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HDD data density to hit 2.4Tb/in² 'by 2014'



Want one

Acer: Android netbook to come with... Windows


Windows Tax

Why can't you get a refund on the windows license if you don't want/use it?

Brown to Sugar: 'You're hired'


@AC Speccy +3

Yeah, he's a technical genius, not some knob who just rebadges somebody elses crap and flogs it on for a premium </sarcasm>

Alan Sugar is not worth respecting, the only thing he's achieved is an accumulation of wealth of the back of other people, his business 'tactic' of bullying and threats is sure to be worth something to the govt.


I hate him

He's a dishonest Gerald Ratner

BNP DDoS 'mega-assault' not actually mega in the least

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just ROFL

BNP pleads for cash after reported DDoS assault


My tuppence worth

Not that it makes a lot of difference, but I feel like adding a bit.

@Subtilior - are you deranged, or was it a poor attempt at irony?

Politics is mostly all bullshit anyway, party politics more so. I'm really not sure whether I'm right wing or not.

I like to think of things from a "survival of the species" perspective, in which case diversity is paramount. For diversity you need a kind of venn diagram type approach to segregation, I think this is a fairly natural process anyway so you don't really need to do anything to encourage it.

The whole keeping blacks/whites/asians etc. apart thing is not going to help diversity and neither is the other extreme, which I'm not exactly sure how or why anyone would try to achieve anyway.

As for the story, I'm not really sure how it came about, is it a case of the BNP considering that all publicity is good publicity? They draw attention to their opponents, their opponents don't really seem to come out of it too badly anyway, even with the allegations the BNP make. Really odd. It just makes me think the spokesman or person giving the spokesman the orders just has some kind of mental deficiency. I'm pretty sure that if it were genuine and there was some kind of attack of the magnitude they suggest the news wouldn't just be coming from the victim and there would be other sources. Most likely there would be one or more hacking groups trying to claim responsibility too?

Could Sadville break the internet with nakedness?



It's Meh. M - E - H. Meh.

Windows 7: MS plays a Jedi mind trick on netbook owners


@John Galt

Did you not notice that they put the software onto the hardware pre-installed?

In buying the hardware you have paid for the software, there often isn't a choice of buying the hardware without the software.

You might want the hardware without windows, but you don't get that option.

It pisses me off no end that you have to get an OS when you buy a machine by default, but that's because I know how to work a computer and am quite happy to install an OS myself.

Fortunately I don't buy pre-assembled PC's, I haven't bought a laptop either as I get supplied them by work. The only prebuilt machine I've bought is a netbook for my wife, an Acer Aspire one, once the citrix client was installed on their cutdown Linux thing she's perfectly happy using the thing.

There are seemingly fewer laptops and netbooks running linux as time passes, all the manufacturers seeming to decide that "people prefer windows", that means the rest of us who don't prefer to pay a premium find that they have to just to buy the hardware they want.

It's partly the manufacturers fault in not offering the options, but then you have to ask exactly how could they offer the option without it costing a lot more? People expect to buy a computer and have it work right out the box.

Anyway it's Friday I haven't the energy to rant at you suffice to say you clearly aren't aware of the issues.

Self-replicating machine replicates

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They should really work with Lego to make a version of this which can be constructed out of a lego kit and a CAD package with Lego shapes which can be customised. The would be cool, no more of this new lego which can only be used to make one model.

Sun and Oracle: End of a beautiful dream


@ Anonymous Coward Posted Tuesday 21st April 2009 08:35 GMT

Don't try.

Just take a couple of paracetamol and the headache will go away, if you see it come back just scroll past it.

Sun begs IBM to come back and talk


I'll buy them for that price, what's the exchange rate?

"Sun valued at around $6.85 or aproximately $9.40 per Sun share"

I'm sure I could afford the $6.85, I do find it odd there's only 0.729 shares in existence though.

Jamaica cracks down on 'daggering' after broken todger upswing

IT Angle

Well done.

Fantastic, my brain was telling me you can't make fun of peoples accents like that!

Then I followed the link and found it was a quote, so it must be okay. At least in jamaica they haven't started brainwashing people into political correctness like they clearly have here (case in point, myself reading this article and my brain telling me it was bad, albeit funny)

(Obligatory IT? icon)

Russian schoolgirl invents inertioid-driven Venus rover


My aura is plaid

What's this doing in Science?

Surely anything that mentions aura's in the context of this article immidiately precludes it from being scientific.

Still, it was good for a laugh on a virtual friday.

MySpace rant was not private, rules US Court of Appeal


@Colin Millar

Next time, before you assume something is inconceivable, you might want to spend a few seconds checking -

"# Proprietary Rights in Content on MySpace.com.

1. MySpace.com does not claim any ownership rights in the text, files, images, photos, video, sounds, musical works, works of authorship, or any other materials (collectively, "Content") that you post to the MySpace Services. After posting your Content to the MySpace Services, you continue to retain all ownership rights in such Content, and you continue to have the right to use your Content in any way you choose. By displaying or publishing ("posting") any Content on or through the MySpace Services, you hereby grant to MySpace.com a limited license to use, modify, publicly perform, publicly display, reproduce, and distribute such Content solely on and through the MySpace Services. "

Now, do you want to take that back?

Much like a lot of other people I was thinking copyright. And using someone elses copyrighted material to sell newspapers is not something that I approve of.

Report: Legalising drugs would save UK plc huge packet



WTF - "puff last post sadden by the stupidity and ingnorance of some of the cowards, again another coward surrprise" - that makes less sense than amanfromMars

heroin supplied by pharma companies would have stated known doses, this results in less chance of unintentional overdose. People can overdose sure, but as you've already stated 75% of people who die from drug overdoses are from legal drugs, I would hazard a guess that most of these types of fatalities are called "suicides" you may have heard of them, that's illegal too, something I always found most bizarre.

"No the damaging aspect is the deprived and no porspect lifestyle that leads to drugs, drugs are a symptom not the problem so time to wake up , addicts had lifestyle before drugs and that is what lead them to drugs, not drugs leading them to a lifestyle...unless your rich or middle class."

How about following a different train of thought in that drugs are a medication rather than a symptom, there will always be people who see themselves as lonely/deprived/no prospects, it's part of the human condition, perhaps you should stop treating them like fucking criminals and idiots, I would expect that would make them feel better in itself.

I'm going to have to give up now because you're a Troll and I shouldn't be feeding you.



Yes, making drugs legal will help, it will boost industry, create jobs, result in fewer criminals and open up legitimate trade routes with a number of third world countries.

"Yeah man that is cause drugs are cool, no that is because alcohol is “legal” you change drugs status to legal and you would see problems of epidemic proportions."

How do you know that? Why do you seem to think that everyone is going to immediately go out and get themselves out of their heads on any kind of drug? Do you think everyone (except yourself of course) are mindless zombies unable to stop themselves? You lackwit.

"Sick to death of the cannabis is harmless, absolute garbage if you’re smoking it your doing 5x the amount of damage to your body smoking ciggies would, me and my buddies all started on the d’herd, 3 died chocking on their vomit within feet of each though over the space of a year , 2 died of heroin overdoses, 2 committed suicide, 1 crashed his car into a motorway stanchion believing the MI5 where chasing him, and 2 where murdered."

I call bullshit on this one, not only that, but you seem to have confused facts with opinion, and the 2 that were allegedly murdered, is that drug related? Is it because they were dealing with nefarious types to obtain illegal drugs perhaps? I can't exactly see the guy behind the counter at boots leaping over the counter to stab some junkie because they pinched a couple of hits of drugs. Perhaps also those overdoses may have been less likely if they'd known exactly what they were taking and how much. Choking on their vomit eh? Nice, what was that from? A bad burrito? You fucking knob, people vomit all the time without dying and without taking drugs, people die from choking on their vomit from alcohol poisoning.

If your alleged friends (I don't believe you've ever had any) were able to be educated and the substances were controlled rather than prohibited there would have been fewer deaths from the sample you have provided.

Of course, what with it being illegal it still fucking happened you dickhead, even if it were true, how would legalisation have made it worse? There is no "worse" than dead.

Drug driving is a problem, as much as drink driving, it could be policed in a similar manner though also it allows education and limits to be placed.

"Cannabis in my opinion is one of the worst drugs as it is sneaky and insidious" your opinion is wrong.

"it does 5x the amount of damage than smoking does alone and often leads to nastier things"

that's your opinion confused with fact again and once again wrong.

"but this one example a mine would no drive 50 miles to his uncle funeral because he said he could not afford the petrol , but later that night he drove a 90 mile return trip to pick up a bag of weed, and their lye’s the problem with weed it comes before everything include self."

He wasn't particularly close to his uncle and didn't want to go to a boring depressing funeral (who can blame him, those things are dull) so he lied about not being able to afford the petrol, big fat hairy deal, nothing to do with the weed you knobcheese.



From TFA - "Potential taxation revenue is assumed to be fairly small (for the non-prescribed opiate and cocaine market), in the region of tens of millions, once the inflationary pressures of prohibition are removed. These figures have not been calculated or included."

also from TFA - "The benefits from cannabis, ecstasy and amphetamine taxation have not been included as the costs from their use have not been costed or analysed by Government."

that's from the same paragraph that you got your figures. Glad to see you read TFA, shame you don't appear to take in any information, I'd put it down to having a small mental capacity, either that or you're a dick.

The point is, without tax or with tax you're always going to be in pocket because of the savings in policing.

So yes, until you know what you're talking about STFU.



@Paul Rogers

Are you some kind of knob?

"What the hell would change? A criminal is a criminal is a criminal. At least with drugs illegal, I've a fair chance of getting my kids through adolecence and becoming decent strongly moralled human beings without them partaking in such a dangerous and anti-social past time"

Since when have drugs been anti-social you bell-end clearly the only way you could have this perception is if you yourself have not had any contact with drugs.

A criminal is a criminal because the law says so, why the hell would someone need to mug an old lady for what they can afford to buy with their dole money? The fact is it's too damned expensive to be a junkie with the inflated prices of illegal drugs, so they have to steal to get enough junk to feed their habit.

Why do you seem to think that making drugs legal is going to change whether you can get your kids through adolescence any different to with them being illegal? If they're legal and they get their hands on some then they're not criminals, wheras if they get their hands on some at the moment they're criminals. You've currently got more chance of getting your children through adolescence with a criminal record for posession.

What the fuck is strongly moralled supposed to mean? Someone who turns away at the sight of a naked ankle, muttering under their breath about the godless heathens? Why are drugs bad you pretentious moron?

Drug addicts are criminals because society has said so, if it changed it's mind and decided that once you reach an adult age you can put whatever you like into your own body then they would no longer be criminals. More likely they would be in gainful employment by a pharmaceutical company or one of the hundreds of thousands of jobs that would be created for skilled and unskilled workers in the newly created recreational drug industry.

Some of the comments are just blinkered NIMBY type comments where there are some that make some sense, Paul Rogers I've no doubt is a NIMBY



Did you RTFA?

The point was that you DON'T need to tax the drugs you knob. You're still in profit even without tax revenue.

The other point was that the article legalised ALL drugs not just cannabis you dick.

You don't see a lot of dealing in homegrown tobacco or moonshine whisky do you? These things happen as a result of prohibition.

The path is simple legalise all drugs, get big Pharma onside to produce products (they'd have a whale of a time a lot of imaginative scientists with a whole bunch of new toys to play with) you get a cleaner cheaper product, you could even start with a tax rate it'd be cheaper and better than the dealers current product.

Huge numbers of jobs would be produced as a result of effectively a new industry, jobs which would be available for a lot of the little dealers running around previously.

I'm not particularly interested in taking the drugs myself, maybe to try, but I know I get quite easily addicted to things.

IBM cuts internet comp for work-at-homers



Hmmm, interesting, do they expect their home workers to pay for a business connection? My experience is that ISP's offer different levels of service to different types of customers. For instance a couple of years back I had 2 BT connections, a private one and one paid for by the company my wife was working for. I was able to VPN to the office via either of the connections until one day the private one stopped working, after checking with my employers to ensure there had been no changes and there were no problems I checked with BT. Eventually after many days and vast numbers of phone calls it was stated to me they don't support the usage of VPN's unless you're on a business account, checking how much that cost was more than double the cost of a private account for no change in the speed. I wasn't going to pay the expense so my employers put in a third line which they paid for.

If the plug is pulled just revert to how people worked from homebefore the internet, with postage stamps and a fax machine. If they want you to travel onsite and you're main place of work is at home then milage is an expense and you should claim it.

I would use every means possible to retain everything provided by the company as a permanent employee, otherwise you may as well have been a contractor.

Bucks village repels Street View spycar


Google Earth

Yep read all of the comments, I think I'm aligned with the majority in thinking this lot are a bunch of nobs. Simply put, as others have put before me, Public and Private are different things, google earth is more intrusive than street view as it gives a view on peoples back gardens, previously these may once have been considered "private" property, street view is just taking photos where anyone can take a photo, in otherwords, the "public" domain.

Crap did I just do that stupid quotey thing, almost as bad as air quotes.

Paris Hilton

Nobody is stupid

These people come close though.

Is a burglar not going to rob your house because it doesn't appear on google maps?

3 burglaries in the last 6 weeks, and that's before they were shown on google maps, I wonder if the burglars knew the houses were there when they set out to rob them or if they just stumbled across them, oh look a house let's rob it.

I think they should be left alone there, with nobody visiting them, postmen, dustbin men, any utilities suppliers, etc. in their nice little hamlet where nobody can see their affluent houses because they don't appear on google street view.

Bunch of morons, the burglars are going to be laughing at this, typically the criminals aren't particularly bright in terms of book smarts, but they know where the money is and they can see houses without the aid of google.

Paris because it's a nice place with albeit with an odour problem.

How gov scapegoats systems for man-made errors


it's all 0's and 1's

There's no such thing as a computer error.

It's current or no current. There is no ghost in the machine, it's all down to electricity and physics.

A machine can only do what it's circuitry will allow.

Moderatrix quits El Reg: Latest


Re: Dearie me.

I already have a thing, can I have some of the other instead?

What's wrong with a Twitter degree?

IT Angle


google is your friend, type lolcatz into it.

On a side note is this stuff really IT?

Does the stuff that goes on twitter really qualify as Information?

What a waste of good toys, can't anyone think of anything better?

Sadly I can't, so I'll shut up.

Grey squirrels invade Nutt house

Gates Horns

Rats with fluffy tails

Replace the facias with plastic ones and any other entry/exit points, ensure there is no access to any food, trap the bastard things and let them starve. Then to find the corpse just follow your nose.

Of course the councils could reclassify them as pests BECAUSE THEY ARE. Then of course they would have to start including them in their pest control measures. That might cost money though so I think it can be forgotten, wouldn't want the councillors to go without their twinning expeditions after all.

I blame Bill Gates

Women's lust for shopping linked to periods

Paris Hilton

@Sarah Bee Re: hormones

Generally I'd say that because the majority of world leaders is men, who knows what it would be like if they were women, but I'd guess at a similar scenario consisting of drinking and war, probably the only difference would be that the war would most likely be over something like shoes or bitchy comments about aforementioned shoes and a new war would be sparked every month.

Advertising watchdog okays 'gaming equals early grave' ad


What's the game?

Seriously the kid looks bored out of his mind, did they give him an "educational game"?

Scientology spokesman confirms Xenu story



for a given value of "True".


Portuguese open sourcers decry MS-only gov eProcurement

Black Helicopters

RE: Why would you want to be non-MS?

I think our rather uninformed and outmoded AC is Ted Dziuba


He is patently a troll.

I rather think there is probably something going on in the el Reg offices to see who can draw the biggest response.