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Facebook trains self to recognize your face

Gavin Bloeman

All your face are belong to us

Scary shit - wonder where this is gonna go from here....?

Apple eyes kill switch for jailbroken iPhones

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The idots at Apple are going to kill themselves off

Being a designer I've used Macs since 1994. Not a fashion thing, but they were and still are a great tool. But Apple are going down the wrong road now and as my Mum used to say to my sister and me, "It'll end in tears. you just mark my words!"

Fat cat fanbois' obscene dream bling

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People in this world are living on next to nothing and some people wouldn't blink at money like this.

Sage confirms Walker's departure

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Really nice bloke

I wish him the best of luck in his new chosen career

Newspapers slam BBC iPhone app plans

Gavin Bloeman

It would be a real shame...

It would be a real shame if quality journalism from the likes of the Telegraph and the Guardian were to suffer as a result of the BBC's might. They're only just finding their feet in the industry and attempting to find ways of monitising content through this media shift. I have downloaded both their apps and find it a great, easy way to access quality journalism.

Don't get me wrong, I love the BBC but wouldn't like it if they were all that was left. Not a popular view on here, I know, but certainly mine. The real test should be to allow the BBC to launch but with the constraints of the apps having to pay for themselves and not just to come from the never ending pot full of license fee cash.

Apple bans iPhone hackers from App Store

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> Mainly, people try to unlock these phones because they can't

> afford similar plans on another carrier.

Where did you get this information from? I imagine most people would simply prefer a choice of providers and it's not a matter of cost. I bought my phone outright from o2 and brought it over to NZ - it wouldn't even work on the Vodafone network here, even though they are an official provider for Apple. I had a headache trying to jailbreak my phone just so I could use it on an official carrier. It's madness.

If you buy something outright, you should have the option of choosing any provider you want. That's the way with most things; imagine buying a car and being told that because Audi had a deal with BP you could only fill up there! Rubbish behaviour that will not go on for much longer.

I love my iPhone as it does just what I want it to for business and pleasure - but I have a real dislike for what Apple are doing here.

Chinese e-tailer lights up ciggie-lighter phone for smokers

Gavin Bloeman

Nothing new

They've been trying to make phones lighter for years....

iPhone keeps buried earthquake victim alive for three days

Gavin Bloeman


Do you think any of this actually happened? Sounds like a press release from Jive Media to me.

Sony Ericsson outs see-through screen phone

Gavin Bloeman

And the point is?

I think this might have been the biggest waste of time I have taken part in today - that includes throwing a sheep at someone on Facebook and writing this comment.

Rubbish phone serving no purpose.

'Fizzy phone' tops wacky handset list

Gavin Bloeman

I had to check my calendar then...

I wanted to know if it was April 1st already. Crazy apples those are!

Taoist truck driver guilty of unlawful sex

Gavin Bloeman

She got the fame bit

I've seen this article in a few places - job done

Boffins fail to detect Moon's strangeness

Gavin Bloeman


Did anyone else understand this article, at all, apart from the words like 'moon'?

Snow Leopard arrives with meow, not a roar

Gavin Bloeman

It's my hat!!


Wireless power gets lovely shiny logo

Gavin Bloeman

I like it

It's a man with a backpack on... probably got his laptop and a comfortable arctic sleeping back in there too... he's looking for portable and wireless power.... oooh, he's found it. It looks like him!

Tr.im calls in Web 2.0 doctors, gets stomach pumped

Gavin Bloeman

Deleted from bookmarks

@AC - Same here, stupid idea. Went there, it had gone so I moved to Bit.ly ... they didn't really think that one through, we're all far too flaky on teh interwebs nowadays!

Google boss quits Apple board in wake of Chrome OS

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@ Eric Dennis

When will you people get it? Some folk don't buy the iPhone because it's "cool" .... it works and works really well. Simple.

Okay, I don't agree with Apple locking everything down, and that will surely end in their demise. But, for now, they are producing some amazing and highly functional electronics. If it looked like a baked bean tin with a screen I would still use it as it does exactly what I want a portable device to do (it might not fit into my pocket quite the way I would like it to being baked bean tin-shaped, but hey you get the idea).

Devil Jobs because I don't like his company's competition ethos.

Apple patches Black Hat SMS vuln

Gavin Bloeman


Think I'll wait for the Dev Team on this one!

IE icon too familiar for Microsoft EU settlement?

Gavin Bloeman

Unfair to MS

I've never been a Microsoft Explorer user, ever. I went from Amiga to Mac in 1993 and so no browser to Netscape .... but I think this is unfair on MS.

Held up for having a recognisable brand by a company with a less recognisable brand? I can't imagine this happening in any other industry.

Watchdog bites Mattesons saucy sausage ad

Gavin Bloeman

Show us your crack!

New Zealand's "Big FM" regularly broadcasts an advert with men singing "Show us your crack" - I think it's something to do with windscreen repairs. Makes me chuckle every time!

California skateboard dude swipes Reg logo

Gavin Bloeman

At least change it a bit...

You're ranking #1 on Google images for "vulture logo" so this is one fucking lazy designer

O2 gets into banking business

Gavin Bloeman

@ The Original Ash

I think what the article was referring to was the gambling aspect when it said "in shops or over the internet" ... i hope it was anyway, else it would be a pretty useless thing to own

KCOM hands network management to BT

Gavin Bloeman

Such a shame

I used to work there back in the early 00s - they didn't know their ar*e from their elbow back then and it doesn't appear that they have changed much. Whilst there, I worked for "Kingston Internet", "Kingston inbusiness", then "Kingston Communications" all without leaving my desk :)

Bad management and greed has brought down a company that was loved by many in the Hull area for nearly 100 years.

iPhone 3G S in the UK: what you need to know

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I used to like Apple...

I've been using their products since my old Apple IIsi ... but now their popularity has gone to their heads and they've started to take the piss. They deserve to go down in the minds of the people with M$ for this.

NZ Telecom in 'deep' with Apple

Gavin Bloeman

Rob the robbers - ace!

Great! About time Vodafone got robbed of their monopoly over here - the amount they rob me every month! :)

As a Brit, I'm used to some competition over minutes, texts and data, but there's none of that over here.

Ps. Christchurch? :-s

iPhone monopoly-kicker starts charging for jailbreak apps

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They're losing their biggest fans

I used to be a big fan of Apple having started off using the Mac IIsi many years ago, I just kept with them (typing this on a Macbook Pro now), but they're really starting to fuck me off lately with their anti-consumer ways. They're not going to make any friends long term.

I'm not a techie, I'm a designer (hence the Macs in the past) and I've spent 2 days trying to 'fix' my Dad's iPhone - there's nothing actually wrong with the thing, it's just Apple being twats about him having to use o2 as a provider. It's wrong and it'll end in tears for them.

Rant over.

Garmin walks out pedestrian-oriented satnavs

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I don't get it

Most phones are including satnav now; I don't get why you'd want to carry an extra device around with you.

Fair enough with cameras perhaps, until the picture quality on phones is as good as an SLR... but not something which is essentially software which can run on anything with a GPS receiver.

But, folk will buy owt i suppose....


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