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EMC's Mozy saunters into the UK

Jason Edwards
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I've been using Mozy Home Unlimited for years at home. An excellent service for a good price. I can also vouch for the restore functionality. One example would be: I lost a lot of data in a hard disk failure on one occasion and simply restored all 24+GB from Mozy in one afternoon... god bless 20Mbit connections, shame the upload speeds in this country suck.

Promise pops up in UK with Drobo-ish box

Jason Edwards


Looks amazingly similar to the Edge10 NAS400 that's sat on my desk.

Nokia N97 price skyrockets

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Price drop already...

Play.com has already dropped the price quoted in this article by £50. Go figure.

Personally I'm looking forward to this phone being released. I like Nokia phones and have always got on with their interface. I've tried most other brands but always end up going back to Nokia. This phone will offer me the larger screen and QWERTY keyboard that I miss in my N95-8GB. The touch screen will be nice but I can't say I miss not having it currently.


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