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Why the Google antitrust complaint is not about Microsoft

Jason Paul Kazarian

MapQuest and Google Maps

I use both, sometimes to find directions to the same place. I can't speak for Blighty, but in California, MapQuest is more accurate. Google's overhead and street images are more up-to-date, tis true, but that doesn't mean much if the basic function doesn't work.

Why doesn't Google work sometimes? Because it fails to complain sometimes if the input is bad. Mapquest always normalizes (USA based, at least) addresses to the postal service, making sure the city and postal code actually match. Feed Google GI and you get GO: it's all understanding, you see. Feed Mapquest GI and it gives a list of specific choices asking what you meant.

How ironic. I just realized that Google Maps is a directions service that doesn't ask for directions!

A fifth of Americans use Twitter, or something

Jason Paul Kazarian

Somewhat Useful

I use Twitter because it is the second or third entry when someone googles my name. Unlike FaceBook, no one has to log in to get a link to my web site. I use it every once in a while. It's fine for the purpose of sanely promoting one's self or business.

It's useful for organizations such as art galleries that have to make small announcements to a large population: opening night for artist x is at 6:30 pm this evening, that sort of thing.

eBay boss bids for governorship

Jason Paul Kazarian
Paris Hilton

She's Not The Only One

Whitman isn't the only IT exec running for public office. So is Carly Fiorina, ex HP.

First off, government is not a business. So being an effective CEO does not automatically make one an effective public servant.*

Second off, both of these CEOs helped their respective companies go down. We don't need this in California, natch.

I am a native Californian and am heading back in November.

Paris 'cos she would be a better "guvner" then Whitman. Or Fiorina, for that matter.

Web browser makers line up battleships

Jason Paul Kazarian

IE6 Popular Because of Cracking?

I wonder how many "cracked" versions of XP floating around the world, which are generally never updated, are inflating the IE6 market share.

Posted from Genuine XP Pro SP3 running SeaMonkey. Does that give me an advantage? ;-}

Facebook sues 'Spamford' Wallace over spam scam

Jason Paul Kazarian
IT Angle

Yes, But Does it Pay?

The National Enquirer, USA's Sun equivalent, always found it more profitable to print dirt on celebrities, pay the fine, and pocket the difference.

Spamford's been around for a long, long time. He has a history of getting sued and losing. Perhaps in the end he's still making a profit.


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