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Excess of cola floors Oz ostrich farmer



The average adult should be drinking 2.5 liters of water a day.

10 liters of water is probably not going to do you any good, so 10 liters of Coke should be a a no brainier.

Jacqui's secret plan to 'Master the Internet'


Oh. So... it was a lie?

Really no other way to interpret this.


UK operation patents DVD lockdown


Oh dear.

This runs on regular hardware? There's a reason this hasn't been done before: It'll be cracked within about five minutes of release.

So they've managed to code some license system that runs within the standard DVD VTS (how, I do not know), this will be very easy to reverse engineer (if it's even possible) so you'll see keygens popping up online quite quickly.

As another commenter also mentioned, there's no way they've been able to encrypt the content, so you can just watch it on a computer anyway.

There's a reason a lot of time and money has been spent on developing hardware DRM, you just can't secure the standard setup in the way the distributors want.

In the end though, most non-techie people will purchase these things legitimately, and it is a great idea, so bring it on.

Kaminsky: MS security assessment tool is a 'game changer'



http://msecdbg.codeplex.com/ - Looks very interesting, am going to have a play with it now. Coming from a giant like Microsoft, this might be really good. Presumably, an extremely popular in-house tool.

Now how can I automate the testing process...

This place is getting more and more like a technical HYS everyday. I'll bet most of the sarcasm crew above are running some form of Windows. Only the mods know for sure...

Multi-site bug exposes cloud computing's dark lining



Oh this just has to be FUD.

From what I understood from the article, this isn't a cloud specific vulnerability, it's a problem with a virtual directory being available on all customer domains. This is common place, try /server-info on most Apache servers.

This is a minor security issue, exacerbated by a config fuckup.

Shuttleworth gets cloudy with Ubuntu 9.10


Head in the clouds...

"It's no coincidence that Eucalyptus has just been uploaded to universe and will be part of Jaunty - during the Karmic cycle we expect to make those clouds dance, with dynamically growing and shrinking resource allocations depending on your needs,"

amanfromMars...is that you?


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