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Microsoft SKUs Windows 7 clarity



There should be only one version like NT & Windows 2000.

I support many small businesses and they usually buy their computers from retailers who sell only XP/Vista Home & Premium.

This just creates a mess for everyone.

The reason I suspect BitLocker is restricted from all versions is because they think users (without an IT dept.) will end up locking themselves out.

Please MS there needs to be only one version.

RIM pitches 'power user' tri-band HSDPA BlackBerry


Screen size too short

The screen height should have been taller, at least half the length of the overall device. The Blackberry logo takes up too much space.

OpenOffice update released


Spellcheck wouldn't work

I was looking forward to able to open the MS Office 2007 file format.

So I installed OpenOffice 2.4 on a Vista Business notebook and the spell check did not work at all. It did not find any spelling errors when there were many. This happened in both Writer and Calc.

I then uninstalled OpenOffice, and installed StarOffice 8 from GooglePack and spell check worked.

I wonder when StarOffice will update its version?

Dungeons and Dragons co-creator Gary Gygax dies


Thanks for D&D

My friends & I enjoyed many hours of D&D in school clubs and our homes.

He deserves a lot a credit for the industry he spawned, all the offshoots and eventually the role-playing video game industry.


Malaysian astronauts told: Space is no bar to prayers


It is interesting how does one keep their faith

It is an interesting dilemna, how does one follow their religious practices when they are no longer on Earth. I would be interested in the clerics answers to when one would actually pray, 5 times a day.

Maybe it would based on their local home time? Or how about in the distant future when you are not born on Earth and have no home there either.

I remember there was an sci-fi movie a few years ago called Pitch Black which had pilgrims going to New Mecca. Discussions and debates can be fun, even though it is trivial for now.


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