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Oracle wants to improve Linux load balancing and failover

Jim Preis

Wasn't HPs Moonshot kinda-sorta about accessing gobs and gobs of memory-speed storage using photonics as the medium? The reason I'm asking is because despite being a registered member of Team Lenovo, I recall being really inspired by HP's whole Moonshot architecture which, had it been built, would have rendered RDMA less important. It seems like we'll get to something like Moonshot, but incrementally and likely over decades.

Up in arms! Arm kills off its anti-RISC-V smear site after own staff revolt

Jim Preis

Something will roll...

I'd LOVE to say, "Heads will roll!!!", but the reality is, "Eyes will roll."

Do NetAdmins like snacks? Asking cos here's a dish of tasty network news nibbles

Jim Preis

We need a good acronym for "Network Under Test"...

IBM's Watson Health wing left looking poorly after 'massive' layoffs

Jim Preis

Free-willed humans continue to fuel the layoff machine.

Disposition: Will not fix. Working as designed.

Disk drives spin, are you listening? In the lane, servers glistening...

Jim Preis

You said, 'edging' hhuhhuh-huh huh

Google's phone woes: The Pixel and the damage done

Jim Preis

Hey, at least you can actually get this Google product. I'm looking at you Google Fiber and yes I live in a theoretically available area. I'm disappointed with Alphabet on multiple fronts. But as long as the advertising business is breathing, they've no incentive to improve. Even poorly run McDonald's profit.

HPE waves bye-bye to 36 years of executive experience

Jim Preis


Marissa Mayer named as HP's next CE...

Nevermind. I can't even finish the joke.

Hash of the Titan: How Google bakes security all the way into silicon

Jim Preis

Summary: Google has their own Trusted Platform Module (TPM)

I'll make an effort to dig a little deeper and compare/contrast what Google is implementing with the TPM invented by IBM in ~2002ish, but I'm guardedly confident that the deltas won't be too much. That TPM chip (the HW implementation) is licensed to and implemented by many, many OEMs.

The only real story then would be that Google is rolling their own version of a TPM.

If I'm wrong, please let me know where I've fallen short and I'll thank folks in advance for any corrections or clarifications.

So you're planning on outsourcing some enterprise security

Jim Preis

Didn't we have this same argument 10 years ago... "So you're planning on outsourcing some software development".

Jim Preis

Re: Whuh?


Yahoo!'s Marissa! will! eject! with! $186m!.. $185m!.. $184m!..

Jim Preis

And somewhere inside what once was Yahoo, an employee is arguing with Yahoo's chosen insurance company over the $30 co-payment for their child's Albuterol inhaler.

God save the queen!

Despite IANA storm, ICANN shows just why it shouldn't be allowed to take over internet's critical functions

Jim Preis

I, for one, welcome our new incompetent internet overlords.

Dude, you got a Dell lawyer: HPE sues high-flying ex-exec after defection to EMC

Jim Preis

Block Choi

Hyper-converged top-of-the-pops list is out: Guess who hasn't crushed it?

Jim Preis

VMware, Cisco and EMC Should get together

VMware, Cisco and EMC Should get together and form a JV. Imagine the power they'd wield and success they'd... Wait a minute...

Dell seeking $40bn to buy EMC next week say reports

Jim Preis

TIMBER!!! (maybe?) ((coward))

Caption this: WIN a 6TB Western Digital Black hard drive with El Reg

Jim Preis


..although Blackberry reluctantly acknowledges a slightly dated form factor.

Windows 10 out, users happy, PCs upgraded, my work here is done – says Microsoft OS chief

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Eight things people forget when buying infrastructure

Jim Preis

Many years ago I was sitting in my home office (recliner downstairs) and I'd left a machine powered off upstairs. I thought about extricating myself from the recliner, but then - when I heard the Whos in Whoville sing - I decided to see if I could script up something relatively quickly and get a magic packet (the packet that initiates a wake-on-LAN event at the node that is powered down) to wake it up. I took me about an hour, but I did it. I was a God for that brief moment.

WIN a 6TB Western Digital Black hard drive with El Reg

Jim Preis

The race for President of the United States was joined by John McAfee today...

Another chance to win a 6TB Western Digital Black hard drive

Jim Preis

When you see it: Tarantulas drawn to women with four eyebrows.

Windows 10 now on 75 million devices, says Microsoft

Jim Preis

ehem, 75,000,002

Jim Preis

Re: pushing a free upgrade

I'm sure I'm an edge case, but I have not less than 6 Lenovo laptops dating back to the original X1 (NOT carbon) from 2006 with Intel 3000 graphics and I've gotten Win 10 to run on each and every one of them with only one major issue on one machine. (One of the X1's doesn't properly handle DID - dual independent displays).

My mom and pop - who are in their 70's - are comin' up for a visit this weekend and they've both asked that I chaperon their upgrades.

I was working at IBM (then Lenovo) in development engineering for the launches of Win2000, Win98, Millenium, XP and 7 and I must say that the Win10 launch has been far and away the best - highest quality - launch of a Windows OS I've yet seen. YMMV, but I wish you luck in your upgrading endeavors.

Merging HP and EMC – hold on, wait, hear us out. The cap is still on the bottle of crazy pills

Jim Preis

NOW I understand why Google is buying Maybelline.

Burger me! Microsoft's chainsaw rampage through sacred cow herd

Jim Preis

I take issue with being referred to as, "granola-eating".

VCE scales up, up and out of exclusive deal with Cisco

Jim Preis

"Vblock" pretty please and thank you.

Are we ready to let software run the data centre?

Jim Preis

Anyone else's view of this article surrounded by ads for VCE's Vblocks?

Google Chrome on Windows 'completely unusable', gripe users

Jim Preis

I've been a Google evangelist since I got my e-mail account in 1997. And I'm about to break up with her. There's not a single Google device, app or service that I use that doesn't have one, "Are you f'in kidding me?", primitive usability issue. Here's a brief list of the Google services I use...

> Chrome - Would up and down scroll arrows kill you? Why yes I did want to arbitrarily jump to another section of a very long web page for no good reason.

> Google drive + 1TB storage THAT I PAY FOR - Can't upload to it. NOT SYNC; just *(^%^ upload.

> GMail - The archive vs delete debacle, usability on a PC like getting to your contacts

> Google+ - Let me type this quick while it's up. Oh look there's all my friends from I'm high school... no that's that other site :-(

> Google music (try and get a simple text list of your music by artist)

> Support - The community HELL of https://support.google.com/ that is one atom better than a bulletin board from 1996

I've not forgotten to take my meds or anything. Maybe I'm just manstruating. But the Google storage experience from last night has just put me over the edge. I'd PAY GOOD money for their services if they just worked like you'd expect them to.

It's not me Google. It's you.

It's tough at the top: Yet another hybrid startup knocks EMC

Jim Preis

Vblock not vBlock

Microsoft offloads heap of critical fixes in 'ugly' Patch Tuesday

Jim Preis



Not all data encryption is created equal

Jim Preis
Black Helicopters

Security achieved!!!

Thank God for the expertise of the author and the deep contributions of the expert commenters!!!

Now the picture of me from my 45th birthday party that resides on my NAS has NO chance of falling in to the hands of the Russins (no?) Poles (not them either?) Afghans(really?! not them either???) Americans!!!

Do you guys have any idea what would happen if that picture got out?!?!? I'm going to encrypt it; right after I share it publicly unencrypted on Google+

I AM IN CONTROL!!! (And 40 other myths.)

Maj. Anthony Nelson, USAF


Jim Preis

Forget tax bills, here's how Google is really taking us all for a ride

Jim Preis

Are you high???

Wait. You're suggesting carving, ehem, 'bundling' my internet content like my FORMER cable company bundled channel packages? The one where I want 7 channels but HAVE TO BUY 3-FREAKING-HUNDRED CHANNELS?!?!?!?

That's the whole reason for the cut the cord movement. I PROUDLY and with great fiscal responsibility no longer subscribe - indenture myself - to CTV.

ARE YOU HIGH?!?!?!?!?

Lenovo forced to expand 'flaming' PC recall

Jim Preis

Re: Foxconn Rebrander sets fire to tables

Lenovo was never 'the' manufacturer of ThinkPads for IBM and further it bought the entire PCD (Personal Computing Division) from IBM, not just the brand. That consisted of the people, the processes, the brand, the logo and other typical business assets e.g. real estate, dies, machinery, intellectual property etc.

In order to to avoid a hard stop of manufacturing and to ease the customer transition, Lenovo was grated limited license to continue to use the "Eight Bar Rainbow" version of the IBM logo for a set period of time after legal consideration was made between Lenovo and IBM. Lenovo did not use the full allotment of that window.

Plus is king now: Google shutters more products

Jim Preis

They mean king at Mountainview; referring to the urgency of integrating social into all of their offerings.

AMD loses marketing boss

Jim Preis

3 Minutes

I was about as impressed with the 3 Minute Mentor Site as my wife is with my 3 minute performances.

Google+ inertia sets in at Chocolate Factory

Jim Preis

Stop the processors!

Is el Reg insinuating that people at the top don't get it?! WHY. I. NEVER Have heard such rubbish!!!

I'm seriously considering starting a consulting firm that specializes in outsourcing CxO level positions to "competents".

MySQL.com breach leaves visitors exposed to malware

Jim Preis

Equal rights for women - NOW!

"...speculated the site was infected after a MySQL developer was compromised and had his password stolen."

I am tired of women being speculatively overlooked for their contributions. Please change the pronoun to, "her".

I got your back ladies!


(satire. save the slings and arrows for someone evil that is empowered to wreak havoc with their small mind. Mine is only used for entertainment purposes.)

Google+ offers new 'Ignore' feature

Jim Preis

How it verx...

You only see your stream. Yes, your stream is comprised of other folks' published content, but unless Bob reshares all of Joe's content then you haven't described a problem. Further, Joe may not even allow for his content to be reshared. Out of thousands of posts and replies to date, I think I've reshared < 10 pieces of content and certainly not from the same source.

Jim Preis

Where is...

Where is the +1 button you vultures?

Google's Facebook: It rocks, but who cares?

Jim Preis
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You don't get it

The discomfort with using fb has nothing to do with electrons.

Google+ disk space cockup creates notification spam-storm

Jim Preis

All is well

I just dropped a 1ZB thumb drive off at the front desk. They're good.

Google Cr-48: Inside the Chrome OS 'unstable isotope'

Jim Preis
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...how many authors/conspiracy theorists herein that are worried about trust and their data on other people's clouds are running their own e-mail servers in their domiciles?


I guess that's different.



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Thinking differently

I believe part of the reason Google gets static is because they unapologetically use failure as a means of discovery. Nexus 1 distribution model, Wave, (Android or Chrome; pick one 'cause one's going to die) etc.

It is hard to wrap your head around this concept in when we've created a consumerist environment that prizes only instant, perfect exceeded expectations and punishes mere goodness.

This is the bounty of uber-profitability. It guarantees constant iterative progress with yummy milestones along the way.

So often failures are used as arrows; what a dis-incentive to persistence. Google's found the magic in harvesting and mining failure as the building blocks for success.

(Did this come across too obviously as a job wanted ad? Excuse me while I Google "cheating on MENSA puzzles"...)

Jim Preis

WikiLeaks' Assange to be indicted for spying 'soon'

Jim Preis

Explanation for you

First, I'm an Assange fan.

OK, Woodward and Bernstein uncovered illegal activity executed by the RNC (sanctioned by Tricky Dick himself), specifically the Watergate Break-in. They revealed illegal activity.

Wikileaks and by proxy Assange is publishing classified/secret information. IF he were a US citizen, he would be charged with espionage or the like. In this case he has broken a US law, BUT the point is moot as US Law doesn't apply to non-US citizens (at least not at this moment...)

So the difference is night and day.

I'm a male American. And hypothetically if I were a cross-dresser, I would keep my size 32 Hello Kitty thong more secure than the US Gvt. keeps its classified docs. But hey - just today the military has prohibited removable media from its super secret network... on days that don't end in "Y".

Hugs - with reeeeeeeeaaaallllly long arms (we all have 'em in the US),

Jim "God Help US" Preis

WP7 vs Android: a struggle for supremacy

Jim Preis
Dead Vulture

Please help me get poor performance

I've been trying to load the Fragmentation Ninja app but can't find it on the Android Market? Same thing with the Angry Poor Performance Burds app. No where to be found.

Can someone help me find these?

Until I do, I'll have to put up with a fully customizable phone (my Droid X) that - as a customer, uh the people that finance the whole enchilada - does everything I want it to do, how I want it to do it and with Z.E.R.O. lag.

I just won't be satisfied until I find this fragmentation and poor performance I keep hearing about.

Damn. Missed Guy Fawkes day again!


Why Microsoft is Acorn and Symbian is the new CP/M

Jim Preis

Kilimanjaro, Everest

"Android works great for some, but others discover their shiny new handsets simply won't download applications from the Marketplace or refuse to pick up a 3G signal, though others have no such problems."

Are you higher than me?


Steve Jobs chucks Apple server biz from pram

Jim Preis

A or B

Step 1: Assume Apple is hairy.

Step 2: Rip the bandaid off fast.

Step 3: Move on.

No wonder CompSci grads are unemployed

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It follows logically that garbage collection would be alien if all the CS grads are using Java as the lubricant to degree achievement.

Java guru quits over Oracle 'disregard'

Jim Preis

Git while the gittin's good

Dear JCP ASF members -

Leaving the JCP now makes more of a statement than waiting for the roadmap where you'll be taunted and tempted by shiny objects to dangle about for a while longer while your fire loses its heat.

Now or never folks.


Google shocks world with unthreaded Gmail

Jim Preis

Mark my words...

Unthreaded GMail will be a requirement for a new feature within (shakes magic 8 ball...) 11 months.

Adobe reignites Flash on iOS

Jim Preis

You were so close

Wasn't there something about an antenna issue...?



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