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How the Feds shook hands with an internet pedophile

Michael Johnson


"Not that I'm defending Digerati in any way at all, but I think its interesting that the channel is going along the line of child safety being more important than computer damage, when they waited a year before reporting it."

What if it wasnt until a year later that we could actually prove it?

@ The guy saying Dig was not a pedo:

Re-read the article, they found 1000's of child porn related images on his computer system, dig was and is a proven pedo.

As for you saying most of the people in and around Taunet / SSgroup didnt know digerati very well, well i'd talk to him for hours on end about.. just about everything including computer security. I would talk to him after his arrest while awaiting court etc etc, and was likely one of the last to speak to him prior his arrest.

Michael Johnson

Job well done,

First want to say congrats on the article, sums Digerati up very nicely in my opinion and im sure others would have to agree.

The only thing it dosent really mention is how manipulative he was, and to what extents he would go to achieve his goals, even when hurting people in the process.

With regards to the 13 year old which he 'groomed', Digerati had manipulated and twisted him that much, to the point where he thought he was in love with Ryan (Digerati).

Digerati was without doubt a shady character to have around the scene, and my only regret is that all of this didnt come to light prior the Feds investigation into him, and the charges brought against him.

It's sickening to know that those pedophillia charges wont go on his record, and that even now, if he wanted to, Digerati could work with kids, there would simply be nothing at all to stop that.

They have made a major mistake here, my only hope that Digerati dosent give them the oppertunity to regret it.

Thanks again for the article.

Michael Johnson