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HP quashes executive jet perks

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F**king incredible!!

When will this asswipe Hurd get his head around what a complete ballsup he is making of this situation? Company private jet? Does he think this is some kind of feckin Glee Club? Go and get a proper job (if you can) you little weasel.

HP begins selling pay cut plan to European workers

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To Scott Swarthout

LMFAO! nice one....

Old Nick

Its all a farce.

You shouldn't knock Darth Hurd people. He's an intelligent man and clearly has a plan here:

Step One - award everyone but himself a paycut.

Step Two - make the ba5tards redundant anyway.

The hardware marketplace is going to be in the doldrums for the next 2-3 years in all probability (Dell are already making people redundant as a result), so Darth you KNOW you are going to get a double whammy here of a payroll reduction AND reduced headcount, so don't be shy, step forward and accept the employees ASSHOLE OF THE YEAR award.

HP imposes staff wage cuts

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HP has an outdated hardware build/supply model that helped Dell to pi55 all over them in recent years, but in order to sustain it, EDS in Europe, which remains profitable, has not only been asked to swallow 000's of redundancies (impacting resourcing seriously in some areas) but is now being asked to take a pay cut that we can ill-afford, just to keep US employees in a job that results say shouldn't exist any more......

How stupid can HP management be? When times are hard, people don't buy PCs, so you scale back your manufacturing operation or get a better one....in the IT service industry nothing changes; you still have long-term contracts that have to be serviced and the revenues from those areas remain, so why does it make any sense to cut staff and pi55 the client off? Do these morons really think there won't be any payback at renewal time?

HP should have stuck to what it knows; selling tin (and apparently it isn't much good at that!) and kept its hands off a viable services company that it clearly doesn't understand...god forbid, we would have been better off being bought by IBM, at least they would understand what we do for a living and we probably wouldn't be having these discussions!!! Hurd is a complete moron!!!!!


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