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Olympic cock-up knocks East London off Internet

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Fast fix

Alot of people i keep in contact with got their connection back after a good 24hours without being fixed, unfortunate for the people who are still at a loss but for once the loss of internet isn't from BT themselfs.

World of Warcraft: 'The crack cocaine of the computer world'


Saves me money

This game is perfect for me, its a enjoyable as well, i don't spend all my time on it but it does require time to do anything i want so it prolongs the game more and there is always something to do.

I've quit this game several times and always gone back to it.... Why ? because i have 3 consoles and about 30 odd games for each that are all completed... most gathering dust as once single player is done it get dull/boring (unless you have a really nice multiplayer or extras).

I wouldn't call this an addiction to the game, but more and addiction to my cash, i complete games in a week/month, thats 10/50pounds.

I would then want a new game to finish that would be another 10/50pounds. World of warcraft costs around 15 every two months, thats a huge saving for me on other things (like my soon to have Sony P series netbook :D)

This game will always get a thumbs up from me no matter what, oh and yeh the kid should really have some parental features or something if he can't handle an addiction.

Virgin Media boosts bottom tier broadband


but what does that mean...

For the people (such as myself) who are already on "L" and been on that package for some time, Do we get a lower'd price, do they get higher price... either way, will be ringing Virgin tommorow about it :

Google's email service goes down


Why google...

...Why do you keep tumbling down, more and more every month, i hope they sort it soon for their sake :(


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