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OCZ Apex 120GB SSD


A performance reversal.

I don't want to stick my neck out because I agree that the Apex drive seems a bit erratic in its performance but this part of the article is just plain wrong.

"Our initial impressions of the Apex were mixed. The figures from HD Tach 3 show the average write speed - 80MB/s - is barely faster than a decent hard drive and lags far behind the Intel X25-M, which is 70 per cent faster, at 136MB/s."

You seem to have reversed the scores here - the Apex drive trounced the Intel one on average write speed. It is the Intel drive that is "barely faster than a decent hard drive". This is clear in both the HD Tach screenshots and the Average Read and Write Speeds graph on the following page.

I just wanted to put that right because I really appreciate what OCZ are doing for the SSD market - creating more affordable drives with awesome performance. As stated in the article, the huge problems people have with these drives are caused by Windows not being up to scratch. I'm sick of hearing people saying Intel are the only performance option in SSDs. Keep it up OCZ!