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LG 42LF7700 HD TV


Scaling And Upscaling

There's a difference between simple 'scaling' - increasing the size of the SD image to fill the larger HD resolution screen - and 'upscaling', which does indeed attempt to effectively increase the resolution of the original SD image (with the emphasis on 'attempt'...). The 42LF7700 does the former, but not the latter - though that's hardly a major criticism of a set in this price range.

As for the Ethernet interface - LG will only tell us that it's for 'future use with Freesat'.

SiliconDust HDHomeRun



We have no problems with MythTV.

The point, as I stated in the review, is that manufacturers shouldn't sell you a lump of hardware and then just say - "sorry there's no software but we're sure you can find something out there on the Internet..."

Pure Flip Mino HD


Flip versus Toshiba

We are aware that Toshiba is about to update its Camileo range. However, none of the new Camileo models were available when we reviewed the Flip so it seemed unfair to compare it to products that hadn't launched yet.

We are, however, planning to review the new Camileo shortly.

Apple Mac Pro


BootCamp and ME

A quick look at the BootCamp page on Apple's web site would tell you that it only supports XP and Vista...

Philips pumps up PMP duo


A wide range of formats?

Philips' last PMP couldn't play H.264 video - any word from them about video support on these new models?