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October 2025 will be a support massacre for a bunch of Microsoft products

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This is getting stressful

Too many changes, just get used to an OS, another completely different one comes along.

Reminds me of our office many years ago.

We had 95 98 98OSR2 ME all at the same time as it was constant turmoil.

But 98 OSR2 was a basically a fully fixed 95, ME was a bodge, but none too different.

But when sausage appears everything is in a different place, start button is not doing start any more, a pretend start button sits where pinned stuff should be, and the whole UI is obsessed with sausages.

It is a mess, so far rolled back 4 times to 10.

And 10 is poor compared to 7.

Whistleblower cries foul over alleged fuselage gaps in Boeing 787 Dreamliner

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I bet the traveller is even safer if in a well designed railway carriage,

MJI Silver badge

has to be same one as the other more well known one flies off our carriers.

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Re: Easy solution

No 737 Max 8

Tesla asks shareholders to reinstate Musk's voided $56B pay package

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He puts off many buyers

When it comes to electric car time, they are NOT on the shopping list.

Possibly Polestar

Microsoft to use Windows 11 Start menu as a billboard with app ads for Insiders

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Had an advert with 10

First time disabled.

Second time uninstalled the software forcing ads against my block.

MIT breakthrough means there's no material too weird for 3D printing

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Now get it to work with resin printers.

I had to do a few tests to get the right times for some new resin.

ABSLike, rather good for fragile stuff.

Mix with standard for more rigid.

Tired techie 'fixed' a server, blamed Microsoft, and got away with it

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Re: Config options buried in largely undocumented hellhole of keys, strings and dwords

Why I still hate MS

We never agreed to only buy HP ink, say printer owners

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I have too, so I purchase printers with affordable decent ink. In my case Canon

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Re: I can afford to use genuine inks because.

I have used some Ebay compatibles but the difference in costs was not big.

Don't use it that often, so no real problem, and the heads don't clog.

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I can afford to use genuine inks because.

I bought a Canon printer and their ink is very reasonable.

Bit more than aftermarket but not enough to not buy them.

When it breaks I would buy another.

Fancy building a replacement for Post Office's disastrous Horizon system?

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Re: New Bidder

That is weather computers

Cray do well at those

Want to keep Windows 10 secure? This is how much Microsoft will charge you

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Re: Year of Lunix desktop

What windows sausage?

Too different from 10 if vision issues!

Software troubles delay F-35 fighter jet deliveries ... again

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Re: The F-35 engine

Pity F136 was cancelled

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Huge mistake buying them

We should have done our own route with Harrier replacement rather than these dodgy bits of kit.

The more I read, the more I see it was a huge mistake.

RN sailors are not allowed to go near them at sea due to potentially seeing US secrets it seems.

INC Ransom claims responsibility for attack on NHS Scotland

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Use as organ donors

Only good use for them

The UK Digital Information Bill: Brexit dividend or data disaster?

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So what are teh differences in standards between firdge freezers?

UK skies set for cheeky upgrade with hybrid airship

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Re: Really???

So what do Yanks call their bums then?

BBC exterminates AI experiments used to promote Doctor Who

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Funny looking Dalek

Did not spot what it was straight away.

Fujitsu set to be preferred bidder in UK digital ID scheme

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More control freak bollocks

Well it is, isn't it?

All that money to do something we do not need.

Britain enters period of mourning as Greggs unable to process payments

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Re: Rowes

Ginsters are not as bad as Greggs, nor Pork Farms.

But I do like Rowes.

MJI Silver badge

Greggs so called Cornish Pasties are pretty bad, even Ginsters are a lot better.

But the best are in the bakeries of Cornwall.

The end of classic Outlook for Windows is coming. Are you ready?

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Thunderbird is the replacement for Outlook Express

What I did when it was removed many Windows versions ago

Microsoft: Copyright law didn't stop the VCR and shouldn't stop the LLM

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Re: VCR?

Nope fully legal, sold quite a few at the time.

Wear and tear was the biggest issue with a new head disc at £160 AFAIR for my edit deck in the early 90s.

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Re: The Levy

No I object to paying levies on tapes for some theoretical pirating.

I object to the dumbing down of kit to ruin copying.

I was so lucky my edit VCR and portable VCR both worked on regenerate sync, rather than degrade it. then Sony were forced to rejig the format to degrade.

Later on I captured all the originals to hard disk, and of course the levy crap applied to blank DVDs.

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Re: VCR?

I sold a few, made a bit from it, not a lot as wear and tear was expensive. Head discs not cheap.

Perfectly legal sales as well.

I have had to pay a levy on those blanks to compensate some random company with nothing to do with my copies.

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The Levy

And this is why I am happy to download stuff.

Why should I pay a levy on blank DVDs, blank video tapes?

More to the point why should I pay a levy for a blank MiniDV tape which goes into my HCR9?

Why should I pay a levy for the backups of my OWN PHOTOS?

Why should I pay a levy for burning my OWN VIDEOS to DVD or BD?

Supermium drags Google Chrome back in time to Windows XP, Vista, and 7

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May be valid reasons

Some people struggle to use 8 and newer due to the shocking UI.

7 is the last proper version of Windows, UNLESS there is some way to drop the entire UI on top of 10 or 11, wome people are stuck.

Already using larger fonts.

Hereditory eye diseases are not fun.

Trump supporters forge AI deepfakes to woo Black voters

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Re: Except

Or Boris hiding in a fridge.

Or Boris dangling from a wire waving flags.

AMD may have failed to dumb down its chips enough to allow China sales

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It forces the Chinese to up their own technology

And that is counter productive.

I reckon GPS chips would be good but altered so anything in Ukraine steers the device to Moscow.

They call me 'Growler'. I don't like you. Let's discuss your pay cut

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Re: Depends on your definition of growler I guess.

TBH I prefer four more cylinders and a slightly higher state of tune, single heading a 15 coach sleeper out of Plymouth.

Double headed sounds a bit better, but over too soon.

But of the big 4 stroke Diesels CSVT wins soundtrack award.

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Walnut head - lucky escape

MJI Silver badge

Re: Depends on your definition of growler I guess.

Or this


It's crazy but it's true: Apple rejected Bing for wrong answers about Annie Lennox

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All search engines, now appear to be crap.

So much junk served up when you are looking for something.

I put lots of terms to my own web site and it is something like page 10 on google.

May as well use DDG, as not raelly any worse.

I don't go to the German tin plate toy train search engine much, as I do 4mm scale British.

Dell staff not alone in being squeezed to reduce remote work

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Long Covid

Having constant exhaustion works wonders as I could say, stuff it I retire.

Not been in since November, hada few ops in between as well.

Home, I get fed, the company is better, the light is nicer, no traffic noise.

Dumping us into ad tier of Prime Video when we paid for ad-free is 'unfair' – lawsuit

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Re: Personally I think both Prime tv and Netflix are rubbish

Amazon Prime WAS worth it for

The Expanse

The Grand Tour

James May, our man in ....

Good Omens S1


Man in a High Castle

Just a few examples, most are gettable by nefarious means if sadverts appear.

MJI Silver badge

If I see ads

I am going to pay the 2.99, bash out James May in India, Clarksons Farm.

Then cancel prime.

Then investigate getting downloaded vidoes from PC to PS4 without burning to BluRay

Looks like I will jet have our national broadcaster with no logos on main channels, nor proper adverts beyond itself.

I have dropped stuff before over on screen logos!!!

Adverts will get dropped.

Glad I got the Expanse finished

Mozilla CEO quits, pushes pivot to data privacy champion... but what about Firefox?

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Don't trust MS, don't trust Google

So Firefox everywhere.

My mobile phone does not have adverts

Mozilla slams Microsoft for using dark patterns to drive Windows users toward Edge

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Sony bought Bungee.

BTW I am pleased that Starfield was not too good*, as I will not buy an XBox as I only use MS stuff if I have to, or if it is good (their mice)

* MS Scrapped the almost complete Playstation version.

Sony are a lot nicer to me than MS, for a start they used to do really good TVs.

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Re: Teams/Outlook users driven over the Edge

Have you seen teh RAM it takes up , bonkers

MJI Silver badge

The edge virus keeps striking

Had another occasion, it hijacked email links, not the usual one, but a new one.

Is it time to delete edge again?

Dell said to be preparing broad Return To Office order this Monday

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Re: Throw me in that briar patch!

Autistic traits, well a lot of people are not really people people and prefer small company. They COULD be counted.

I KNOW I would be a poor manager, like my boss is not a good programmer.

I think I am just a normal techie.

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When you can look at things and....

Too wrecked to commute, can't stand traffic, but I can work from home.

Did say if I drove to the office, I would get in after 10 and leave around 15 to avoid traffic and dark.

If it was demanded, I would go on sick and look for work in an out of date language WFH only, no stuff it, just retire.

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Re: The inalienable human right of WFH.

Farmers work from home, they usually live on the farm

MJI Silver badge

Re: "if they want to keep their tax breaks"

WFH = more money for small coastal commutiites in Wales* and less in the pockets of Tesco filing stations

* Two holidays last year by the sea. Nice quiet area of Wales.

Windows 10 users report app gremlins after Microsoft update

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Core 2 Quad here

But on 7 still ooops after making a change from XP

Would use Mint full time, but need to use Windows specific software too often with no linux alternatives (I asked them)

OK I rely on good AV firewalling, and only using specific websites.

Brit watchdog thinks Google's tweaked Privacy Sandbox still isn't cricket

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was does this mean to me?

With all my browsers variants of Firefox.

We put salt in our tea so you don't have to

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Salt sounds as bad as sugar in tea

NEVER been able to drink sugary tea, it ruins it.

Tesla Cybertruck gets cyberstuck during off-roading expedition

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Re: Subaru diff lockers?

Subaru do not make off road cars, they make cars capable of some off road usage, exept they are quite good at it.

United Airlines’ patience with Boeing is maxed out after repeated safety issues

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