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YouTube TV will be huge. Apple must respond

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Direct sport subscriptions

I like the direct subscription model. It makes the content provider really try to provide good coverage and info and build a real experience around it.

MotoGP already do direct subscriptions. I really like being able to watch the races live or later... my choice.

If only F1 would do the same. I am not the least bit interested in football/rugby/etc so there is no way I am paying Sky/whoever for a "Sports package" that has 95% stuff I don't want to see.

Apple wants to buy Formula 1 car firm McLaren – report

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Re: Maybe it was just a dumb assistant...

Actually, the cash is NOT sitting in Ireland... It just comes through here on it's way to the Bahamas or other offshore deposits.

Walmart sues Visa for being too lax with protecting chip cards

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[... You put your card in it and pass it back who then goes off to process it. Comes back with ticket,....]

And your card has just been skimmed :-)

Getty on Google: It’s all about traffic, duh

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Re: 60 million images I won't be buying or looking at

So you want to get paid for your work, a lot of which has visual results ... but you make sure no photographer ever gets a penny?

Interesting approach.

I suppose you would find it perfectly acceptable for web development clients to only use free or self made html templates .. so web developers don't get a penny ... ?

ADpocalypse NOW: Three raises the stakes

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Remember spam faxes?

This is like back in the day when you would receive random offers on your fax ... and you had to pay for the paper!!! I always thought that was really cheeky... AND they kept the line busy.

HMRC 'reluctant' to crack down on VAT fraudsters – tax ace

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Why is there VAT on transactions at all?

Exactly what does the Government do in the transaction?... Nothing at all.

You already paid up to 50% income tax on the money you are spending .. and now they want a further cut of it just because you are helping stimulate the economy by actually engaging in trade.

USA doubles visa fees for migrant IT workers

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Re: Cute

Exactly my thoughts. It is a very subtle link but a poisonous one.

Second Dell backdoor root cert found

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Re: Bitter old man

I have a friend that flew in to Dublin for an interview with Dell (they promised to reimburse his flights) ... they later said they wouldn't cos they only reimburse if you get the job!

Shameful carry on

BBC encourages rebellious Welsh town to move offshore

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Re: So?

"What I am more bothered about is the belief that the gov should be demanding more tax from people instead of reducing it."

Exactly. First they take 50% in P.A.Y.E. and then when you try to spend whats left they take a further 25% in V.A.T.... that leaves the effective tax at 62.5%! What exactly is the government doing that they need that amount of workers hard-earned wages for?


Licence to snoop: Ipso facto, crypto embargo? Draft Investigatory Powers bill lands

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Already uncomfortable with all the cameras ..

I live outside the UK and I was already uncomfortable with the sheer amount of cameras everywhere when I visit.

This would take the proverbial biscuit.

Silicon Valley now 'illegal' in Europe: Why Schrems vs Facebook is such a biggie

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Re: Lars Agreed

"So I suppose the only "bad thing" would be if the NSA actually were spying on everyone indiscriminately, not just the "bad guys". And here we can just ignore the fact that even the NSA doesn't have the resources to spy on everyone,"

Once data is stored .. the data crunching power will come along sooner or later to trawl through it. You are saying no one will want to?.. maybe.

Safe Harbour ruled INVALID: Facebook 'n' pals' data slurp at risk

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What about BlockChain nodes?

I wonder if this will affect Blockchain nodes and business based on the model where data is stored in the blockchain?

I would think so ... this could get complicated!

Facebook 'next-gen' comms (sorta) answer Google beef

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Makes perfect sense to me ...

"Google is calling on Facebook to let users export any contact data they put into the service"

What Facebook are saying is that they are not going to let you export the data of other profiles. Your friends Facebook names form part of your profile information. You created your profile and you added your friends one by one. What Google is saying is the same thing ... they just don't realise it :-)


Home Office plans to force CCTV on shops and pubs

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OMG ... its a police state

Thank goodness I live abroad. I can't believe the amount of absurd control you are getting in the UK.

What about educating people to drink responsibly? What about getting society as a whole to act better. I'm not surprised hooliganism is on the rise.

Yahoo! tosses! video! ads! into! search! engine!

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Stop! using! excalmations!

Please, please, please ..... refrain from using exclamation marks on every single Yahoo story. it is beyond tired at this stage. So annoying in fact that I registered with you just to be able to make this comment.