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Acquisition-happy Game not anti-competitive

Chris Beckett
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I prefer GS over Game as it tends to have more knowledgable and friendly staff (who don't assualt you as you step over the threshold and tell customers the 40GB PS3 can play PS1 and PS2 games - pah!). I also agree with others that this decision of the CC *is* anti-competitive and it's impossible to argue otherwise. GS had some good offers of the week, which Game are slowly waking up to.

Still, Game is handy for checking out titles before buying them on-line for 30% less...

Boeing confirms revised Dreamliner schedule

Chris Beckett

Scott Carson?

Hope he's better at building planes than keeping goal for England....

Novell punts world's most expensive Linux distro

Chris Beckett

@Anonymous Vulture

Re your comment on ditching SUSE because of the Novell-Microsoft agreement - get a sodding life!

Novell have had the balls to realise that in order for Linux to grow bigger it needs to work and play well with others in the corporate environment, which at the end of the day puts food on everyone's table. I doubt they'll lose much sleep over some Slashdotter turncoat such as yourself. Even Red Hat and Xandros are coming around to the idea now, Novell just got there first.

Oh, and even at three grand, openSUSE is a damn sight better than Windows Vista, and yes, I've bench tested both.

El Reg protests North Korean internet domain

Chris Beckett

I bet

Kevin Pietersen is gutted! Can you imagine trying to lease a domain from Kim Jung Il? "I'm wone-wee...so wone-wee...."

Could Linux become the dominant OS?

Chris Beckett

re : Old News

Just to comment on Steven Hewitt's comments. I'm not starting a flame war here, but there are a few things to point out :-

- Nothing like Exchange for Windows - Well you can run GroupWise services on a Linux server, and in fact we do, several hundred users in a production environment. No worries.

- Enterprise Management Tools - ZENworks Linux Management - works quite nicely, easy to manage. ZEN Desktop Management services can install to a Linux server and manage Windows desktops quite happily.

- Active Directory? eDirectory has been on Linux since 2000 or OpenLDAP if you want it.

- DNS/DHCP etc., again, been on Linux for years. Coming very soon is DNS/DHCP integration with the directory

- OpenSUSE, Ubuntu etc., do do a lot now from the GUI, but you have the shell if you want it. OpenSUSE brought us XGL/Beryl etc. - wobbly windows, spinning cubes, windows bursting into flames, etc. All in the box, none of this "Windows Vista Ultimate SuperDuper Twin Exhaust Chavvy Edition" business. Paying for a graphics driver is faintly ridiculous

There's a lot of functionality and power out there in the Linux world, and most of the above have arrived in just the last couple of years. Like I say, I'm not up for a flame war, but those views appear dangerously dated to me.

Dell Linux is go

Chris Beckett

Novell angle

A quick thought on the Novell angle :-

- Firstly, this news is TBC (though I think we all know it to be good intel) so don't think Dell will flog only the one distro

- Dell are working with Novell to certify hardware with both the server and desktop variants of SuSE Linux Enterprise 10, perhaps this is just taking longer than with Ubuntu (FWIW, I run SLED10 flawlessly on a Dimension 3100, no driver issues or nothin')

- Why would Novell be pissed? I can only imagine they're chuffed - proper (albeit still limited) ISV/OEM support for desktop Linux can only help grow awareness and therefore sales

- If Microsoft are pissed - GOOD. It's about time someone gave them a rattling. They've been getting away with anti-competitive practices for donkeys and I hope Dell don't yield to their special brand of "charm". Vista sales are crap and at last regular Joes and Joesses can see they have a choice.


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