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iOS upgrade swells iPhone battery-suckage grief

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They "dismissed" Antennaegate because it affected a very small number of users who could be taken care of through standard warranty processes.

Apple iOS4 upgrade adds multitasking, folders... and pain

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It does it for you...

....did it last night on a 3GS, went fine, and the FIRST thing it does is backs up the phone for me.

Google risks OEM wrath for unified Android UI plan

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Big difference

In response to "Apple-style control of the Android platform."

I feel this comment distracts from the point of the article and is a straw man obscuring the real issue:

1) Google engaged their "partners" and is now trying to change the rules midstream

2) This attempt at having more control flies in the face of the "open" nature of the Android platform as trumpeted by Google.

Microsoft cuts 'Series' lump from Windows Phone 7

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Was going to say something similar

I was going to say it should be Windows 7 Phone.

Your suggestion of Microsoft Phone 7 makes a lot more sense!

Facebook prepares for another privacy row with its users

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"On the flip side, Facebook developers and third party websites will be required to “delete all data” from the site if a user requests such a removal. Additionally developers are forbidden from sharing Facebook data with other ad networks such as Google and DoubleClick.

Of course whether those coders adhere to the Facebook policy remains to be seen. "

Um, yeah, 'cause companies have such a great history of properly handling user data so I can totally see them going through the effort of properly configuring a "delete all data" feature.

Talk about capacity for self-delusion!

Navy, NASA 'committed' to restoring Silicon Valley Colossus

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Love Hangar One

Hope they are able to save it....may not be practical but is certainly impressive.

Adobe heats up iPad Flash bash

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The content providers will adapt

Especially the porn producers. Content providers will deliver what the customer wants.

Apple video shows Flashed iPad

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Marketing mock-up

I'd be stunned if this was anything more than a marketing mock-up.

Even if it isn't, who cares? Flash on the Mac is a bear, a resource pig and a source of crashes and my Windows experience isn't all that better.

Steve Wozniak, your time is up

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Woz must go

Woz must go, not because of how he pains the readers of 'El Reg' but because his appearances in The Register and other technical publications gives him a veneer of authority with the "non-technical public."

He is not a good message carrier but is given an inordinate amount of respectability.

Apple said to have axed Atom support from OS X 10.6.2

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And this means....

....what exactly?

Forgive my ignorance, but, if I'm not part of the hackintosh community, why do I care?

Danger lurks in the clouds

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It's all about profits...

Fazal Majid's comment makes a salient point: The effort to save money/pump up stock prices/Wal-Mart-ize IT services is going to lead to this kind of disaster over and over.

Google maximizes minimalist homepage madness

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I must be stupid...

...I'm using Firefox, went to www.google.com pasted the snippet in to the address bar and hit the reload button and nothing happened. Any suggestions?

Apple tablet will 'redefine print,' says rumor mill

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If I keep predicting it, it'll eventually come true

Keep clapping boys and girls, you can save Tinkerbell, really you can, clap clap

Boffins guess social security numbers via public data

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Another reminder why SSN as de facto ID is a bad idea

Just another reminder as to why the use of SSN as a de facto ID was a terrible, terrible idea.

Thank goodness corporate expediency is there yet again ^/sarcasm^

Microsoft takes hatchet to YouTube clone

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What is this Soapbox you speak of?

Add me to the crew who had no idea that Soapbox even existed. Yikes!

Critical Windows vulnerability under attack, Microsoft warns

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Work around on MS website returns 404

Thank you for the notice of the vulnerability, wanted to share that as of 7:26pm San Francisco time, the referenced Microsoft article's workaround link returns a 404 error in IE 8.

Speeding, driverless Nissan finally stopped by US bombers

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Cool tech...but isn't this what missiles are for?

Maybe I'm missing something, but, I don't see why one would try to bomb a small, fast, mobile target? Isn't that what missiles are for?