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HP imposes staff wage cuts

Dead Vulture

To "Don't Panic"

2 x Senior EDS managers appeared at a Midlands EDS 'Town Hall' meeting recently to "rouse the troops" and spout company propaganda about the need for the publicised pay-cuts. Person after person stood up and told these puppets that they would NOT be agreeing to the pay cut and each and every one was followed by a loud "hear, hear" of approval from the audience. I really do think that EDS/HP are on a loser and I agree that the vast majority will tell the company to stick it. It will be interesting to see whether any of those that agree to the cut, ultimately end up being made redundant at the cost of someone who did NOT accept a pay cut. Time to batten down the hatches!


To lol whatever Anonymous Coward Above

Reverting to name-calling is juvenile and not in any way constructive. To answer your points:-

1. Yes there WERE two rounds of redundancy and I am so disillusioned with these 'Dallas Cowboys" (aka EDS) , I volunteered, only to be knocked back. I wonder if cost was a factor?

2. I am also a Union member and proud to be so. If enough EDS employees joined the union, they would have more clout to fight back. They don't so they haven't and judging by your response, you're one of them. Great news - I hope you get some 'favourable' treatment from your wonderful employer.

And just to reaffirm my message, EDS can still do one.

Have a nice day.


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