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Boffins decide what world really needs is indestructible robot cockroaches

shane fitzgerald

Is this to be called a CockRobot?

Just wondering…

Meet the grin reaper: Password manager now snaps login SELFIES

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So if you just hold up a photo of the person you want to steal passwords from to the camera - yay your in! - How is this safe??

LEAKED: Samsung's iPhone 6 killer... the Samsung Galaxy S6

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Its ok

But I bought a nokia 108 the other day. 35 days stand by. 3 days music. dual sim. It rocks. €35

Samsung wants to 'thingify' your BODY with Simband

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Will it be able to tell if shes faking it?

Sick of walking into things while gawping at your iPhone? Apple has a patent app. for that

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Re: Or they could just use Google Glass...

Surely google glass is in trouble with prior art like this???


French silver foxes use Fujitsu's Grandroid mobes... to send each other selfies

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OS Version?

Grandriod Gingivitis?

Google gobbles Wi-Fi thermostat maker Nest for $3.2 BEEELLION IN CASH

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At least....

...your kitkats won't melt.

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Re: What this means

The dot nest framework?

Flutter-BYE, we're all Google now: Ad giant slurps gesture-tastic app-maker

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Windows download still here


A £30,000, 295bhp 4G MODEM?!? Must be the Audi S3 Quattro, then

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30K is a bit much for a WIFI hotspot

even if they do throw in a free car.

‘Pre-bionic’ eye implanted in blind patient

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Re: Retina Display?

They will call it the iEye, (cap'in)

Gigapixel camera heralds new world of snoopery

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Does this take standard sd card or micro?

Skype launches in-call ads

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Leg in

No doubt the next line will be...

Subscribe to xbox live - get ad free skype!

Buy windows phone - get ads free skype!

Upgrade to windows 8 - get ads free skype! (metro ui only!)

Buy a windows 8 tablet - get ads free skype!

Kiss our ass - get ads free skype! (ARM compatible ass only)

Nokia loses $1.7bn in Q1, sales chief falls overboard

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Windows 8

If windows 8 is a success with the new ui and wp8 is similar in look and feel it may give it a boost from the publicity. If software can be deveoped cross platform easily this would be a big boost also.

Lot of buts though but i reckon thats nokia last card. If that does work, give up and sink burning platform 2.0.

personally as a developer ive left nokia, followed the isheep. Though i prefer android, its where the money is.......

What kind of LOSER sits in front of a PC...

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The missing ebook add-on

I'm currently reading out in the sun on an ipad1 no problem. The problem is not so much the glare on screen as the choice of bright white t-shirt you see in the reflection. Wear darker colors and its grand - unless you got your pasty white moobs out. Then you just gotta fry them critters till you get nice black crusty freckles. Sorted

Microsoft mum on leaked Phone OS plans

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Remove two of the biggest barriers

Drop the words microsoft and windows from the name of the phone os.

People see these two words and all they think of its slow bootup, 90's style OS, BSOD, stuck in work etc etc.

maybe they should call it xbox phone or xphone or anything other than m$ and windows. It doesn't even have windows it has tiles FFS!

Boffins herald end of stiff screens

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Who wants a bendy phone Anyway?

All I ask for is a phone that will eek my text messages in morse code by banging on my ear drum with a nanotechnology drummer robot. Now that's the future.

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Dont mind the 50s see back to the future 2 lately? They got some things right like flAt screen tvs and video Skype buy where the hell is my hover scateboard?

Nokia: Keep codin' for Symbian and Qt!

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Qt as a button

So ive been developing on the side using Qt over the past few months and heres some thoughts.

Qt its self is a fantastic framework to use with C++..or python.. And its been a pure please to work with. Devloping apps for maemo is simple and works well....then you get to symbian

the whole symbian thing although ive heard is much improved is still so damn awkward. Symbian signing is just about one of the most frustrating processes ever and i spent almost as much time on that as app devloping :)

then there is the dreaded smart installer - this pushes the qt librarys required by your app to the symbian phone. I can see why nokia did this in one sense as it means you only download the ones you need. But the whole lot is only about 10mb so who cares? Maybe this is a big thing in the devloping markets but they dont really sell qt phones here. Qt should be an update for the phones before allowed use ovi. That way developers do not get crap ratings because of nokias ever failing smart installer which only seems to work 50pc of the to time.

It is true there are a lot more symbian phones around than other types. But symbian is on many low end phones that do not support Qt. The only peple going to buy your apps are those with maybe N8s or a handful of others. I own the N900 and use it as my main phone it beats the socks of my iphneand my wifes htc android. But im a nerd.

So i stuck with it just to finish a small project to enter into the $10M developer competition. But thats it. I certainly won be heding to windows.

My next move was android but the piracy has now put me off. So its off to join the isheep next. Besides by the time im finished there hopefully lighthouse/neccesitas will be complete and i can now develop android ndk apps easily in qt.

And who knows maybe nokia will have given up on the ms rubbish and returned to Meamo/meego. In my dreams maybe.....

Nokia gets into analytics

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Nokia plans to port Motally's technology to Qt, Symbian, Meego and Java....

But surely if its ported to Qt then it automatically runs on Symbian and Meego....(and maybe even android ;) ) Isn't that the point of Qt?

Panasonic DMR-XW380 Freeview HD DVR

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is away from the tray so the tray wont eject into your hand as you press the button?

Emmerdale shoves jam rags in innocent kiddies' faces

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Yeah those were the days...

..Ay up Amos!.. Oh Ay up Mr Wilkes...... Cut from the pub to a lost sheep...and cut. Shows over again for another week....

Symbian Titanic heading for iceberg

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End game

I agree. It looks like nokia will release the N8 at quite a low price point where it will totally undercut iPhone/android devices with far higher spec hardware albeit with S^3. But I know the choice of the mass market when faced with low contract/free etc will be N8 if they get this right.

So if they can't compete with the high end market they can always do what nokia do best - destroy it and turn it into a low profit / high volume mass market. Of course they still have meego devices to come so this isn' t the plan perhaps. But if it was it would be cunning.......google wouldn't care but apple would be fecked.

Facebook patents user news feed

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Prior art...

...word of mouth/the grapevine

Microsoft made a phone, and I hate it already

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If I had just bought an ironing board but actually wanted a dishwasher I would not be expecting a paycheck for writing tales of woe about it on the internet.

get over it - get an N900. It does what it says on the tin.

Slovakian flies to Dublin with 90 grams of explosive

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I have no idea how the Irish autorities didn't realise when the pilot himself sent a "Telex" message. I mean I'm sure the entire garda force were standing around the national 'telex' machine these last 85 years just waiting in case just such an announcement was to be made.....


Esp considering "In Ireland, Eircom – the country's largest telecommunication company and former PTT – formally discontinued Telex services on 30 July 2002"


...the mind boggles....

iPhone apps top 100,000

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Doon't forget the 14 apps ready for the n900. Its catching up fast!!!

Transparent OLEDs demoed

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Sounds good...

I hate the big tv screen taking up so much wall in the living room - to turn it to transparent would be great.

I've looked in those 'mirror' ones but they don't offer a good viewing once on.

Or even bendy would be good - have it slide up from a mantle piece then slid back down again....

Burger King cooks up Windows 7 Whopper

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All that meat will block your arteries....

.....and therefore result in the blue scream of death.

Palm Pre smartphone

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I'll save my money for the N900 in a few weeks. The hardware of N series with a decent CPU, GPU and OS to replace the aging symbian....

Apple yanks C64 emulator from App Store

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What use is this?

So if you can't use the basic interpreter than what use exactly is a C64 emulator?

Unless you can load .C64 files using a virtual drive - but I thought thats the reason it was blocked in the first place?

You might as well jut spend your money on an animated gif of a blue cursor....

Campaign Monitor reels from hack and spam attack

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The details sent out and on thier blog are very open and honest - not something you see so often. Good luck to them for that alone.

Microsoft craves iPhone developers for Windows Mobile

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Kill it off

Just kill it off. Just start from scratch like google/palm are doing.

Or just use the Tegra/Zune since the Zune HD will be using it anyway.

Its the big mistake nokia are making too trying to bolt on a slight improvement to the UI while the rest of it comes creaking out once you click a couple of buttons.

They should develop a comeplete new OS and then have a symbian emulator aka windows 7 vista mode to run legacy apps.

UK DVD sales plunge...

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dvd/blu ray will go the way of VHS/Betamax.....

We watch series now in 4od etc that we might have bought on DVD before. No point now.

We watch HD stuff on BBC.

And we record tons of movies of legacy tv now to the harddrive on the pc and have a huge library to choose from when we want to see a film.

The day of buying movies in a plastic coating is not over but it will fade away over the next few years. Blue ray is a waste of time a format for a dying era.

People just not that into Blu-ray

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Wouldn't bother...

...If I rebought everything in Hi-Def i'd have to go out and buy glasses to appreciate the difference. It takes ages what with eye tests, frames to pick out, queuing to pay......

Palm Pre's inner iPhone revealed

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The n-Series is great

the i phone is great

the pre looks great

technology is great.

i love beer.

The Great Spotify Mystery

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deezer.com has been around for years doing pretty much the same thing. I haven't listened to my mp3 collection in years (apart from on my phone) since i started using it. Whats so great about spotify?

US P2P bill aims shackles at browsers, IM

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So many reasons..

Not all software is made in the US

People who use P2P often download 'cracked' versions of software which may have their own installs

People buy and sell second hand PC's pre loaded with software

People buy PC's pre-loaded and setup with software.

The list goes on and on......Idiot.

Yorkshire man wakes up Irish after brain surgery

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Pure daycent but...

..you'd wanta be doggy wide them brain surgens, one doonchie op your talking through your hoop. Haunted shes alright. Sure how bad?

Nokia N79 Active

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skipping tracks

...so you don't actually 'exit' the app you simply switch to the music player and then switch back using the standard task switching controls....

And as others have pointed out and indeed as it clearly shows in the picture on the same page there are music controls on the head phones so you don't need to change apps in the first place...

Palm bets the farm on WebOS

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Maybe 2 years ago...

...but even if its a great device, like it looks to be so far, the economic timing is wrong. Goodbye Palm, may you rest in peace.

Landmark copyright trial against Pirate Bay gets underway

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Who cares?

They shut it down and another will pop up - the demand exists for these sites and it is impossible to remove them all without closing down the entire internet... suprnova.org being closed down just made piratebay the top dog (And I see that piratebay have been given this domain and reopened suprnovaorg again too.)

The rights and wrongs are not going to matter - at the end of the day nobody will close down all the file sharing options on the internet. They are wasting money in the courts....

Nanotech researchers create the world's smallest writing

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Fring snuggles with Last.fm

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The ads don't really get in the way..... but I don't see the point in booting up fring just to listen to last.fm when mobbler does that already on S60...

HTC S740 Qwerty keyboard smartphone

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What an ugly looking yoke.

Symbian Trojan strikes Indonesian operator

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Don't you also need to go out of your way to install python for this to even run? I don't think any S60 comes with it pre-installed.

Have they actually seen this in the wild spreading? Sounds more like a 'heard this from a friend of a friend' type story....

Rail companies roll out barcode ticket standard

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...so what if your phone battery dies 2 hours into your 4 hour trip? Will the inspector have a charger with him?....

Dell Studio Hybrid mini desktop PC

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Why compromise?

Just buy a standard desktop for the same price but all the power. Then drill a huge hole in the side of the house and run your cables from the monitor out to the dog house. Lots of pc power and no noise! And the pc stays really nice and cool. And the dog stops it getting damp. Also wheelbarrow + doghouse + car battery = a really really cool laptop. Be the envoy of all your friends. Wheel that beauty into starbucks and watch them sigh.

Philips Aurea II 42PFL9903H 42in LCD TV

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The fools

Have they not heard of the recession? They need to stop this multicoloured tomfoolery and bring out a cheap one that only glow around the edges in black and white.

Swedish transsexuals offered prosthetic todgers

shane fitzgerald

a tall blonde swedish well endowed babe....

with a plastic ginger weener and bon jovi mount pubis wig. The rise and fall of a million wet dreams.