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Britain expels diplomat over faked passports in Hamas hit row

Darren Hutchinson


Hey John help me a little - I seem to be confused. Is civilized humanity on the side that plans and performs extra-legal assassinations or is that the terrorists?

Palm jumps to Verizon with two new phones

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This is what I've found so far...

I was looking for an answer to this yesterday and it seems that EVDO rev A is technically capable of it but you'd need a phone with two radios to do normal CDMA voice and EVDO at the same time (as they use separate frequency allocations).

Many references stated that the Sprint and Verizon don't allow it. I wasn't able to find out whether the CDMA Pre has the two radios required to support this even if the carriers allowed it.

Earthworm blamed for laptop crash

Darren Hutchinson


I once noticed a line of ants leading up to my Sun keyboard. I picked it up to look for food crumbs and didn't find any.

When I disassembled the keyboard I did find a newly constructed ant nest (complete with queen)! I guess they were just after a warm dark place.