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Can the iSlate kill off Web 2.0?

John Wojewidka

Am I a commontard, too?

People will do what they want, and the technology will allow them to do it. Don't forget, we *need* the yin and yang to move forward.

It is harder by the day to actively ignore the pure garbage that is the commentsphere. Twitter, by the grace of the God of Bliss, has to be actively engaged. But! Someday, someone will develop an app that blocks comments on sites of the user's own choosing.

Anyone out there working on this? Please?

You and what Android? The Google iPhone killer that isn't

John Wojewidka

About time!

What is Google's core business? Very good. I think you're getting it.

This phone is really only two things: 1) a very effective PR campaign for Android, and 2) the tip of the arrow into mobile data - which is really freakin hot. (and project that thought ten years hence). You might see this intro in a different light. Superphone? It's even more; it's new-school market leverage for their core business.

Spielberg: Games consoles doomed

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Just brilliant

Not exactly insightful, this Spielberg guy. A TV is now a delivery device, not a platform. Even today, Steven, we are using TVs to deliver all kinds of content, from all kinds of media, and from many different platforms. Different platforms won't disappear, and - as with the repeated premature announcements of the demise of the PC - we will also continue to have the option of having local storage and delivery.

Ron Howard accuses Pope of scuppering Dan Brown movie

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A little competition

Strange slant on this article. The Catholic Church was once the Greatest Show on Earth. But, as we progress as humans, they lose contributors daily, and anything that can get them back into the news is on the agenda. If anyone knows drama, staging, emotional connections, and anxiety and fear as the prime motivator, it is the Catholic Church. Where else can grown men not only get away with wearing hats like that, but - and at the same time - surround themselves with a cast of thousands as they offer up some of the world's most engaging drama. Howard trying to steal a bit of notice? He's just going along for the ride.

Samsung NC10 netbook

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I've owned an NC10 since early December. Only three complaints, all livable. The first is the touchpad/clickers. Agreed, the pad is too small. I don't agree it could not have been made (even a little) bigger. Seems there could be another 10-20% they could've squeaked out. The left and right clickers should also have been designed as separate pieces. This issue, however, is solved with a wireless mouse; and the mini-dongled Logitech I bought is about perfect.

The second issue is build quality. It's really not bad at all, but, with a couple of very small changes, the NC10 would come off much better. The outside surface of the lid/screen could be tied down a bit better near the hinge side. It flexes when you pick it up leaving a less-than-solid impression. Mold another attach point, or two, and that's done. The next is the execution of the chrome around the side. Upon closer inspection, it looks cheap. It's more fit, than finish.

And, lastly, the edge where you place your wrists (while gleefully touch-typing) could be more rounded for a more modern look, as well as better comfort.

The NC10 is so good otherwise, these things actually rise to the level of an issue. Great battery life, great keyboard, excellent storage, speedy enough (specially with 2GB) and very accommodating to a lifestyle of mobility and travel. No regrets after over two months of daily use.