulley.

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Re: Shakes fist at cloud

The pickup is in the distributor, I take it you have never removed a dstributor to change a cam?

Or to make sure the 15-20 year old engine is in peak condition?

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Re: Shakes fist at cloud

I had to do a friends points once, and his car was newer than mine.

Doing my timing was so easy, no points just a simple magnetic sensor. Only had to do if I had to move the distributor.

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Re: Shakes fist at cloud

Points, they are evil.

Much prefer a simple transistorised controller.

Carb, setting them up, a PITA.

Much prefer EFI compared to carbs.

Adjusting for state of tune, trimming them, balancing them, cost me quite a bit for an expert to do on his rolling road.

Want no electronics? get a basic Diesel with no electrics whatsoever. Crank handle to fire it.

Dominic Cummings: Health secretary's 'stupid' targets delayed building UK test and trace system to combat COVID

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Re: Colour me surprised.

Regardless of Hancock being useless or not, he was set up to take the fall for the rest of the cabinets failings.

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Re: Colour me surprised.

Gove does not stab poeple in the back, he does it to their face!

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Re: Colour me surprised.

Yes a Mekon who wants to be a poundshop Bond Villain

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Re: Chris Whitty

I have more trust in scientists than poundshop Bond villains.

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Re: the former Brexit master-mind and Boris Johnson's spin doctor

I prefer poundshop Bond villain

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Re: Colour me surprised.

I tend to get the impression that MH was all along being set up to take the fall for BoJo and chums.

BoJo - fool

MH - out of depth

Cumming - poundshop Bond Villain

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Chris Whitty

No he is safe, people like and trust him, along with JVT, and Vallance.

Amazon puts an $8.5bn MGM in its shopping cart, clicks on checkout

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Re: A Bond vacancy eh.......

My thoughts are known.

The chief Mekon is the Bond Villain, but a poundshop one.

James (Dabbs) Bond in the 2015 Focus (look at that grill AM rippoff!) going to the secret lair at Barnards Castle.


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Re: new law of economics

Sony and Columbia was more to protect their technology.

Helped to kill HD-DVD.

Also helped that no 1 best selling Blu Ray player could play ripped HD-DVDs from its HDD.

Sony makes a play for edge compute chores with smart sensors

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One of the few companies

That actually make most of the stuff you want in the living room. So one of the few brands you can use if you wanted all same brand.

Their image sensors though are good, one reason I want a Nikon DSLR, the other being Nikon lens quality.

Sony 'Workman', anyone? Consumer giant teams with Kawasaki on teleoperated ‘bots

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Re: In typical Sony fashion...

Go on then - name them!

UK's competition watchdog gives £31bn Virgin Media and O2 merger the seal of approval

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Too confusing

I used to be on BT Cellnet years ago with work. On BT at home.

BT offered me a mobile phone contract.

"I have work one already with you with O2, used to be BT Cellnet."

It confused them.

But confuses me anyway.

Beyond video to interactive, personalised content: BBC is experimenting with rebuilding its iPlayer in WebAssembly

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Re: WOT??

Future experiences

Next Saturdays lottery results please.

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Re: Fuck the BBC - fuck iPlayer

And my launch day PS4

Accidentally wiped an app's directory? Hey, just play the 'unscheduled maintenance' card. Now you're a hero

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Re: Ah!

I prefered WordStar myself.

Jaguar Land Rover reaches for graph database in search of supply chain knowledge during chip shortage

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Re: Got any 300TDis handy?


Actually with the older ones they were not THAT bad.

If they break they are usually repairable, unlike some of the alternatives.

The last decent old Defenders if you were taking them to the back of beyond a S/H but correctly coded ECU was a good idea, and a crank sensor a VERY good idea.

On my contemporary Discovery I have had a few minor breakdowns, fuel pump failed, drove home 140 miles with no fuel pump, bought in part (VDO). Alternator failed (charged battery and went and got a new one), bought in, starter (whacked with breaker bar), bought in, battery consumable (RAC got me started, did not turn off until back home again with a new one).

Not bad for a near 20 year old car.

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Got any 300TDis handy?

They are ECU less.

Anything newer will be full of ECUs ranging from 1 (TD5 Defender) to too many

The Wight stuff: Marconi and the island, when working remotely on wireless comms meant something very different

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Re: Old Railways

I know, they sent me a lot of piccies to help me work on my kit built one

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Old Railways

I remember in the 1980s travelling on 1920s underground trains, and there was a unique shunter at Sandown.

They upgraded to prewar trains in the late 80s

Now just introducing late 70s early 80s trains.

The Starship has landed. Latest SpaceX test comes back to Earth without igniting fireballs

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Re: Thunderbirds are go!

I think he must have spent his youth watching quality TV.

Brilliant programmes

Cloudflare offers $100,000 for prior art to nuke networking patents a troll has accused it of ripping off

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Anyone remember the BT patent fiasco?

BT invent something for wired broadband usage, they use it in UK no problem. They modify their own kit to handle fibre and a US troll has a go, and unfortunately wins.

I still do not know how they won.

Sucks to be you, any aliens living anywhere near Proxima Centauri's record-smashing solar flare

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Guess what tune is going through my head?

Can't stop humming it

Home office setup with built-in boiling water tap for tea and coffee without getting up is a monument to deskcess

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Crap coffee

To some of us all coffee is. Can't touch Guiness either.

I am lucky though I can drink Tea.

I think it is super taster thing

Age discrimination class-action against HP and HPE gets green light to proceed

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Re: Don't understand

Work - the more you do the more chance of making a mistake.

Write it once, write it right, use it everywhere.

Less work from me for more results out.

I have to solve some of the issues from hard workers! Some are solved by taking all their duplicated code, building a ONE version of it and replacing all the slightly different ones as one is missing something with a call to the one version.

How do we stamp out the ransomware business model? Ban insurance payouts for one, says ex-GCHQ director

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Hmm lets think

GCHQ are supposed to be the best at spying.

So GCHQ should be able to trace the ransom crooks.

UK also has special forces who would appreciate some extra training missings.

Now that would stop it dead!

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Re: Dumb and Dumberer

What did they make?

Lenovo's latest gaming monster: Eight cores, 3.2GHz, giant heat sink, two fans. Oh, and it has a phone bolted on

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Re: APAC will eat this up (inc Australia)

I do like the handheld game Killzone Mercenary, a twin stick shooter on a handheld.

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Was a flop, but waht about a Vita with phone?


But imagine the following device.

A Vita with a built in phone?

Vita was a rather nice bit of hardware.

UK's National Cyber Security Centre recommends password generation idea suggested by El Reg commenter

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Need a password in a hurry?

Got something electronic and not cheap handy, look at the information panel at all the potential passwords.

Model number, serial number, lots of them.

Your car chassis number?

Lot of nice random strings.

I even have a password for accounts I am recovering to delete. Vendor specific stuff you really want to lose. This is just swearing in a string.

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Harvey Street Stockport?

What is special about it?

I used Streetmap and SJ 89773 90375

Airline software super-bug: Flight loads miscalculated because women using 'Miss' were treated as children

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Re: 11 stone..

Got climate, 2 sunroofs, and not that wide.


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