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Fujifilm quietly unveils an HD DSLR


What the?

Are those tech news written by ignorant teenagers?

Toshiba to ship laptops with Cell-based GPUs this year


We don't need no chip

What good are multicores if our OSes can not use them efficiently?

Here even 1+1 can not make 2. It is about 1.3 in terms of performance.

Something is going in the wrong lane.

Alienware ships 'most powerful' 15in laptop to Brits


Whose inefficiency is it?

I wonder who is to blame (Alienware or Windows) for not being able to switch between the two GPU's on the run.

HD media future may be Blu, but it's not rosy



Yeah, I could buy the 50" TV and the Blu player but this is the easy part. How would I afford the rent of the appropriate room for such gigantic setup? Added the fact that in my (me and my wife's) humble living room (24 square metres - pretty much standard for a flat in Istanbul) a 20" CRT and our 3 year old PC under it are running along quite fine.

Maybe I'm just too cheap, aren't I?

Toshiba samples Cell-based HD GPU


Go Toshiba!

I'd very much like such a product coming into endless Nvidia-Amd behemoths of GPUs race.

OpenMoko preps Linux phone prototype


Boo to videos

I hate video news and they take much more space than they should. Why wait for just two lines of speech and a gizmo?

3M develops mini projector


It's cool

I'd like to carry a mobile with that thing. Even 5 seconds should be enough to show off!...

Toshiba remains upbeat about HD DVD


Who cares about the winner (or the loser)?

Whichever format wins, I am not going to buy movies I bought before just because I can see more pixels in them.

Someday the prices will be as low as regular DVD-RW's and then I may buy any of them for archiving. I lost my hope for set-top players and medias which never want to be a universal plays-them-all gadget. I am just as happy with my crappy home-theatre PC, which can play 1080p content for under $ 400 and may easily accumulate any format winner-loser tray-ROM I upgrade with.

Transformers director blames MS for HD DVD/Blu-ray format war


No DRM will win

At the end I'm pretty sure even the most dumb user will get enough of it and find other useful ways of obtaining high definition media and share it with whoever s/he wants to.

Oh, wait; there are ways of .....

Extraordinary popular delusions and the madness of in-game ads analysts


They're real, they're here

No matter how much I hate in game - in movie - in TV anything, I know quite sure that most of the game titles from this year and later on will be infested (as has been with DRM, surprise!surprise!...)

Some disturbed users will and have already began to download/create/apply different kinds of medicine for the epidemic. Piracy seems to be the only option to keep sane.

Apple Macs



No games in a Mac. No fun in a Mac.

Gonna lick the pretty design though. Aaaahh!... You make me drool baby.

Biostar unwraps AMD 770 chipset mobo


Finally a card without SLI

I was in need for an uncluttered mainboard without those Crossfires, SLIs and their plothera of PCI16x lanes. Yes, I'm a power user who wants computing power not a game machine.

Leopard on a PC?


No, you can

With a little googling yo can learn all the necessary preparations, a modified Leopard install DVD, an Intel or even AMD PC is enough.

It doesn't boot ages, just regular 12 seconds (faster than some G5s).

Trusted schmusted they have all been taken care of about like two years before now.

Your biggest pain will be your graphics card though. Your onboard intel GMA will suit you best, but not seperate ones.

Convert LPs to CDs... without a USB turntable?


Yes you can

If your sound card has a line-in jack (It has to have!) you can do it. With the proper cabling, connect your hi-fi output (not amplified) to your sound card and with a suitable software, record it in any quality you like. That quality will depend on your sound card's capability. Or you can just record a 44100 hz 16 bit wave file (CD quality).

Every windows version has a sound recorder in control panel (somewhat limited). Nero has some nice recorders both to record and edit. You may also find some free alternatives like audacity http://audacity.sourceforge.net/ if you like to.

In my experience I recorded many files from my cassettes with a walkman.

DRM on steroids controls backfires on Blu-ray


I would better watch

I would better watch the free movie recorded with a handycam. Oh, wait ,is there one? I'm in!...

Sony talks up 'world's first' OLED TV


Contrast is good

Who cares about 1080p if he can not differentiate the resolution because of ambient light? I just can not wait to see how it renders analog broadcast TV in Turkey.

Apple slashes iPhone prices


Get used to it

It's capitalism boys.

Surround sound... with a single speaker unit?


Yamaha was working on

Yamaha was working on such a speaker for tiny Japanese rooms that scan the entire room with infrared and adjust itself accordingly. Not sure if the idea began commercial though...

Alienware Area-51 m9750


No PC can handle..

As far as I know no PC can handle stupid quicktime without stuttering or occasional hiccups with dreaded quicktime+itunes independent from clock speed, ram amount or GPU.

There are many free alternatives which can correctly decode h264 in .mov container. Coreavc, ffdshow, CCCP...

3D handset hits streets of Japan


3D My Royal ***

And I thought there was another dimension to be found in that tiny thing.

Toshiba's burning desire for HD DVD


What a beauty

It does shine with all its glory. It would feel so nice to spend 3200 dollars with this behemoth and back-up HD-DVDs.

OLPC bumps prices, adds Windows capability


The reason of hunger

I know that many African countries suffering from hunger is not about the lack of food but the lack of literacy and democracy. Even my country could be starving if we were administrated by dictators and warmongers (...). This little project might trigger something and be one of the ways to reach unbiased information.

Or you can just google it and read some material like http://www.state.gov/e/rls/rm/2006/74821.htm