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BOFH: Ready for the Judgment Day

stu wells

360 degree feedback

When filling out my yearly evaluation, since there was no formal feedback system on the night shift, I marked "YES" for "Participated in 360 degree feedback" and noted next to it that "I gave feedback all around". Got high marks that year :-)

Toshiba: Window Mobile 6.5 will make TG01 a 'new' phone

stu wells


I've had the WinMo 6.5 for a while. It's a Zune like GUI, with really not much added functionality, at least on the version I got.

Arizona sheriff prefers jail to handing over server password

stu wells


As far as the article is concerned, I would like to know who put the criminal database in the hands of civilians to begin with. It sounds like the Sheriff was acting in good conscious, if not the most politically correct way. From the other articles, he clearly felt he had the authority to take control of the systems, backed by federal and state laws. It doesn't sound like he's getting a fair shake in court, but I imagine his actions will be upheld in appeals if he loses this one.

It's pretty clear that there is more going on here than what is in any of the articles, it will be interesting to see how this all falls out, and who's dirty laundry shows up on the clothes line.

MS warns testers to activate Windows 7 beta

stu wells


Odd, I went to the beta site, it said I couldn't download the copy, but they would be happy to give me a key. Plugged that into the torrent version, passed activation. Sounds to me like M$ is just trying to avoid the hosting costs, but what do I know.

I prefer linux over windows, but I will give MS props on the install time. From start to finish, 14 min. I remember when windows took 14 minutes to boot, not install :-)


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