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BT accused of 'sharp practice' on rolling contracts


Cheeky Feckers

I have just had to pay Talktalk £70 to get out of a rolling 18 month contract after they didn't send (or I didn't receive) a letter from them. Apparently they only allow 7 days for you to cancel or 14 days if you ring and say you didn't get the letter.

But thats for cancellations I don't know what they do if you instructed BT to take the line back and that process took longer than 14 days, another 18 months and a £70 bill perhaps?

During the entire 18 months of TalkTalk hell my average broadband connection has been under a quarter than that (upto) advertised and I have lost phone and broadband connections on a number of occassions. Once for over 2 weeks (no refund).

There customer service is shocking, even a basic thing such as not saying their customers services dept is closed before sending you through a hideous number of options!!!!!!

I would advice avoiding TalkTalk like the plague.


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