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Worldwide smartphone shipments DOWN for first time ever


Re: OS vs OEM market Share

The 17.9% is Q4 only, whereas if I understand the article correctly, by the time they discuss the OS, they're talking about the entirity of 2017.

That's it, we're all really OLD: Google's Gmail is 10 ALREADY


Re: Great, but not entirely perfect..

Gmail has never looked at dots in the email address joe.bloggs@gmail.com and joebloggs@gmail.com as well as j.o.e.b.l.o.g.g.s@gmail.com have always gone to the same mailbox.

British ankle-biters handed first mobe at the age of SEVEN - Ofcom


Misleading Title

Well, I say misleading, when I mean just plain Wrong:

"...first mobe at the age of SEVEN - Ofcom"

"The new survey comes from mobilephonechecker.co.uk, ...with 7.5 years being the average."

"But when Ofcom put the question to 1,717 parents, as part of a more comprehensive study, it put the age of receiving one's first handset at about 10 years"

iPads in education: Not actually evil, but pretty close

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SNAP! will do scratch on an ipad


SNAP! A version of Scratch that does actually work on an iPad. I've not used it enough to see if the dumbing down is a few steps too far, the first thing is that there's not much in terms of sprite support, but the flowcharts seem to work.

Official: Sky to buy O2 and BE's home broadband product in £200m deal


Same here

Me too, fibre activated this afternoon on plusnet. O2 even offered me free broadband for a year to stay - I'm assuming they just wanted as many numbers on the books as possible. A lucky escape!

Euro data roaming price cut too shallow


Forget the EU, what about the states, £8 for a single megabyte really is taking the Michael.

First thing I'm going to have to do when visiting later this year is get some sort of PAYG SIM, no idea where from or what I'm looking for though!

TuneIn Radio Pro


Does this use the built in radio, or (more likely) streaming? If streaming, how much data does it use?

Paramount opens Cloud-based movie shop



"Rent SD titles for $3 (£2.60) or view in HD for $4 (£1.90)."

Something wrong with the currency conversion there maybe?

Plus, I bought a blu ray for a gift for a friend from Tesco, and automatically got the Ultraviolet version - except that you can't gift those! Now he only has the Blu Ray, and I have a digital copy of a movie I'm not interested in. Fail.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc Android smartphone


No Search button?

The no search button was the biggest deal-breaker for me. Loads of apps rely on having one, and others make it really difficult to search without one

HTC Desire S Android smartphone



I got mine at the weekend - Phones4U and it came with an 8GB class 4 card for the extra storage

More than happy with it so far, but not sure where this DLNA out is. I've managed to stream files from my windows netbook, but I can't stream files from the phone to it, or to my Sony BDP-S370, which also streams from the netbook.

I also don't get the complaint about screen size - if you want bigger, then that's what the Incredible S is for, surely?

The year's best... laptops


Not enough information

Why do mayn of the mentions not have prices, e.g. the Toshiba Portégé R700? It'd be a lot better if the bottom grey section was in a proper table including price, speed and memory alongside the rating.

Brits say 'no, no, no' to 3D TV


Just a thought

...but what were the figures for the same point in HDTV's history? Or maybe DVD?

Prices will come down, and popularity will increase. I doubt it will achieve anything like the mass appeal that HDTV has because it really is just a gimmick, but aren't we still firmly in early-adopter territory anyway?

Orange mobile data chucks punters


No connection - West Midlands

Not noticed any problems earlier than this morning, but not been able to connect at all since 9-ish. Glad to see it's not just me!

Android's UK phone sales quadruple


Advanced OS?

"are able to run independent compatible applications" - er, wouldn't that also include the multitude of phones able to run Java apps, which would be most of the ones released over the last 4 years or more?

And Dan10, you want a Desire. Simply claiming Android is inferior because there is more choice is a poor argument.

The only reason you can tell at a glance which phone is best with Apple, is because they only have one current phone, and one old phone they're selling off cheaply.

2009's Top Set-top Media Players


Popcorn Hour?

No popcorn hour? It got rave reviews when released.

USB 3.0 webcam streams 1080p video


To Alan 6

True that a h264 encoded file might be able to do that, but that means encoding in real-time on the camera, before it can be sent to the computer.

That might be vaiable in a few years, but for the moment that would be one heck of an expensive webcam.

T-Mobile picks Orange for merger



Does this mean I can now get the exclusive Teflon white Hero on Orange? ;-)

Microsoft store crumples as Win7 promo kicks off


Healthcheck, seriously?

Given windows 7 over here will generally need a complete reformat, what would anyone get out of a 'free healthcheck' from PCWorld?

3D TV by Christmas, hints Sky


Free HD?

I'm all for it - soon after HD was out, Sky made the SKY+ functionality free rather than £10 per month. If having this new funky 3D system means making the HD sub free, then I'll happily lag a bit behind the bleeding edge and just have HD!

Philips prices up 21:9 ratio 'cinema' TV


With that attitude...

"You don't need to change the aspect of your TV, just don't look at the black bars!"

With that type of attitude we'd have never got 16:9 TV's to become mainstream, so the fact that some content is in 16:9 and some still in 4:3 isn't reason enough to hold this back.

At 52inches this is a set really designed for movies, and there's plenty of them that come in 21:9 ratio, leaving black bars on normal HDTV's.

I'm not saying I'm going to get one - I certainly haven't got £4500 to spare, but that's not to say the black bars on 21:9 movies don't annoy - and I'm sure they annoy some others a lot more than they do me.