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Angry 123-Reg customers in the UK wake up to another day where hosted mail doesn't get through to users on Microsoft email accounts

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Re: Recommendations please

1&1 (now IONOS)

Bad news: Your Cisco switch is a fake and an update borked it. Good news: It wasn't designed to spy on you

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Re: Impressed?

Reminds me of all those knockoff Street Fighter II: Champion Edition arcade cabs (they were colloquially known as "Rainbow Edition"). Capcom's fightback plan was to release Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting for two reasons:

1. they released it as an upgrade PCB for the proper "Champion Edition" PCB, so anyone who bought a knock off couldn't upgrade (it made them have to get a legal copy in order to upgrade)

2. it instantly made "Champion Edition" old hat, so no one would want to buy knock-off "Rainbow Edition" when something new is out there

What does London's number 65 bus have to hide? OS caught on camera setting fire to '22,000 illegal file(s)!!'

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It was blatantly the Russians. They were "checking our infrastructure" when they realised that they may be found and decided to quickly delete their tracks. It was just merely unfortunate that the entire top deck of the 65 could see what they were doing.

Sony reveals PlayStation 5 will offer heretical no-optical-disk option. And yes, it has an AMD CPU-GPU combo

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Hasn't that been solved ages ago? Whether it has an optical drive or not, devices have had functionality that restricts the console to only download and play, let's say PEGI 3 games only.

Getting rid of the optical drive isn't a massive deal these days, with this generation the disc is merely a delivery mechanism - the games are installed on the HDD regardless.

Obviously you'll be able to play offline single player, that's already possible with this generation console. This requirement is not affected by the presence of an optical drive.

An Internet of Trouble lies ahead as root certificates begin to expire en masse, warns security researcher

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Re: Of course if they weren't so greedy ....

"I can turn a TV on and get it down an aerial and it is not encrypted, indeed everybody can snoop and see the traffic if they want."

That's not true. HD broadcasts (broadcast via DVB-T2) are encrypted and have been since the beginning.

We're going underground, and this time it's not an inebriated banker crapping themselves, but Transport for London

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Re: That API is public

"Normally that information isn't to be presented to the public mainly to stop confusion - i.e. for NRE you can get a platform number for a train but it's suppressed so you shouldn't show it -"

HA! I'm going to check out the API when I'm on the concourse and find out the platform before they display it, from now on!

Who's still using Webex? Not even Cisco: Judge orders IT giant to use rival Zoom for virtual patent trial

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Ouch, that must hurt Cisco LOL

House of Commons agrees to allow Zoom app in Parliament, British MPs will still have to dress smartly

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So they'd rather go with an untrusted system instead of the system that they are already paying for via a contract that already had approval?

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I thought Parliament was using an Office 365 tenant package?

If so, why aren't they using Teams?

It's time to track people's smartphones to ensure they self-isolate during this global pandemic, says WHO boffin

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Yesterday, Boris' aide said pretty much this.

Broadband providers can now flog Openreach's new IP voice network in bid to ditch UK's copper phone lines by 2025

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Re: What about?

No, currently the phone line is all PSTN and built for voice calls, with broadband service sitting on top. So you have to have both voice calls and broadband service to get broadband.

With this thing going on, they'll effectively be independent. You'll still need a physical line but one will not depend on the other.

So your grandma will still be able to order just a voice service on its own, it'll just be carried as VoIP over the line. And definitely vice versa (i.e. order broadband service only). No longer will the broadband service depend on the voice service needing to be there.

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Re: Beware of the REN

I would have thought that virtually everyone with a landline uses cordless phones these days. So when you think about it, if REN is still significant then you can count your cordless base as having a REN of 1, while all other cordless extensions (that connect to the base via DECT) won't have their own REN obviously.

So it's not an issue, really.

US Homeland Security mistakenly seizes British ad agency's website in prostitution probe gone wrong

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Re: US Homeland Security

"Had same thought... There is the use of a .com... Having said that, that nowadays is more synonymous with a "generic, global, commercial" than a "US, commercial" label..."

The .com top-level domain is owned by a US company. That's it. Doesn't matter how it's generaly perceived.

Researchers trick Tesla into massively breaking the speed limit by sticking a 2-inch piece of electrical tape on a sign

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Re: Sigh.

I was told that lower than 10MPH below the posted speed limit is a "minor".

Annoyingly a small stretch of road round the corner from me is "National Speed Limit" so 60MPH for cars, but regularly on a clear day with no traffic I get caught behind cars doing 40MPH.

Don't use natwest.co.uk for online banking, Natwest bank tells baffled customer

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Re: The interns are early this year

"In one case, their new natwest card came pre-defrauded (before they even used the new card the first time, there was a fraudulant transaction from Holland for Netflix on it)."

What the f....?!?!?!

Dual screens, fast updates, no registry cruft and security in mind: Microsoft gives devs the lowdown on Windows 10X

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Re: Dual screen?

Probably because it was a headache to support (in a basic sense, having to ensure that windowing elements all lined up and were still useable - if you've used WindowBlinds you know how hard it is to have a theme that actually was consistent for all elements).

Not saying it can't be done, but it's something that might have been analysed and decided that it wasn't essential to throw lots of resources at.

'Windows Vista' spotted doing a whoopsie over EE's signage

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Re: BT YUK!!

Bought up by BT Group a few years ago, but still a separate company though (i.e. not a division).

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Re: This isn't Vista

Yep, definitely 7, for all the reasons you said.

Also (another reason) - taskbar isn't black.

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Re: AC cos I'm ashamed of saying something nice about Vista

I remember Toshiba dared to sell laptops with 512MB RAM.

I should know, my uncle bought one of those shitboxes. It was sloooooooow from the moment of first-ever boot.

Artful prankster creates Google Maps traffic jams by walking a cartful of old phones around Berlin

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Re: I don't think this does as much as people think

It depends - there's clearly an algorithm that is working it out based on number of phones in a given area and type of road. 99 phones down a country lane = 99 cars all moving slowly so probably traffic. 99 phones down a motorway with hundreds of cars also in the same spot moving quickly - less probable traffic (although maybe shows one lane closed? Remember GPS isn't that accurate).

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Re: Ingenious

I would say that a helicopter won't work - the location wouldn't be correlated by the wifi the phones pass by for a start

Because Monday mornings just aren't annoying enough: Google Drive takes a dive and knocks out G Suite

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Re: Hands up...

Thank God sensible people just use the option to keep the files offline - no issues at all.

So.... moving swiftly on....

Windows 7 and Server 2008 end of support: What will change on 14 January?

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What forced reboot?

Windows 10 doesn't force it if you change the options for it to bring up a notification and deselect the option that lets Windows restart based on your active schedule.

No wonder cops are so keen on Ring – they can slurp your doorbell footage with few limits, US senators complain

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Re: The un-named PR gave half an answer of course

"Over here, if the Ring (or any other camera) can see the street or pavement in front of the property (or can see into a neighbours property), it is illegally mounted and it must be so adjusted that it cannot under any circumstances film anything that is not on the owner's property. I believe you also have to have a warning sign at the entrance to the property that video surveillance is carried out on the property."

I think it isn't actually illegal i.e. there isn't any specific laws that prohibit this directly. However, there are laws that can be used to prosecute someone who do end up filming neighbours' properties or the public highway in such a way that it could be considered invading privacy. In other words, you leave yourself open to it by doing so (positioning cameras to film public highway or neighbours' properties) but actually doing it doesn't immediately break any laws.

Um, I'm not that Gary, American man tells Ryanair after being sent other Gary's flight itinerary

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Re: Start cancelling the flights.

"My landline last 6 digits is the same as a garage in a nearby town. For a while I was regularly getting wrong numbers, and if the people seemed genuinely apologetic about it (one old lady in particular) I went the extra mile to ensure not only did she realise that it was a wrong number, I let her know what she needed to dial to get a hold of the garage."

Ah, the old lady still used to dialling numbers sans local area code I bet! :D

Heads up from Internet of S*!# land: Best Buy's Insignia 'smart' home gear will become very dumb this Wednesday

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Re: This is inevitable

"The thing that hacks me off about "smart" tellys etc is that they take so bloody long to switch on."

Not sure what TV you have - I have a Samsung and start up time is no longer than a typical non-Smart TV (or even CRT).

Now the NEC monitors at my workplace... those have start up times that remind everyone of the bad old days in the 80s when TVs took an AGE to switch on.

Baffled by bogus charges on your Amazon account? It may be the work of a crook's phantom gadget

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There seems to be THREE lists.

• Mouseover Account & LIsts and choose Your Apps & Devices, click Your Devices in the "Manage" section

• Mouseover Account & LIsts and choose Your Account, click Content and Devices in the "Digital content and devices" section, click the Devices tab

• Mouseover Your Prime and choose the Amazon Prime link, click Prime Video in the grey header bar, click Settings in the Prime Video header bar, click the Your Devices tab in the "Account & Settings" section

PowerPoint! Word! Excel! Lens! By your powers combined, I am Captain Mobile Office

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When will ANY of the Office apps see the Personal Vault in OneDrive?

The UK's Civil Aviation Authority asked drone orgs to email fliers' data in an Excel spreadsheet

Test Man

No Google Forms or Microsoft Forms at the very least? Tut tut!

Not LibreOffice too? Beloved open-source suite latest to fall victim to the curse of Catalina

Test Man

It's not as if developers haven't had any warning...

Android dev complains of 'Orwellian' treatment as account banned after 6 years on Play store

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Multiple apps that do the same thing? Has anyone told Govia yet?

Test Man

Forget Huawei, Samsung (who are the majority Android flavour of phones) have an app store.

BBC said it'll pull radio streams from TuneIn to slurp more of your data but nobody noticed till Amazon put its foot in it

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Re: inquiring mind wants to know...

It does - using BBC iPlayer requires a licence (no matter how you're using it i.e. catchup or live broadcast). Any other service requires a licence for broadcast only.


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Re: No.

DAB? What's that?

*switches on mobile, gets digital radio stations via app and Bluetooth*

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Email address is always PII for the purposes of GDPR, because you can match it with another piece of info to identify specific users.

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Re: It will be their podcasts next...

I heard a while ago that they have already started to restrict their podcasts to the BBC Sounds app. May have been here in The Register.

Ofcom probes EE over 4G outage that may have stopped folk contacting emergency services

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Re: weird...

I'm thinking the latter - the phone would have stayed on 4G (for the "data") but VoLTE probably didn't work. In that situation, the device wouldn't knock it down to 3G because 4G was technically "available".

EE phones used to switch to 3G for voice calls because I think EE's 4G implementation initially didn't have VoLTE but it has it now, so devices aren't going to switch for voice calls automatically.

I just love your accent – please, have a new password

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Re: Stealing data

Wow. My company switched to G Suite around 2012/2013 "cos it was cheaper than paying Microsoft for upgrades to the latest version of Office" (paraphrasing).

We're still on it. But good point about the audit (lack of) of Google Drive (I'm assuming Backup and Sync is the same? Although it doesn't work with G Suite accounts, so I suppose I'm wondering if actually the same applies to Google Drive Sync).

No it's not Russell Brand's new cult, it's Microsoft's Office crew rolling out their Save Experience

Test Man

Long time Office user here, since Word 2.0, in fact.

I know what you mean. Event though I'm fully subscribed to Office 365, on a new document I hit Save, get Backstage, I ignore this (cos I prefer standard Save dialogs) and click "More options" (or Browse) to get the Office Save dialog, then I save it to a folder (that is in the OneDrive folder) in the conventional way.

I mean Backstage is OK but I just prefer a conventional dialog (I've literally learnt just now that clicking the up arrow takes me up a folder level - so this tells you how intuitive the Backstage is). Also this new dialog is OK but is it going to list all my folders in OneDrive? No?

Can't Microsoft just make Backstage, this new dialog or the Office Save dialog an option instead of layering 3 different Save "experiences"?

Dixons hits back at McAfee's £30m antivirus sueball: Your AV didn't work on Windows 10S

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Re: Windows 10S...as useful as a chocolate teapot

I also have experienced this. Namely parents asking for advice, advice dutifully given, advice summarily ignored and random awfulpc purchase from shitstoreltd concluded the whole exercise.

Yes, TfL asked people to write down their Oyster passwords – but don't worry, they didn't inhale

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Poor, poor, poor, POOR.

The normal way is for staff to have special access to the database that the Oystercard data sits on (with specific "admin" logins) that let them add it to customer accounts, with every transaction logged against the staff account.

Of course, this sounds too much like work for the likes of TfL.

Transport for London Oyster system pulled offline after credential-stuffing crooks board customers' accounts

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Re: We encourage all customers not to use the same password for multiple sites

Agreed. I remember maybe two decades ago reading something about not ever using email addresses as the username for an account, because in doing so it means the attacker has at least 50% of the information needed to get into the account.

So it's such a pity that since then, in the name of convenience this is exactly what pretty much every website goes with.

Airbus A350 software bug forces airlines to turn planes off and on every 149 hours

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So do all the pilots have to read the counter as part of their pre-flight checks in order to make sure that the plane switched-on time doesn't exceed 149 hours? And what happens if the plane is delayed literally when it's on the runway - do the pilot have to recalculate while waiting and if it's likely to exceed while they are in operational command do they have to turn the aircraft around, park again and then go through the switch-it-off-and-on-again procedure?

That's a sticky Siemens situation: Former coder blows his logic bomb guilty plea deal in court

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Re: People should be asking Siemens......

Wrong. ANY company in the world who handles PII data on European citizens is subjected to GDPR.

In other words, your company could be from Timbuktu, but if you hold an address for Joe Bloggs in the UK, or Jose Blogaça from Spain, GDPR applies or GTFO of the EU market.

Biz tells ransomware victims it can decrypt their files... by secretly paying off the crooks and banking a fat margin

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Re: Red Mosquito - our experience

> Their price was cheaper than criminals wanted, so went with them on no decrypt no fee basis.

Except in the article RM routinely negotiates a better price that is far lower than the initial price. So in your case they then give you a price ever so slightly "cheaper" than the initial price, decrypt and pocket difference.

YOU could have negotiated a much cheaper price and got the decrypt key yourself!

At best this is as dodgy as those companies that state they can get you your PIP money back.... for a price, when you can do it yourself for free.

Devs slam Microsoft for injecting tech-support scam ads into their Windows Store apps

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Re: "Avoid Redmond..."

Your train timetable screen will be Windows.

It's alive! Hands on with Microsoft's Chromium Edge browser

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Re: "Didn’t Firefox do the same and quit on Gecko?"

Yeah you're right. Quantum was the project name though (the project to enhance Firefox and the engine), it's not the browser (still Firefox) or the engine (still Gecko).

Overzealous n00b takes out point-of-sale terminals across the UK on a Saturday afternoon

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Re: You should have been sacked

*McDonnell Douglas

Samsung Galaxy's flagship leaks ... don't matter much. Here's why

Test Man

The Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ DOES have a 3.5mm jack - here's the video proving it


US kids apparently talking like Peppa Pig... How about US lawmakers watching Doctor Who?

Test Man

"Peppa's hilarious, though. Not as good as Octonauts, but right up there."

Hush your mouth! Octonauts are OK but Peppa, Ben and Holly and Go Jetters are miles better!




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