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Nominet forgets what the first .uk domain name was


One domain only

I was chatting to Nominet CEO about this very question at the Parliament and Internet conference recently. What is amazing is that you were only allowed one domain name in those days and it had to be submitted before a committee before being approved!

More here http://www.trefor.net/2010/10/26/25-years-of-co-uk/

UK.gov biz department wonders if Twitter is worth the effort


Gov't doesn't understand the internet

It's no different to the poor viewing Gordon Brown's speech on Broadband Britain's Digital Future had - 157 watchers by the time I had to leave to go to work. The establishment has a long way to go before it understands how to use "tinternet".

Orange punts quality calling

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Good for Orange

I think this is the long term direction for all telephony, be it mobile or fixed. I guess the main problem for mobile HD is going to be the fact that half the quality issues pertain to poor signal strength/reception rather than just not being able to hear what he other person is saying. I expect that the Orange HD voice codec would still suffer from this, perhaps more so.

Google fits web with meta comments engine


who is going to moderate it?

Who is going to moderate the comments? I would say it also exposes Google as an accessory to libel.

Predicting floods through mobile telephony


Noah good

If only Noah had had access to this technology...

Universal Music chief renews commitment to P2P battle


criminal sanctions

The music industry for some reason doesn't want the bad PR of criminal sanctions. The fact is if they believe that P2P downloaders are stealing their product then why shoudln't they prosecute. The same applies to the ISP industry - neither party wants to be seen as the bad guy. I can understand that it could get messy but if people are breaking the law...

BT chief: People don't need fibre to the home


Government needs to invest in fibre to the home for rural/non metropolitan areas

My views on all this are firming up. The Government needs to make the strategic investment in a fibre network in areas that are otherwise uneconomic for BT/NTL et al (whoever al is). What's more they need to abandon the idea of a 2Mbps USO and aim for 1Gbps. Anything else isn't going to cut it - especially by the time they have finished the roll out.


Harry Potter hangs up wand in 2011


film fest

I'm an unashamed Harry Potter fan and I am saving up watching the movies until they all come out so that I can watch them all in one long film fest weekend (sad for a 47 year old I know). I'm obviously going to be waiting some time but there again JK Rowling kept us waiting with the books.

A pal of mine does the cooking for the film crew and apparently they have another 18 months filming left. If anyone wants any autographs I can get them :-) .