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A tribute to Jim Gray

Mogens Nørgaard

Jim, RAID-5 and BAARF...

I vaguely knew about Jim, but then I got the chance to meet him together with about 10 other folks, including my good friend James Morle, in a small arts gallery in London a year or two ago. He talked a bit about what he was up to, and then asked us to provide the questions and debating topics, and it was all very good and fun.

Then suddenly he said:

"Something else I've noticed recently on my trips around the world - there are SO many problems with RAID-5 disk systems. I don't understand why people are using them when everyone knows they're bad?!"

James & me: "Well, three years ago we founded the BAARF Party because ... bla bla bla ...."

Jim: "Where do I sign up?"

James & me: "We'll send you the details."

Then the meeting continued, and a few hours later it ended because he had to leave for his next meeting. On the way out of the room he looked at James and me and said: "Don't forget to send me those details!"

And a day or two later he signed up!

So on www.baarf.com you'll find him (no, this is not meant as a commercial, there's no money involved here :-))) ), and I thought recently about telling this story on the website, but then James pointed me to this excellent tribute to him.

I heard about the effort of all those people through Mark Souza, a director in Microsoft, recently. People with private planes even flew out to look, he told me.

That's the best possible way this bad situation could end, I think: With lots of good guys from competing companies banding together to help a true titan.

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