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It's all fun and games until someone loses an AI


Re: AI everywhere, oh my

You may have a point since there are already studies showing we may not have as much free will as we think we do!

Surface Book nightmare: Microsoft won't fix 'Sleep of Death' bug


Re: Very likely Intel's fault

If this is true we should be getting tons of similar complaints from all the Apple folks buying the new Apple laptops with the new CPUs also.


Re: Hasn't hibernatation always sucked?

Yeah even Microsoft realized hibernation was getting a lot of bad press so they call it "hybrid" sleep now instead!

Supposed to be new and improved version of hibernation LOL!


Re: You cannot install another OS on the Surface Pro

Yup Apple is light years ahead of getting a laptop to resume from sleep using their OS compared to Windows or even any Linux distort I know of. You just have to watch any of their WWDC video's on the subject to see how much thought and work they put into it and getting it to work with newer Intel hardware. If Microsoft is doing the same I haven't heard of it?


Re: You cannot install another OS on the Surface Pro

Yeah they are getting UEFI and Secure Boot mixed up. Anyways, makes working and wiping all these newer laptops that have it enabled since if you aren't aware of it will give some strange errors if you try to wipe the drive or reinstall the OS without disabling it first. And depending on the device there might not even be an option to disable in UEFI since it is up to company making machine!

"All HP and Compaq computers that were manufactured with Windows 10 can use Secure Boot. Secure Boot is enabled by default on these computers"


Partially blind albino porn pirate nabbed for £300k bedroom streaming site


Re: Meanwhile...

Yeah but as the judge admitted they were making an example out of him to deter other pirates!

" there is no alternative but that this court impose immediate sentences of imprisonment so as to show that behaviour of this nature does not go unpunished"

He should've used some of that money he stashed away on a good lawyer!

Dropbox DROPS BOX as service GOES TITSUP worldwide


Confirmed here

Error (500) Something went wrong. Don't worry, your files are still safe and the Dropboxers have been notified.

Linux boss Torvalds: Don't talk to me about containers and other buzzwords


Re: Hold on a second

It is a known fact that most people mellow with age so not surprising really. Think it has something to do with testosterone levels.


Re: This seems a very level-headed and straight forward discussion

Guess you didn't read this article.

Windows uses more rings now including one's most people probably aren't even aware of i.e. negative rings!



Re: This seems a very level-headed and straight forward discussion

He's a smart and pragmatic guy but even he knows there will always be someone smarter or at least more clever as he put it to get around any bulletproof hardening they might keep adding to Linux!

Microsoft replaces Windows 10 patch update, isn't saying why


I'm guessing they must've added improvements or fixed bugs in the upgrade process since my Windows 8.1 machine finally upgraded to Win 10 after like failing 20+ times via Windows update!

Also, not sure if everyone gets this popup but I got a notification after the upgrade on my desktop asking me what I thought about the "upgrade experience"?

MORE Windows 10 bugs! Too many Start menu apps BREAK it


I guess it was a good thing the Windows 10 upgrade failed on my install then since when I ran that command in Powershell I get:

Count : 773

Average :

Sum :

Maximum :

Minimum :

Property :

Windows 10: A sysadmin speaks his brains – and says MEH


Well I guess you guys haven't been using Windows 8.1 either since that's the first Windows OS to have any sort of decent 4k support.

Decision time: Uninstall Adobe Flash or install yet another critical patch


Re: More Flash vunerabilites...

Yeah but that's only because they were able to force Mozilla/Firefox to include HTML DRM support into their browser!

Scientists love MacBooks (true) – but what about you?


Re: Can't agree more

"The software I use best runs under a Unix-like environment" this is ironic since OS X is actually certified as Unix whereas Linux is not LOL

Google offers 'INFINITY MILLION DOLLARS' for bugs in Chrome


Re: Google admits there are INFINITY MILLION bugs in Chrome!

Won't be a problem since they'll just ask everyone to move up a room to make room LOL!

FOCUS! 7680 x 4320 notebook and fondleslab screens are coming


Re: An 8K fondleslab?

No. If you visit the Apple forums there is plenty of complains of sluggish performance and overheating with the 5k iMacs!


Re: An 8K fondleslab?

Only fixed recently if you are running the Photoshop CC 2014 version or newer.


They may not even work.

I recall Microsoft having to put out patches for some of it's own software to work after 6 core or more cpu's came out since I guess no one ever thought home users would have that much power LOL.


Re: An 8K fondleslab?


Desktop PC's have a hard enough time pushing 4K can't imagine the power 8K would suck up!

I've been using a desktop with 4K monitor and I can tell you we aren't even ready for 4K let alone 8K!

Too much web and other content that looks terrible at 4K as it is since alot of content was originally designed for 1K or so.

SCREW YOU, Russia! NASA lobs $6.8bn at Boeing AND SpaceX to run space station taxis


Time schedule seems overly optimistic to me, then again this is the Musk that says he's also going to get people to Mars in a couple of years!

Raspberry Pi B+: PHWOAR, get a load of those pins


No thanks will stick with my current B model since the switch to microSD is a deal breaker for me. I have a ton of non-micro sized SD cards I won't be able to use with the new model.

Infosec geniuses hack a Canon PRINTER and install DOOM


Re: I thought this was a function of the printer firmware...

If they really wanted to get their attention they would've hacked it to be able to re-use ink cartridges, and make of ink cartridges and with missing ink cartridges, now that would be impressive!

Boffins attempt to prove the universe is just a hologram


Re: Interesting times

I guess you've seen the new COSMOS series with Neil deGrasse Tyson. He actually talks about this exact scenario in one of the episodes so I"m guessing it's becoming more mainstream now. When I first heard about it years it was all a bunch of pseudoscience LOL.

Tim Cook in Applerexia fears: New MacBook THINNER THAN EVER


Yeah I got the 2013 macbook pro and still pissed they removed the gigabit and firewire ports to make it thinner!!!

Don't see how they can make this thing any thinner since the thunderbolt and usb is already flush up against the edges with no space remaining?except at the front end like the mac book airs they are tapered smaller away from the power and usb, thunderbolt ports. Maybe they can get away with it for the low end model that uses Iris graphics but the one high end one with Nvidia graphics already runs pretty hot most likely because inadequate cooling. I have suspicions that the cpu even throttles down if you are running any cpu intense apps for too long since it just can't deal with the heat. That's why they introduce overaggressive power management,etc to hide it.

THUD! WD plonks down SIX TERABYTE 'consumer NAS' fatboy


Yup you can get two 4TB drives now for the price of a single 6TB drive!

So $300 gets you either 2 x4TB for 8TB total or a single overpriced 6TB drive.

TrueCrypt turmoil latest: Bruce Schneier reveals what he'll use instead


Re: Please continue truecrypt

It should be faster since all the newer Intel cpu's support hardware encryption extensions that are supposed to help speed up Bitlocker.



I'm surprised to hear Symantec still sells PGP. I stopped using it years ago when original developer i.e. Zimmerman left it. Not sure if I could trust it after he left but this is what he says on his website:

"Addendum: The rest of this page was written years before PGP Corp was acquired by Symantec in the summer of 2010. Most of the original PGP people have left the company since then, including me. However, I have no reason to think that the product's integrity has changed."


Google's Brin admits he under-estimated Chinese censorship


Re: @AC 16/04/2012 17:53 Google are not philanthropists

As projects like Freenet and Tor undermine the traceability of users, as does Facebook which what the main point of the original article, I believe LOL.

The tech jobs headhunters just can't fill


Re: Poor little corporations!

Same thing Sony said before they fired their "overpaid" IT security staff and got hacked from what I heard LOL

Chinese coders beat all-comers



Duh of course they are going to have more better programmers from just a numbers standpoint. Don't they have more people in than the rest of the world combined?

So you figure 1 out of 10 programmers is really good or whatever the numbers are these days they are easily going to be ahead of the rest!

Major overhaul makes OS X Lion king of security


That's why people Jailbreak their iPhones/iPods...for complete access!

The iPhone's interfacing with software, such as iTunes, is run in a chrooted environment, where no user or desktop application—even iTunes—can see into the operating system; this is commonly known in the Unix world as a chroot jail. This jail (and the fact that you can't simply yank out the hard drive) is the only thing standing in the way of the iPhone functioning as a complete, portable Mac OS X computer.

With Lion Apple is doing the same thing with apps submitted to the App store so this is a big deal and a big change in security even though most people still don't understand it at this point!

Droboman expects a 3TB drive from somewhere soon


cannot start Windows Vista when larger than 2 terabytes

You have a good point there sir.

I expect there to be quite a few headaches when drives larger than 2TB are introduced since there are various limitations that need to be worked around if you are using Windows.

XP cannot even boot from them unless you are on Itanium.


With Vista you need to have SP1 or later installed and need to be running the 64-bit version:


Personally, owning a 2TB drive I wouldn't be in a rush to get a 3TB since I've already had it fail on me and had to RMA. Looks like they need to work on improving the quality at these higher densities first.

Apple preempts Win 7 with fresh iMacs, Macbooks

Jobs Halo

Apple should give people a heads up?

Well if you hanged out at the Apple forums, checked Amazon or just about any technology related site they already been talking about rumors of new mac models for weeks now so even thought Apple didn't give a heads up just about everyone else did.

Although the macmini refresh was more iffy since they just released the 2009 mini model I own earlier this year.

Doesn't look like much difference from mine though, other than the cpu speed bump, the option of getting Macos x server and of course they now include Snow Leopard instead of Leopard that came with mine.

David Carradine found dead in Bangkok


The world is a poorer place today

His box set of Kung Fu dvd's are some of my favorite of all time!

I'll have to watch them all again now...


And if anyone is looking for an IT angle in all this his brother Robert Carradine played one of the biggest nerds ever in Revenge of the Nerds I and II!

San Diego F-18 crash deaths 'avoidable'


Remember this was a Marine plane!

Anyways if you read the more detailed local newspaper version you'll see they screwed up bigtime and the Marines from my understanding don't tolerate screwups as kindly as the other branches so I'd be suprised if they even let the pilot stay in the Marines after this. Pilots are supposed to be able to handle the pressure of a failed engine and going through a basic checklist that's why they only let the best into the program. At least that's my understanding from all the Naval F-14 pilots I used to work with. They were pretty cocky since they aced all tests in school to get the coveted fighter jets from what they told me! Then again I guess the Marine pilots aren't at the same level as the Naval pilots as one comments below?


The F/A-18D suffered engine trouble shortly after Neubauer's 11:11 a.m. takeoff from the carrier about 60 miles southwest of San Diego. He was told to open his safety checklist but didn't do so, Rupp said, and instead relied on guidance from Marines at Miramar who had incomplete knowledge of his situation.

Steve Diamond, a former naval aviator who witnessed the crash and spoke with Neubauer moments after the crash, was stunned to learn that the pilot – as well as his superiors – had neglected to use the checklist.

“Checklists are the most essential things,” Diamond said. “It's almost like a doctor going into surgery and forgetting to wash. It's that basic.”


Oh and there's a nice picture too so you can see how far the pilot went out of his way to land at miramar. He even bypassed the San Diego International!