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Windows 7 versus Snow Leopard — The poison taste test


Well rounded

Nice to see a well rounded article, seems like everyone goes bat-shit insane these days when you bring up Windows 7 / Snow Leopard.

iPhone owners are superior beings, says survey

Jobs Halo

@Doug Glass

"... and still have more money that brains."

Based on your statement should I assume that you are an iPhone user or a retard?

Apollo 11 - The Owners' Workshop Manual

Thumb Up

Thanks Reg!

Father's day is now sorted.

Apple to surgically remove MobileMe parts


@ Inachu

"stable over a 9 year period"

"then they will just switch back to the microsofts way of doing things"

Tried using hot mail over the past 9 years? Free, but my, THEY LIKE CHANGING THINGS.

Microsoft to offer Windows 7 downgrade to XP

Gates Horns

Windows 7 is so great...

... that our customer base is demanding to down grade to our OS from 7 YEARS AGO. Well done M$, with product release diagrams like this http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/b/b0/XP-Editions.svg/470px-XP-Editions.svg.png

it's hardly a surprise you're fucked.

Bill Gates bans progeny from iPhone Nation

Gates Horns

@ Francis Fish

"How many Merc dealers drive a Volvo?"

You miss the point, it not about Bill buying an ipod. How many Merc dealers kids and Wives drive Mercs? Seems you think its 100%.

@AC 13:01

"I won't allow an XBox in my house ..

And my child that wants it is 18."

18 year old aka an adult, bet life is a barrel of laughs round your house.

PS my xbox is off with M$ after falling pray to RRoD, just like the other 80% of owners.