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BT OpenZone: Is it or isn't it?

Dan Spencer

It *is* to be Opt In

My hub was upgraded last night, Openzone is disabled by default. The email BT sent also said that:

"Offer public wireless access to your visitors

You can now offer your visitors and customers secure, public wireless internet access using your Hub as a BT Openzone wireless hotspot. Rest assured that your private network will stay secure. Your visitors can only access the internet using their own accounts on the completely separate BT Openzone service.

To set up the BT Openzone wireless hotspot, just follow these simple steps:

connect your PC to the Hub via Ethernet or USB or wirelessly using the BT Business Hub SSID

open your web browser and type into the address bar: http://home

the first time you access http://home, set an admin password (if asked to do so). Once you’ve done this, click on “BT Openzone” in the “Quick Service Links” section and click “Enable” (if asked for the password, enter it and click “Enable” again)

Your Hub will now broadcast the BT Openzone SSID, as well as the BT Business Hub SSID for your own wireless connection.

Enable your Hub as a BT Openzone hotspot, then click here to enter our prize draw, and you could win an 8GB iPod Touch, or 20 x 1 hour BT Openzone vouchers!

Click here for Prize Draw Terms and Conditions.

If you don’t wish to offer public wireless internet access to your customers and visitors, please ignore the above steps. Your Hub’s default status will stay set to ‘Disabled’ for publicly accessible BT Openzone and will be available for your use only. "