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Fun and games in NZ politics

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Is WhaleOil's surname


Want to use WD diagnostics? Buy Windows

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Ha Ha Ha

Who's laughing now you *nix freetards

Botnet that pwned 100,000 UK PCs taken out

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Black Helicopters

@ Tom 38 - Really?

Grow up and join the real world. A lot of governments get involved in a lot of 'dubious' activities to help protect their citizens from threats from subversive elements. Distasteful? Yes. Would I rather not know about it? Yes.

Adobe to buy Day Software

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How Much???????????????

A price to earnings multiple of over 50! Are they mad?

Sorry, this is Adobe we're talking about - of course they are....

Google: Do no evil, pay no tax

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They also paid.........

Over GBP8.3m in employment taxes as Employer's NI contributions on their GBP69.3m payroll bill by my calculation (770 staff * GBP90,000 average)

Hackers declare war on international forensics tool

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I used Coffee....

... on my machine and it completely f***ed it up! Something to do with hot liquid and electrical components they say.....

How much of the EU's data will the UK lose?

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What if this was a bank, credit card company

What would the Government's action (through the FSA) be if we had banks saying that they could not guarantee the safety of their customers' data? It seems that while the government can get away with a close-enough-is-good-enough approach, they would not let private organisations get away with the same.

Is it time that all of this work was managed by private companies? And no, I don't mean the government cronies at EDS - who, it would appear have trouble with a ZX-81, but companies who have already built their systems around the security of data - rather than what would appear to be a 'well, here's the data, now how do we secure it?' approach.

Nobody's perfect, and no system is bug-free. But surely it's time for a re-think?

Two jailed for online racism after US turned down asylum bid

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@Ian 11

I don't think merely expressing their views was what got them into (so much) trouble. They were prosecuted for inciting racial hatred. It's one thing having your own views (however distasteful they are) but inciting others is much, much more serious.

I'm glad they are where they are, maybe there's a few non-whites around to have some 'in-depth' discussions with them while they languish at her majesty's pleasure.......

SCO's lifesaver 'profited from Iraq war'

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What's New?

Wars take massive amounts of weapons, ammunition, medical equipment, food, tents, vehicles, aircraft, the list goes on...(including computer equipment and software).......

Should the manufacturers of these products donate them to the cause for no profit? I think their shareholders may have a point of view on this.

As horrendous as war and conflict is, organisations make money from it - that's the way it is, get over it.

Peace & Love

Boeing to build prototype pulsed-microwave robomissile

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But what use is it

against an AK47 in the hands of the Taliban?

Office 2010 tech preview leaks onto interwebs

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@ AC - Posted Monday 18th May 2009 14:45 GMT

There's a "FM"???

Where "TF"?

Privacy campaigner vows legal challenge to Google Street View

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But nobody has complained....

"There still hasn't been a formal complaint put to the Information Commissioner, but we will ", so apart from this tw4t who really needs to get a life (or laid...) nobody has actually complained about the service.

Unofficial patch plugs 0-day Adobe security vuln.

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Why use Acrobat anyway?

If you're just reading PDFs, why use a massive piece of bloatware like Acrobat when Foxit Reader is available for free - and doesn't contain the vulnerability. (www.foxitsoftware.com)

Conficker variant dispenses with need to phone home

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Well said!

At least Microsoft is doing something about this..... and, if the same or similar vulnerability appeared in one of the open source os's, I'd be pretty surprised if their 'owners' did as much

Microsoft asks laid-off staff to refund overpaid redundo cash

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Gates Halo

What's the difference?

If you had mistakenly overpaid a store for goods or services you'd want it back wouldn't you?

An administrator at MS made a mistake. Simple. Therefore MS is merely requesting the return of its own property.