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Vladimir Putin bitchslaps Dell-boy


From the view of an expat

Being someone who has spent 6 years in Russia... and in learning about all things Russian... I have to say that anyone who doesn't take offense to Putin is ignorant and blind to what Russia is doing.

Senator slams DHS boss over border laptop searches


On the list

Many years ago I had protested and tried with all my might to stand my ground to forbid such a search. At the time it was not 'legal' for such searches to happen without probable cause. Since that time laws have been passed in the name of homeland security.

As a result of my stance for my rights I was placed a 'black-list'. The fact that I was screened every-time I came through (between 24-36 times a year) for 5 years was proof enough. My odds for winning the lottery could never be that dismal. Now... after the 5th year... I seem to be in the clear as I have not been screened.

The biggest problem is that HS and those controlling the border believe and boast that American laws do not hold for those at the border. You accordingly are not in the country until you pass through.

The fact is that American Rights and Freedom could not be at an all time low. And you tell me.... what are the odds that these inexperienced and untrained 'professionals' have in being able to crack encrypted data in a mere few minutes that they have. The whole entire concept IMHO is rather a joke. I mean... come on... grow up and use your brain HS... get some people who understand reality and what is really needed without tramping all over our freedom.

Rare Mac Trojan exploits Apple vuln

Black Helicopters

Once Again, Don't give it your password

If I am not mistaken, you need to give your admin password for the installation to occur. Now... I have a hard time calling these "trojans" and more definitely they are not viruses. This is strictly a "malicious program" and NO platform is safe from such cases.

'IE8 compatible' - the cure for web standards headache?


Set things straight!

I just want to clarify (correct) the first paragraph. Microsoft put IE (6 at the time) into "Sustained Engineering" status. This means that the product was no longer in development and only security fixes would be introduced. There were 2 developers placed in the IE SE team.

This is a FACT. IE was abandoned when Microsoft "won" the browser wars - and at the time was still in court battles.

Take this for what you will... but I know the truth - I was there - I dealt with the IE SE team on a very regular basis.

Just a shame no one can fully report the truth of the matter. :-(



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