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Apple fine-tunes app censorship

david kaufman

Fart Bomb app blocked?

Will "Parental Controls" need to be turned on for my 9 year old to tun the "Fart Bomb" app??????

Even dogs of all ages fart.

Barnes & Noble muscles Kindle with e-book buy

david kaufman
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iPhone is Great!

I just bought an iPhone last week after having a Blackberry for 6 years. The iPhone is so much better! Yesterday I downloaded my first few games, and the kids loved JigSee, which lets you take a picture from the iPhone camera and turn it into a jigsaw puzzle game. But I will be getting this Kindle app right now!!!

Italian iPhone makes like Roman candle

david kaufman

iPhone is Hot

It's only because the iPhone is so hot!

I bought the iPhone yesterday after using the Blackberry for 6 years, The iPhone is so much better.

Just downloaded my first app from app store, JigSee, which is a really cute puzzle game, you take a picture with the iPhone camera and it tirns it into a puzzle game, great for the kids!


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